Tuesday, December 27, 2005

brief updates

well, i think it's about time i update my blog. after few good days.

xmas eve was great... watched king kong in the afternoon. then go to darling's house to watch Wallace and Gromit on dvd, it's a MUST watch. that show's really funny. for dinner, met up with suetli, jamie and hor yan. had steamboat in ss15 & exchanged pressie.... went and meet darling's frens in bangsar for the countdown after dinner. well, what is there to say? as usual... the spray-fight. everyone gets dirty, sticky and happy. simple as that...

on xmas, i spent most of my day in ioi mall. all thanx to my bf... sigh. long story.. he made me wait 3 hours for him over there. then it's the usual dinner and stuff. nothing much...
today, donkey bf skipped work again cos he overslept. really really overslept. he was sleeping till 6 pm in the evening. i woke up at 2 pm today, went to my g'ma house to help her clean up.. then go home bathe and go to his house. had to knock him out of bed to have dinner with me. drove to ss2 pasar malam... buy food and eat and eat... so freaking full now. *burp* then after ss2, we go to wangsa maju near TAR college to buy CD, yes yes, i know... all the way there. just to buy a few CD. we're just too free i guess?

didn't talk to him all the way home because of some misunderstanding. it's the same problem actually. he said something, i didn't get the meaning. so i asked him again and he got irritated. this time he said "i can't breathe redi, don't make me angry". fine... talk less, less mistakes. so i chose to shut up. after he sent me to my door step, i felt the rush of telling him that i need a break. i want some time away from him, to think properly whether this is my problem in listening or he never send his msg clearly. whoever's problem is it...i just want to mend things because i ain't gonna let him go because of problem like this! just wish he could understand what kind of crap we're going through and help me say that he wants to repair things too. half of me was hoping that by telling him i need some time-out, he would start to think of this problem and if he really loves me, he will initiate something. a solution, i say. then he will learn to appreciate me more. but if things go the other way round, if he misunderstood wat i meant by time-out.... i'll lose him, he'll lose half of his feelings for me. dun need to remind me, i know i'm in a bloody dilemma.

life is always this ironic. whenever i felt like im floating up cos i was so happy with him, the downside is coming next. darn.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

da' welcomed exhaustion

the past 2 days had been very busy, happening and overwhelming. firstly, on thursday... me and my girlfriends were out the whole day and it was truly...nice?? i don't remember the last time all 5 of us got together. early afternoon, me, jamie, suet li and hor yan went to midvalley for the last xmas present shopping. it was the typical girls-shopping-thing. walking around, laughing and stopping over many shops.... the highlight was probably the debate regarding suet li's xmas present. haha... :)

after shopping, all headed to my house for some girls-thing again. MANICURE! we finally get to use the 3D sticker we bought from penang. it takes damn alot of patience...and it nearly killed me. knowing me, i have short patience. it took us a good 3 hours or less... for 4 pair of hands. then everyone went home to have 'guo tung' dinner. at about 10 pm, we meet again! this time with kah mun. we were gonig to Zouk along with hor yan's friends. and it's really funny during the journey because we were late & rushing like a bullet train. plus, the other car got lost and all kinds of problems come up. also, we nearly didn't get into zouk because it's only 21 and above. all of us are 19 except for suet li. so most of us have to try to enter 2 or 3 times to get in. we danced and danced our legs off. not to forget, some ass bumping with this unknown girl because she's always banging us and it's sooooo crowded inside. we left bout 1 pm coz it's starting to kill us, e.g. losing voice, leg aching, eye teary etc etc.

yam cha in murni after clubbing and all of them overnight in my house except for kah mun. another girls-thing again. i guess that day was a REAL girls thing after all. we didn't sleep until it's 5 plus... we talked and wrapped present and erm.. sang xmas song?? not we..suet li! muAhahazz... and it was bloody hard to wake up the next day.

left: me and suet.......... right:suet, horyan, jamie in my room

after they left on friday, i waited for my darling bf to come my house. we're trying to save money by eating lesser outside. so he came to my house to have lunch. i was 'supposed' to cook but he came before i started cooking cos i was bz wrapping pressies. and he decided to rummage through my fridge for bits and pieces of ingredients. he cooked fried noodle in the end. yummy... i think it was better than my mum's fried noodle. serious! i guess i'll just leave the cooking to him next time. i suck in it. darn...

after lunch-ing in my house, we drove to times square to catch the king kong movie. we couldn't get the 8.30pm ticket for premiere class so we bought the tickets for saturday 12.30 pm. and bought another pair of tickets for 'a chinese tall story' at 9.40 pm. so we spent the extra 3 hours walking around times square with the intention of buying his clothes. nothing suitable. so we crossed over sg. wang plaza and look for the pair of pink pumps i wanted to buy from vincci. he bought them for me. my 2nd x'mas pressie. he told me i'm getting a full set for xmas pressie. now that i've got a jacket and shoe, there's a bottom to hunt for. *grins* and we spent almost an hour in a cd shop.. at the end we were rushing for the movie cos we're late and there's no time for dinnet. ate some sidewalk-steamboat before the movie..

the show 'a chinese tall story' isn't too bad. it's damn hilarious... but some parts were kinda fake. it's like a combination of modern and old fashioned thing. 'shuin ng hung' (monkey god?) fighting robots?? and there's space ship! lotsa graphic in it. after the movie, went yam cha with his frens. and then stevens to change dvd..(pirated) sshhhh...

can't wait for today (erm..as in later) ! going Neway karaoke in times square at 11 a.m and movie at 12.30 pm... then dvd in his house... x'mas dinner with the gurls at 7 pm, and celebrate x'mas eve in bangsar at night with bf and his friends... it's a full day again! not complaining. i'm welcoming all this exhaustion with open arms! come to mama!!! wakakaka...

