Tuesday, August 30, 2005

a day wasted

11am:woke up and realised i was late for my lunch-date with jamie.
called her and knew that i'm not the only one who overslept. hahA!
postponed my tuition.. went lunch with jamie. chit chat...
still very late for tuition..