Thursday, December 22, 2005

da' Sad & da' Happy

now it's my turn to have mood swings. last night was a pretty bad night. cheryl came online and told me she got the results already. my initial plan was to check the next day by calling the hotline, letting my bf hear my results at the same time. emotional support ~ anyway, i was curious as usual, so i thought, why not just check now? frigging big mistake. i instantly spotted a D on my monitor screen. i read and re-read again. WTF?!

was so so sad about it cos i thought i had to retake that subject next semester. called everyone that i thought would be awake so that i can complain bout it to them. so i complained and complained. of course i feel guilty bout the maxis bill. i'm going to help him pay off some once i got my extra money. swear! anyway... i guess i sounded pretty sad, according to kean foong. so my dumb dumb bf called me at 3 a.m to tell me he's fetching me out for ice-cream. he knows my weakness, ice-cream always makes me happy no matter how angry or upset i got. did i mention that it makes me fatter as well? happily FAT!

anyway...it was my fault that he had to take his off day today instead of tomorrow. cos he couldn't wake up today so he might as well take it as an off day. poor fella has to go to work tmr. so today i felt much better because it seems that the results might have some problem with it. too many people are getting D's and i can't be getting D because my project marks alone is already D! don't tell me i scored ZERO for my 4 page-answers exam paper. rubbish... going to get them to re-mark.

today woke up to teman jamie go metro college, then go pyramid for a while. next we headed to midvalley. there was a huge jam outside there! all those berserk shoppers... must be la. so we walked around...and my bf came to meet me after that. my plans for today didn't really work. i didn't go to times square to buy movie tic and we didn't watch any. had lunch with him... then shopping! he insists i choose something for my x'mas pressie. i thought he was joking when he told me to 'buy' whenever i said something is nice. so in the end he got me a jacket from MNG.

he's complaining bout the guys being useless while their gf's are digging into big pile of clothes. that donkey decided to be different from the other guys in MNG by entertaining himself... he went through all the 'aunty' handbags and examine them before parading it for me to see. :P it's those bags with leopard prints and god stuff on them...yuCK. also, he decided to be helpful by helping me carry the hangers while i pick the jackets... he looked more like the MNG assistant!

then...bla bla bla. i'm at home now. and rotting....
actually know what? i just remembered i have presents to wrap!
santa claus is coming to town!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

super-duper window shopping

today...has been... a very very super duper extremely tiring day!
i can feel my damn legs aching now!!
the muscles are like twitching and crying for help..
ok fine, i'm exaggerating but i meant it. it's that pAIN!

woke up early in the morning to go interview with jamie, kammy, horyan...
some marketing company in brickfields...
we got conned again!!!! it's the sales thingy job again.
*sobs* and we tot what high paid promoter job!
after mv, we went 1U...
and we walked, and we walked, and we walked all day!
going in and out of shops...
frm the new wing to old wing..then back to new wing and old wing
and finally new wing again...

then i alone went pyramid to get their x'mas pressie!!
was so dumb..i drove straight all the way from 1U to the puchong toll
completely forgotten bout the u-turn and missed sunway...
had to pay for the toll, u-turn in front of ioi mall...
pay for toll again to go sunway...
after pyramid, pay toll AGAIN to go puchong!
ate dinner with phanz..
3 shopping complex in a day!

rushed home... grab some stuff...change
go grandma's house...
mop the floor for her..chit chat with gma and uncle
rush back home again to meet jamie...
then rot at home until now...
how saddening...

today is the 2nd night in a row i stayed at home!
bet my father is super happy...
but it won't last, cos i already have plans for tomorrow nite
and thurs nite
and friday nite..
and saturday nite!!!

----plans for tomorrow----
(if everything goes well)
teman jamie go metro..
then go Midvalley
drive to times square to buy movie ticket
watch movie at night

Monday, December 19, 2005

pEnanG triP - dAy ONE

oh, finally got my hands on the photos taken during penang trip. got it from suetli's photopage. it's uploaded in sequence..

that's us on our way there... and there's a photo taken from penang bridge. and at the bus station in penang.

then, we ordered foods to share. curry mee, cha kuey teow, chu cheong fun, porride, wantan mee....etc etc

this is how we spent our first night there....

that's all about day ONE. i'll upload pics for day TWO another time. running out of patience. stupid blogspot take damn long to upload.

afternoon blabbings...

you see, everyday i wake up after 12pm when the sun is shining directly into my room. and everyday i'll wake up and think, what the hell am i going to do today? my answer for today is to go for a swim (i'll made it damn sure it's happening), wait for darling to come cook in my house, read magazine, watch the shows i downloaded, and stay at home at night... so that i can stay out late tomorrow night. *grins* ;)

so here i am, waiting for my 'chef' to arrive... which i bet is going to take really long cos he sounded so busy. and while i wait, i've decided to waste a little of my time by blogging. let's see... saturday i went to work, sunday too. nothing special about that. it's just standing around and spending time with him at the same time. it was damn boring in work.

one thing i want to highlight here. why are guys so much worse when it comes to mood swings? seriously, guys DO have PMS...and the symptoms are definitely much more worse than any XX chromosomes. and they, have only one X chromosome! but double the effect! they can be nice and sweet at one second, and be the king of all monsters the next moment. all these cold-hot-cold treatments are giving me one hell of a headache, cos i'll never be able to figure out why he was hot and then cold the nxt sec.

but the good news? he's on the 'hot' mood now.. which means, no silent treatment, no moody looks, no annoyance and etc etc. he was being so nice yesterday, like how he was during the 'honeymoon' period. hmmmm....sweet.

oh bloody hell! why isn't the results out yet? and USM dare to post the memo on their website saying that the provisional results will be out on 13th dec where as the final results is going to be 21st dec! it's already 19th for god's sake. i don't see any results!

love's not everything

what i really meant was, love is not everything when it comes to sustaining a relationship. to me, love is everything. i want to love and be loved like any other human being. i will sacrifice alot in the name of love. to do everything possible just to make him happy. all in the name of love. but when it comes to relationships' factors, love is not everything.
you need a lot more than love to work things out. i remember telling my buddy this.
i just came across my collegemate's blog, angelica, she has an entry which kinda read my thoughts. at least i know i'm not the only one who thinks that way.
i got this phrase from her blog, hope she doesn't mind.

"When two ppl get involve in a relationship, is love enough to sustain it? This I have an answer. The answer is no. Love may be the basis of a relationship, but a relationship will never work out if u depend on merely love. A relationship means so much more. Commitment, respect, responsibility, partnership, trust etc. "
...by angelica

however, i want to add one more word to her last sentence. COMPATIBILTY.
god made damn sure that every relationship is consuming effort and energy. because all the relationships are not perfect and they sure don't come easy.
ignore me, but i must emphasise on compatibility. there's always a perfect match for everyone out there but whether you find him/her or not, that's another bloody mystery.
without much compatibility, r/ship can work out with abundance of love and patience.
but to make things last, someone or both parties have to change a little. agree?
alright...i don't care if anyone wants to reject or not. but i believe many are nodding their heads now.

who said life was easy or anything comes free? r/ship is not free ya know?
you work pretty hard for it...sacrificing a lot in the process. right now, i'm working my arse off because i know it's worth it. and he's worth it. i believe in miracles. but then again, i always doubt my beliefs. he's so friggin near to my perfect guy. just a little bit of polishing and he'll be a very fine man. my hundred percent dream guy. just wish that he would not keep everything to himself,to give me the chance to share his problems. sigh, here starts the never-ending-dilemma...

Sunday, December 18, 2005

failing myself again

i started my day as usual. after having nightmares this morning (i meant saturday), i woke up at 11 a.m. isn't that early? usually i'll only wake up at 12 or 12 plus...sometimes even 1 plus. as a matter in fact, my nightmare didn't start this morning. it started 24 hours ago, yesterday(fri) night. what i did on friday was actually very fruitful and nice, till at night of course. before my nightmare cum dilemma started, i had lunch with jamie and kahmun. then me and jamie went to pyramid, i practically made myself buy something from Blush! because i couldn't let go of the sales. besides, my wardrobe is lacking of lingeries :P then, i head to ioi mall to have dinner with darling phanz in sushi king. at 9 pm, i had to rush home because jamie's picking me and suet li up...we're going to Decanter in hartamas. we were chilling out there, having chips and drinks.

it was after that that my nightmare started. i remember asking phanz whether he wanted to join me in hartamas, but he told me he hasn't finish work yet and he'll confirm later. later on, he did call me back but to tell me that he won't be joining me because he supposed to meet his friends to yam ca. then i thought, "oh friday night, it's probably that group of friends which i see before many times". i didn't give it much thought, really. until i called him when he was driving to yam cha and during his yam cha, and after his yam cha. he didn't sound like he wanted to talk. by the way, i was wrong about that. although he does sound like that at that moment.

when he was yam chaing with his friend, i met up with john tan and his friend, kEy in sunway pyramid. we had some beer and chatted. i became the main topic of that day i guess. because i couldn't stop pestering them to advise me and teach me how to handle my situation, which i shall not mention here because it's going to take months for me to tell it all. bloody long story.. however, some of you already know what's some of it about, it's all the small small things i mentioned before. those minor problems which accumulated till today to cause a big amount of resentment in myself. the problem in me, also my weakness, is the fact that i am too soft-hearted and i gave in easily to my bf. as long as he's going to be happy, i will do whatever it takes to adapt to him. the correct way in any relationship is based on the concept of 'give and take'. both parties have to adapt a little in suiting one another. it's not asking to become someone else, it's to stay the same, as your true self but making slight changes to better adapt him/her. the thing is, i am the only one trying so hard to change. it took up so much of my energy and thus the resentment in me builds up as well. i become fragile, i cry easily over the smallest things, i become the green monster of jealousy, i'm frustrated at myself and i have mood swings now and then.

so both of them (john and key) gave me many ideas on how to better improve myself and stop building up resentment in my heart. one is by playing hard to get, which is to not call him first at any time of the day. BUT wait till he calls FIRST and let him realises that i'm more important, not taking things for granted. second way is to make him jealous, by getting close to other guys. and if all fails, the most evil plan is to threaten to break up to see how much i meant to him. knowing me, i have no guts when it comes to relationship. i will not be the usual risk-taker that i originally am. all those evil plans to 'get him' has only success of 50%. i'm taking a very high risk. i could end up loosing him. at the end, i've decided to use plan ONE. very very determined this time!

back to friday night, after getting all the advise and confidence from both of them, i called my bf to see where he was and told me to meet me in front of my house. he did come, and i asked him who he yam cha with although i roughly had the idea when he told me where he went. he was with this gurl who liked him longer than i did. even when i just knew him, the girl already liked him for quite some time. always sending him sms and calls. but too bad for her *grins*, i got him first although i come in later on. it was her birthday that day, that's why he agreed to go out with her. i know that on normal days, he usually rejects her when she asks to go out. i wasn't mad at him for going out with her, i was just mad at him for not telling me who he went out with. he was so scared that i'm going to simply think again and crying for farks. sigh, if only he told me earlier, i wouldn't simply guess, which is worse?

though this time i am proud of myself. when he asked me if i was OK, i told him that i'm OK (like i always do) BUT i told him that next time, he should tell me before he go. i finally dare to voice out what i want. i refused to be silent about my feelings anymore. errm...however...... he didn't agree with what i said. so, you know what? leave it. for now.

today, when i went to work and met him. things were quite different again. he was being the nice and sweet guy. like how it was few months back. i'm happy with how things went today. he showed me that he really loves me by the constant hand holding and pecks on the cheek. he didn't do that for quite some time already. there is, but not so much. i guess it's just his mood huh? there are people telling me that guys can act, they can fake it and show you that they love you although they don't love you that much. that it's easy for guys to sweet talk and be nice. i agree that there are guys like that... but i deny all of it regarding my bf. truly, i know he loves me. he just doesn't show it like how normal guys do. he doesn't give me surprises or secret gifts, no sweet talking, and etc etc. instead, he bullies me, argues with what i think is right, and etc etc. don't be deceived by all that, because at the same time he always try to take care of my feelings and do all the small things which shows that he cared. for example, after seeing that i'm not really happy that he went yam cha with that girl... he gave me a peck on my forehead and a hug, telling me not to simply think. at least he still cares bout what i think! when he reached home, he called me and talked to me extra longer, asking me if i'm ok or not. just to assure me additionally, he sms me after that call to tell me 'love you, goodnite...muax!' do you know how many months i didn't receive sms from him? he hates sms-ing!

he's just being the natural him. the true guy he is and was. since i'm the flexible one, i just have to adapt more right? i know, i know.... but not too much mah! i get it. i will make him have the fear of loss, not me.

Friday, December 16, 2005

the movie, Narnia

my day started at 1pm today. almost everyday actually. no life isn't it? it's jsut too bad cos i have nothing to do, so i tend to sleep late and wake up later. today i online till 3 plus, waiting for the right time to go out. hit the gym with jamie,hy, carmen today. sweat a little and rushed back home to bathe. we had an interview, supposedly at 6pm, but i guess you knew what happened already. we got lost and stuck in the traffic jam. so we were quite late. it was some job selling diners club card. very low basic pay, but the commision isn't too bad.

the guy doing the briefing in diners club was so 'cheong hei'. talked a bit too much when everything is in the paper he gave us. poor hor yan missed an hour of 'king kong'. and i was starved to death. my first meal for the day was only at 9 pm. well, fine by me. i'm 'dieting' in a way. hahah.... but how can i live without food? i'm a big fan of food!

at 11.20 pm, watched narnia with darling. this is our 17th movie and still counting on!! we're only together for 5 months and 2 weeks. that's almost one movie every week. and next week? we're going to watch KINGKONG. can't wait. i miss him already...

YESTERDAY, me and him queued half an hour in One U just to get to watch the movie today. how terrible...my initial plan was to watch it yesterday but all the tickets were fully booked till past midnight. so we only walked around to waste time a little. ate in italiannies. (is that the spelling?). oh he bought me an anklet from perlini's silver. he remembered my wish to get a small pink heart shape thingy to add on my charm bracelet; which i told him a few months back! but they don't sell it anymore.. sobs. nvm, kah mun is going to get it for me from singapore!! so in exchange he got me an anklet with 2 stars. i really wanted an anklet with heart shape things hanging from it but there wasn't any nice ones. all my accesories; necklace and bracelet has hearts. except my anklet :( had to get the stars instead. and they poke my leg when i sleep. hahahha.... but i still love them, cos he bought them for me.

it's so dumb, knowing that you don't really like something that much. but because it's that special someone who bought it for you, it transforms from a trash to gold. it becomes precious all of a sudden. just because he bought it. that's the power of love eh? when you see things from the angle of love, everything ugly looks beautiful. it's one of the many magics in love.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

all about penang

what a miracle, our plan has finally came true. and passed. we were only there for 2 days but then we had our share of good times. oops, corrections. it wasn't really 'good times' all the way but haha... what's excitement without ups and downs? basically, we rot our ass off in the bus. took 5.5 hours to reached there. and the cabs there are bloody expensive. on top of that, our hotel is on the other side of penang, feringgi beach. so we checked into the hotel. dump our things in the room and start panicking. know why? because all of us didn't have enough money to pay the deposit for car rental. a fucking 500 for deposit. none of us expected that. imagne this> we sat on the bed, started brainstorming and called every single one to see if they can transfer money to out bank account instantly. all those that were able to help use other bank, no maybank. fine.. and those who has maybank were not able to help. fine.

the last resort? i dialled 012*******, "hey darling, i've a problem. do u think u can transfer 300 to my acc now? we have no money to rent a car." siGh... the bad news? he hasn't reached kl yet..still on the highway from ipoh. so he said he'll call back later. the good news later on? he has a friend in penang that can help us! his fren will give us 300 in cash, and he transfer the money to him next day. hahah...darling saved the day! ok, that's not the point. at least, we can rent a car then. we'll be able to move around and go to town without paying big bucks for cab.

so we took a cab back to town. here's a summary of what happened.... get lost while looking for car rental. asked for directions everywhere we go. drove around and ate in different places. and they have such weird parking system. this guy on bike will drive around to collect money and issue tic. we were so afraid of getting a summone. had to run to the car when we saw MPPP. got lost on the road once in a while. took pictures of everything and anything. penang drivers are so scary, like the king of the road and they simply horn for no reason. i thought KL was terrible. went to the beach to play sand only because we have no more money for banana boat and para-sailing (however u spell it). walked around shopping complexes. and we threw most of our money in hair accesories because it's so cheap there. siGh... and we suffer another 5.5 hours back from kl. and including us, there were only 8 ppl in the bus! so we kinda dominated the bus and took pics non stop. hahah....

and the pics are all with suet and jamie.. so no pics here yet till they have the time to upload them to the comp and send to me. and my return to Kl wasn't as good as i thought. i couldn't wait to get back cos then i'll get to see my bf again after one whole week. but he was so quiet and all when i saw him. what a disappointment. glad that things are alrite again now... sobs. sobs.

Monday, December 12, 2005

delayed-plan finally coming true..

we had planned for a holiday, all 5 of us since we're in form 4. but it never happen, like every year, there's always a reason to cancel it. or it just didn't happen because suddenly no one's bothered bout it anymore. but hell, can you believe it? it is actually finally happening now. tomorrow actually. in about 7 hours time, we'll be leaving KL and heading north. to pENANG! and we're staying on feringgi beach. hopefully no tsunami this year. ngek ngeks... *cross finger* to make it so sure that we ARE GOING TO GO tomorrow, we already bought the bus tickets. but one person is missing on this trip to penang. hMMmpH! u know who you are!

actually, i can't wait to come back from penang. i'll be back on tue night, and darling phanz has agreed to fetch us all from the bus station! i can't wait to see him...its going to be a week by the time i see him on tuesday. i so can't wait to get my hands on him! and the "chicky biscuits" he's supposed to buy from iPOH!

from tomorrow onwards, i have plans lining up for me during the holidays! hahah this is getting better than i thought! mwaHHZzz!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

bf-less dayS

the past few days have been great. much better than i thought actually. and i proved to myself that i can live without a boyfren for a week. haha! erm rites... i barely lived through the past 4 days. but hey, i'm doing fine and i still won't be able to see him for another 3 days or so. hahah...

thursday, i spent my afternoon with kit yee. we went and ate expensive japanese food. soBS... broke. then we walked around bangsar... in the evening we went for 40 minutes of massage. hahah broke again. but it was all pure pleasure. just enjoying ourselves without any stress. how nice is that? paradise. at night, went for yamca with jamie, chia wen, li hua, mei xian and edwin. to celebrate chia wen's return! haha

friday... i think i went out with kahmun. supposedly for this job interview but we didn't manage to go there anyway. we were late. and we're stuck in the car for an hour in KL and another one hour to midvalley. at the end, we didn't go midvalley, all the parking were full! haih..so we went back to bangsar to eat banana leaf. yet another jam!! then we go through another hell of a jam on the way home. i drove my car out after that to amcorp..rent myself a very good chic lit book because i know without a tory book in hand, i won't be able to stay alive in work today. it would be too boring!!! that's another reason why i missed my bf. or else i can dsturb him once in a while in work, and we can have lunch together, and even shop around jusco for food. *sobS*

today, saturday. hahA! Today was jamie's day. she skipped work today claiming that she was 'sick'. we know better. teee hee! so she came and look for me at about 4 plus, we went and eat sushi king. we were thinking, what can we do after that since it's so friggin boring in ioi mall. then i mentioned underwear. we straight away pay our parking and head straight to sunway pyramid. muahahah... we went there for only one purpose. buy underwear. so i got 2 g-strings..she got one. we head back to ioi mall to kill off my extra working hours. i decided to end work an hour earlier today so that we can have dinner. at the end, we ate in salmon steak house. bang into edwin and chiawen. so...that's it. we went home after that.

how ridiculous can we get?

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

pAst feW blOOdy daYs

well let me explain why bloody alrite? there's lots and lots of reasons and stories behind this. pay attention now...

first reason to be bloody
the word after bloody is 'pissed'. that makes it "BLOODY PISSED" well of course i am, especially when i come across people who can't make up their mind, keep on changing the already-planned-plan (which is not helping) because in the end, it's going back to the original plan or somehow altered. or worse, the person is not in the 'plan' in the end. i'm so pissed now, i can't put it in words. just know that i'm pissed enough to smash the table into 4 pieces.

second reason to be bloody
this time, it's not so fiery. and it's dull and boring. oh yea, that's the word. BORING. hor yan is in JB till weekend, jamie has work everyday, suet li needs all da rest, kah mun is prob too preoccupied thinkin bout what to buy in singapore. hmm..as an additional point to add up to my boringness, my darling is out of the town till next monday. he left me nothing but his car. with full tank. siGh... not like i will drive it around a lot anyway, i have phobia on drivin his car. recall the accident past few months. i'm gonna miss him. *sobs*

third reason to be bloody
it's bloody cos it involves blood this time. i was a blood donor yesterday! i donated 300 ml of my blood. hahah not like i wanna boast about it. just am proud of myself. i never thought of donating blood because i myself probably have not enough to circulate around my body. but anyway, i came home without feeling dizzy after that. and i still get to go out till late at night and wake up early the next morning for dim sum. mMmm...

see my hand there? it's getting all numb.

this is my bloody bag of blood...

Friday, December 02, 2005


i went jogging today. WE went actually, except for kah mun. she had food poisoning. although we reached there late and got lost on the way, we never gave up and we actually erm..."walked" quite long. hurray to us! our first plan succeeded.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

first step to fit body!

the first half of my day was filled with craps. i woke up about 1.30 pm, and i spent the first few hours sitting in front of the comp watching one tree hill. finally 4 pm came, i was supposed to meet someone (you know who u are :p). i emphasise 'suppose'...because i got ffk-ed in the end. you probably guessed it already. sigh.... and just because of this 'supposedly appointment', i rejected a plan to yamcha with my college mates. DOUBLE SIGH. so what the heck did i do after that? i picked up the phone and started calling every possible person who's free to accompany me. you know i can't stay at home one whole day without stepping out of the house! after like... 4 person, i finally got one person. my buddy!!! and i called just at the right time! hahah that is why he's my buddy! yeah, slade??

so we spent 2 hours chatting and talking, sharing opinions and giving advice (the usual us).. and it was time to move on to the nxt plan. steamboat!!! there were me, jamie, hor yan and kah mun. don't have any pictures here, so you do the mental image of 4 person eating with a very messy table in the end. haha. and then, i started telling everyone that i got fatter. even my bf said that. hor yan agreed... i AM getting fatter! and when i was complaining bout my big arms, jamie said "oh yeah hor, really fatter redi!" daMn... cold hard facts on my face.

i finally made up my mind not to eat supper and not to over-eat. i am very determined this time. i've been trying very hard to tell myself these days that i am getting fatter and i should do something about it. so then, someone ( i can't remember who) got the genius idea that we should go jogging tmr, like 7 a.m. in the morning?! everyone agreed, although it was dreadful to think about waking up so early. *plz recall that i have some kind of insomnia/sleeping disorder which only allow me to sleep at 4 a.m. everyday * since i was so determined, i told myself, WTH, jsut gO! i was not the only one feeling dreadful because kah mun looked the same way too. hahahah.. and i enforced the rule that whoever that's gonna ffk tomoro morning will have to spent all of us dim sum! that kinda made kah mun feel determined too... tee hee. and of course, me too *grins*
and i proved myself that i can do it later on. after dinner with them, i met up with my bf to accompany him to have his dinner. i didn't eat a single thing except to drink! he and his friend were trying to tempt me with satay because i told them i'm going to control my diet!! mean mean people aren't they? and i didn't get tempted! muAHhaha.. *proud proud*

now, i really have to see how long i can stay this enthusiastic about exercising. just watch me! hahahha...but my goal? to reduce the unwanted bulge and flabbiness in one month time!

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

too much of Questions

today has been a rewarding day. not really as 'rewarding' as u think, but good enuff. i learnt something new again. before i came home half an hour ago, i was standing at the corridor talking to my bf. he always sent me upstairs and watch me go into my house before leaving. and i always dread going home, so i'll take bout 10 min to stand at the corridor before finally dragging my heavy heart back home. rite, so we kinda had a good conversation back there. i was being curious, the usual me, i asked him about his ex-gf. i wanted to know how long is his ex going to study in aussie, what was his reaction when she told him that and how come he doesn't know much about her going to further her studies e.g. what subject, duration etc etc.

i find it really weird. how come he didn't know all that when he was her bf that time? he told me that he doesn't like asking questions, and i should know that already. yes, indeed, i knew that. but i am still curious. if ur gf were telling u that she's going overseas to study, won't u ask her for how long and stuffs like that? ok, here's the interesting part. he said that if a person doesn't tell him, he won't ask because it will be like forcing a person to tell. If the person willingly wanted him to know something, he/she will tell him without being asked. so, the conclusion? he doesn't ask much questions and it's really up to the person if he/she wants to tell or not.

alrite, now that i know... i think he kinda hint me not to ask too many questions because it would be like forcing him to tell things that he didn't want to. maybe he wanted to hint me, maybe not. but i have to admit i'm a girl full fo question marks. and i ask and ask non stop till i'm satisfied. i think that kinda annoy him at times. can't help it. it's my natural personality which i couldn't destroy. anyway, now that i know another part of him... i can make things work better because i know wat he likes/dislikes. i'm uncovering his personality part by part, really SLOWLY!! we've been together for almost 5 months now. still a lot of things which i don't really understand about him. among all the bfs i had, he's one tough fella. complicated and not the usual guy we see around. siGh... that made the understanding process more difficult.

enough of that already. i am so so full now! i spent half my day watching dvd with him. we're like 2 big piece of couch potato.. there's nothing much we can do on his off day isn't it? then we spent an hour driving around looking for dinner because we only left his house at 11 pm. we went subang...then all the way to kl...then to kepong... finally we found a place to eat bak kut teh. *burp* i had craving for bak kut teh for days already... when i told him that, he purposely drove such long distance to make sure i get to eat it because the one in kepong opens till very late.


Monday, November 28, 2005

daZzling wEekend nitES *

hAhaha... i still can't sleep yet. one entry a day is just isn't enough. muAhaha.. sorry. i know i'm spamming my own blog. not really spamming actually, it's no-nonsense entries in my blog alrite. last 2 nights, which means friday night. i had a girls night out with jamie and hor yan. they both deserve the break... one finally came to her rational mind..and another one just finished stpm which was a huge stress. too bad two other girls were missing. nevermind, there's another time in future. like, really really soon! steamboat! must be 5 of us this time!

so, on friday night we hit luna bar in kl. we reached late but lucky for us, the very kind bouncer let us in without making us pay for the cover charge. 3 of u must have looked really pitiful and innocent. hhAHA! we both ran like mad dogs on the way up. stupid jam....all because of the stupid traffic jam... anyway, we only get to sit along the bar, so we sipped finish our drinks and had cam-whoring session everywhere in luna. including the toilet. 3 of us sneaked into ONE cubicle to take pictures. we looked so fishy because we had to wait for everyone to get out of the toilet before we can step out from our cubicle. haih...

in da toilet... crammed up in one cubicle

at the top floor of luna bar..

in da lift...

(did i mention that we were going up and down in the lift just to wait for the right time to take pic? cos there were other ppl coming into the lift=)

in da car, while i drove...

then. on saturday night. it was u-li's birthday. she's my darling's fren. had bbq in the house.. cooked my face as well =) at the end, i let him do the work. i eat. mUAhahazz.. i was getting bored at first, then it got better when i get to play this card game. the loser needs to drink beer. my phanz played the first few rounds, he got all red in the end! his face was also burning hot.. hahah too bad he dun like me puttin up his pics online, or else i have a good pic where he looked really red and blur. hmmmM... cute cute. hahha...

as usual, i'm late for work today =p

Monday, November 28, 2005

physical disSatisfaction!

it's sunday night...(now). guess i need the break and just hang around in my room doing nothing. i'm still insomniac, there's no way i can sleep now though its 2 am. 2 more hours..yeap...just 2 more hours. being insomnia totally ruin my physical looks! it's bad enuff that i'm not that attractive physically, but having red eyes and blue-black-purple-green dark circles around my eyes make me look million times worse. stop building mental images of me! you won't wanna imagine!!! to make things from bad to worse, i'm becoming fatter and fatter. my tummy especially, no where else seems to be growing except for my tummy. that's because i sleep so late, i get hungry and i eat while onlining. i'm drinking sweet fruitpunch juice with kitkat chunky now. yea, go ahead and calculate how fattening is that. somemore i'm eating it right before i hit the bed.

oh, and one more thing. you know what people say about symmetrical faces are the most attractive? i totally failed that. first i have half of square face and half of oval face. that's because of my jaw... i accidentally bit a metal sppon few years back and it got dislocated somehow, someway. it's stupidity and clumsiness. NOW, my right eye has double eyelid all of a sudden. the left eye is still single eyelid. i look damn freaking weird... argHHh... help me. it's been many days already..will it go away? either i have both double eyelids or i'll just remain normal..

next, i hate my hair.. it sux, it's starting to curl so badly at the roots. haih... and i'm so feddap of rebonding it. so i'm just leaving it that way now. it's damn freakin annoying! i have to frown over it and mess with it every single day after i wake up...

then, my broad shoulders, i wish they were not so broad because broad shoulders make me look so rough! no matter how hard i try to dress girly, the shoulders always give it away. monster shoulders. bloody hell... sigh (again). tak tahAN!

finally, my nose! it's so freaking huge. and it gets red like rudolph everytime i rub it or sneeze. monster nose! arghhhhh....


Friday, November 25, 2005

the 'money' equation

me 'the f* fren', isn't it ironic? here u are trying to defend a friend from invaders and critiques... the nxt moment you're being labelled a 'fucking friend' who defends a friend on zero ground. i guess i'm going to stop defending anyone on a blog. especially if it's against some strangers who didn't know the roots and leaves of the story. it was war in the comment column. you know what? i gave up. i have no energy to get all fired up for some bitches. they can say what they want, as long as my friends are not affected. but as we all know, words are mightier than sword. i'll just leave it that way. no point butting in to people's problems just to come out having ur ass burned real bad. i really felt like someone stuck a burning torch up my arsehole. excuse my manners... i'm not a polite person in nature.

anyway, as i'm done with one problem (with a stranger), i'm having another dilemma. should i just go look for a full-time job during my holidays? it's only a 5 weeks holiday though. but i'll be rotting at home every weekday! my friends are either having college, working, holiday-ing or back in hometown... why am i so free and relaxed? i felt like i had more activities and outing during my exam week! it's supposed to be in the other way! arGhhh... damN da holidays. and i need more Money... see the equations...

no work=no money + lotsa free time.............(1)

lotsa free time=spending money (no money)............(2)

if u replace equation (2) into equation (1), what do you get?


daMn... that's a double no money! shit..i need money. i want to buy more clothes, buy bag... buy dvd-burner, buy new decorations for bedroom, buy shoes, buy more things for him, and buy really good facial wash!! oh...i forgot, buy new handphone. and eat good fooD... and go holiday. and pay bills..

waH...shits!!! (many more exclamation marks).. the list has no endings... damn, now i lost my mood... -ciaos-

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

made it alive

i made it alive! yaY!! i made it through half of the day without feeling like dying. though my irritated-eyes were bloodshot red..made me look hideous walking around with a red teary eye. sigh.. someone i don't know irritated the shit out of me. it was this particular person on another person's blog who wants to act like the judge and determine who's right and who's wrong, who's to be pitied and who's pitiful...she's a thorn in the arse~

look at it this way, blogs are where people post diaries and express their feelings online so that they can share it with their friends. their close friends or at least someone they personally know. since blogs are actually WEBlogs.. it's on the net, and anyone can access it. of course we can't put a stop to who's going to read it. strangers who are going to read it are able to put up comments on the blog, true. but i believe alot of us have the rational way of thinking and we do not simply post up comments to hurt other people's feeling with the advantages of being anonymous or 'whatsoever'. no one will know where that fella atually come from, so she can say things as terrible as she wants it. now, i know it's a democratic world.. oh, btw. it is NOT a democratic world, because if i am not mistaken, some of the countries in this world is not really democratic. is it? i suck in history or whatever. back to the point, don't hurt people's feelings with words just b'cos it's a democratic world and you can say anything u want. be more humane, think of the consequences on others when you express urself. some people are just plain mean?!

if i am the one reading another stranger's blog, i wouldn't post up msgs or comment anything because blogs are subjective matter. it's abstract... and it's manipulated based on the writer. just read and exit that page peacefully. why would anyone want to hang on to that page waiting for someone to oppose their comments. i admit i did that today, but that was to defend myself and my friend. and at least, the blog writer is someone i know... she however doesn't seem like she knows any one of us, and yet she volunteered to be the judge. and be the jury too! moron. hmPPh... if anyone wants to post comment on stranger's blog. fine... it's no harm done. but be neutral.. dun be biased because you will never know what really happened behind the story in the blog.

i'm much more peaceful now... forgot to mention, blog is also a place for people like me to let out our anger and frustration. as well as a place to say vulgarity without 'looking vulgar'. hAH! i bought another top today!! yippeee... on the downside, i'm BROKE. as usual. since when i am not broke anyway? tEe heeE... signing off (merrily). can't wait for tomorrow to start.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

gRowing and harvesTing funGus...

it's 12.15 in the afternoon, the sun is shining right on top of my head. erM... supposedly. i can't see the sun, it's so cloudy today and it just rained. siGh, i feel like a bumb-bag and freakIng useless at home. there's tonnes of house work waiting for me.. my pile of dirty clothes are like calling my name~!! this is freaky... still, i can't make myself do house work. haih...guess i'm just not house-maker material. my room's a real mess, like the aftermath of a hurricane. my room is not the typical girl's room. hahaha... know what? i'm going nuts. coz i stayed home a bit too long. usually i wake up, hit the bath room straight away and left house and willn ot be home till midnight. i'm going crazy!!! someone helP... ask me out. drag me out of this scorching burning hell (house)... ok, this is nuts. i'm just going to take a swim now...

*a huge siGH*

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


this is so weird. i officially finished my exam already, but i don't feel much difference. i have a feeling i know why. firstly, during the study break and exam week, i behaved as if there wasn;t any exam and i took it so lightly. i noly studied a day or 2 before eventhough i never paid attention the whole semester. Since i already had the holiday mood in me before this, now that it's really holiday...i'm so numb, i can't feel holiday-ing. i'm still doing the things i did few weeks back. ooOOh... however, i felt much better because i wouldn't need to worry bout exam when i'm walking around or when i'm in the fitting room. HAHA! hurray to that...

*breathes out loudly*

right after exam yesterday, i was supposed to go bangsar and get a massage with jamie. but i got ffk-ed. it's forgive-able though. she had good reasons... i met up with her anyway. she looks like a mess... who can blame her? she has been crying non-stop, almost the whole time i was with her and kah mun. i was curious what made her cried so badly... and i found out why after coming home and go online to read her ex-bf's blog. it was a cruel post in his blog. i can obviously say that blogs not only give space for a person to express her/his thoughts, but also a tool for revenge and a channel for arguments. and advertise of course! like what i did before this, i post up the description and the no. plate of the car who hit-and-run. haha...evil me.

after jamie, i went kean foong's house for BBQ. i missed out a lot of fun...!!! siGh... but i still had my share of fun. was there for 2 hours... foongy's dad is so cool. still young at heart, he made jokes and talked crap like no other fathers. amazing..and yes, he gave some of us tequila pop. a BIG glass of it.. cool dad! sadly, got to run off earlier than others cos i've a date with my darling. movie at midnight...we watched harry potter. i've counetd the ticket stubs i've collected... we have watched 14 movies in the duration of 4 months and 2 weeks! that's like a movie a week..

sigh, i'm getting more and more boring aren't it? wonder how to stand the coming 6 weeks of holidays.. i went sg. wang, Kl today with the intention to buy a cheap samsung handphone as temporary/spare phone. but i didn't buy any hp in the end because darlin said he will sponsor a bit next month so that i can get my k750i straight away. have to wit another month for new hp :( *sigh* since i'm not buying hp, i went and buy a shirt and lipbalm instead. hehe... damn, i just couldn't resists spending money. bad habit.

talking bout spending money. he made me cry yesterday! before da movie, i gave him the watch that i bought a 2 days before. i bought it specially for him because i was in a good mood and i felt like spending a big sum of money...on hIM. usually i prefer to spend it on myself. the response i got from his was totally the opposite from what i expected. how ironic... he asked me why i gave him such an expensive watch. i said for no reasons, and he kinda lectured me bout it. he told me that i shouldn't spend so much money on the watch, that i could've bought cheaper watches from swatch or something. it's still a watch after all... but the watch i bought looks nice on him! sigh..he didn't scold me or anything but then i started crying because this was not the respond i expected. the very funny thing is... pay attention to this>>> he said that i should've spent the amount of money on myself instead and not on him because it's my money. funny? then he should not give me money to spend also rite becaue it's HIS money? secondly, his point was not to ask me to save money and be thrifty. he just didn't want me to spend the money on him. although it's supposed to be a gift from me. his point was to tell me to waste the money on myself such as buying handbags, clothes and etc etc and not on him.

isn't that weird? ppl want their gfs to not waste money on shopping but he wants me to do so as long as it's not something too expensive for him. he suggested that i could've bought a shirt, pair of working shoes, and swatch watch for him with the same amount of money. made sense, but he looks so good with that bloody watch! isn't it more wasting to buy clothes for myself because i only wear them a few times and stopped wearing them if i don't like them? isn't it better to get him a good quality watch which could last him a few years? then, the money will get the best value isn't it. he made me regret buying him that watch! i bought it for him happily and now it made me sad thinking about it. imagine all the clothes and shoes and accessories that i could've bought with the money. it'll be a whole day of shopping! dAMn... he's evil. *hmmpppH*
anyhow, i know he cares about me. he pujuk-ed me with his stupid jokes and innocent looks after that. called me 'cry baby' somemore. it's all his fault! now we have a new motto,
"your money is my money, my money is your money"
hahah how dumb. never love him less though, even after all this crap.
don't tell me i'm hopeless, i already know :p

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

time to gO down

i just found out that i can be really emotional and also be a cry baby. never expected that the once 'no-crying-sammy' could be like this now. what can i say? time changes people isn't it? it's so true that every human has his/her ups and downs. i really meant ups and downs... once your on your peak for quite some time, there has to be a time when it is time to come down and taste hell a little. jut a reminder that happiness is not everlasting after all.

the reason why i said all this is not because i'm in a really really saddening problem. in fact, it is just a minor problem which could be a no-problem-thing. i made it become important... so much that it occur to me as a problem that matters now.

it started off as a joke. someone told me before that every joke has 30% of truth in it. I guess it's true this time. whenever that i understood the things he said, he will say that either it was my hearing or my understandings. many times i couldn't get what he said because:
1) i am not that pro in cantonese and he used words that i never hear before;
2) sometimes he sounds more like a mumble and i couldn't get the words right;
3) he used shortened sentences assuming that i would understand.

i wish i was much more fluent in canto, then this problem wouldn't arise. he never get angry at me or scolded me before, but i can see that he starts to get fired up everytime i ask him to repeat what he said or decoded his message wrongly because i heard totally different word(s). this problem didn't just occur now, it has happened in my past as well. is there any doctors or whatsoever who i can go to? to seek my problem. is it because of my hearing? or it's just because i'm slow and poor in receiving messages? i guess it's my problem that made communications imperfect because perfect communications go through the comm. process smoothly. no interruptions, no wrongly decoding messages, no noise...

now i'm quite sure it was because of me. today, he got annoyed twice and told me that i have bad hearing twice. the first time he said that i have bad hearing as well as bad speaking. it seems that i don't speak clearly. i resisted from crying and chose to zip my mouth. i totally kept quiet and not answered him everytime he asked something. he pujuk-ed his way out...

later at night, we were on da phone. he told me that he was going to yam cha with his frens at the mamak opposite his apartment. i heard that he said he was going to yam cha with his frens who stayed opposite his apartment. i almost cried again. whenever jamie says that she dislike herself for crying so easily, i half-wished i could be like her. it feels terrible to keep everything inside. i couldn't cry out because i felt stupid. i couldn't cry out about this in front of him because he would think i'm paranoid and despise me. what can i do?

one sentence he said triggered my tear glands. it was "i think we have a communication problem". it was said in a jokingly manner but i do take it seriously. tell me what should i do? what is my problem?

Sunday, November 13, 2005

stArt aNew...
with everything NEW!!!

i am so soO hapPy...
* bounce bounce*
after all the "hard worK" and burning midnight oiL.
i wasn't really "hardworking" but i claimed myself to be so..
because.. i was so freaking hardworkin a few days before exam!
that's wat we call 'last minute revision'
and because of the last min. thing,
i always skipped the last few chapters!
damn...sure cost me lotsa marks.

but whatever, hell with exam...
though i still have another last subject.
that's a week later..but now;
i declare "HOLIDAY"!!!

first of all, who said study break and exam week was all about exam?
during study break, i worked part-time,
3 days before my first paper i watched Chicken Little,
2 days before my first paper i watched Zorro 2,
a day before my 3rd paper i watched Corpse Bride,
during my exam week i went shopping.
an hour after this, i'm going to watch exorcism of Emily Rose.
3 days later, i'm going holiday with my darlIng for 3 days!
*breathe in*
what a wonderful world!!

secondly, it's so haPpy to have him around,
he brought happiness just by doing stupid things,
making himself look funny,
make stupid faces and noises,
forcing himself to stay awake to keep me company
and all da little little things that many people do not notice.
everytime we go MV to watch a movie at night,
he'll try to get me a toy..those that u put money into the machine
and direct the clamp to get ur toy?
i have two of it now...
so silly of him by wasting so much of money to win one each day.

then, i got a new watch from Titus...

actually, it's more like 'he got it for me'
i never wanted him to pay for me,
but he insisted in paying the bigger share....so
he's the biggest shareholder of my watch :)
changing my watch was something significant.
it was throwing away something broken in the past,
only to replace it with a better one.

something else has changed too...
i bought myself a new wallet.
that marked a new beginning too...
somehow in someway,
i felt like i've left some of my past behind,
to pursue better ones...
improving what i have,
bit by bit...

well, shopping and exam all rolled into one.
that's wat i called 'enjoying life'
let's hope that pleasure doesn't make me fail any paper
*prays really hard*

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

toO late to regret!

i never thought i'll be so far behind in my revision. before the holidays started 2 weeks ago, i already had planned my time. that i work and study for one week and then i have another whole week free to continue revising. my planning was futile. wat's the point of having plans when you are not able to follow it? firstly, the whole 8 days that i worked, i never studied because i was too tired to. and i spent my free time going out. secondly, it's already the last week before my finals, it's a wednesday today, and i only studied about 5% of what i should have been studying. eventhough i know that i'm always good in getting away with last minute revision?work, i have a bad feeling this time. i can't believe i'm THAT LAZY and such a gOOD procrastinator. i'll be happy enough if i just 'passed' my finals. won't dare to ask for more.

speaking of worKing for lacoste for 8 days. i got so damn sick and tired of that fragrance. i smell it for 8 days in a row. my nose got so irritated by the smell, it was always red and rudolph-like. now that it's over... i'm droOling over the money that i'm going to get. MEANS, i'm finally getting the handphone that i wanted to buy. after many many months!

it was such a nice experience working with my other 9 buddies. we're one terrific team. hahah... and we're all assorted. all different personalities and stuffs... ya know.

to jessica, nawwar, koyie, annie, mei, kes, fendi, mathan and joel...it's lovely and FUN working with you guys!

it's da gUrls and da boSs...

then we have da guys and da superviSor..

the rest of the photos can be found here >>> http://sammy-bammy.blogs.friendster.com/photos/lacoste_essential/

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

lAcoste, lacoSte, and LacoSte...

i swear i'm gonna have nightmares bout lacoste..
even after i finish my job as a promoter.
every single day i have ti say and repeat the same thing;
"hi sir, would u like to try the new fragrance from lacoste?"
seriously killing my throat and my body..
so friggin tired..
and i still have another 4 days to go.
but for money's sake... hahah let's forget bout that.
i'm gonna grin from ear to ear,
and jump and bounce after i get my cheque!
wOO hOO!!

i seriously think i have such bad luck these days.
jamie thinks i should pray everytime i go out of the house.
i nearly got summon yesterday for beating the red light.
hmm...but i got my way out of it.
"you know lar"
but it's a big amount.. HmmMm..
*stabs heart*

Saturday, October 22, 2005

jAsoN's b'dAy

today is actually jason's bday... it's 22/10. hAha.. and we celebrated it for him yesterday. i feel very guilty. frankly speaking, i didn't know it was his bday till his girlfriend, sie yuen a.k.a MRs. Aw told me and jamie. well, luckily we met them yesterday in one utama, or else we wouldn't even know! hahA.. yea, so the truth is out. :)

me, jamie, c.yuen and jason went over to c.yuen's house to have dinner. and we girls cooked! c.yuen who barely cooks...helped! miracle. although it's not much help :P hahahh...

* da birthday boy sleepiNg & eAting the pAsta we Cooked*

*all of us trying to loOk like a catfish. jamie's idea*

jaSon's caKe...

jAsOn and his gF, sie yuEn.. and da cake... :) sOo loVIng..

see what is jaMie dOing... siGh. she got feddap of waiting the pic to be taken!

finally, we got a better picture. after a few tries of couRSe..

anyway, happy birthday to my buddy, jASOn aw eng kuOn.!!!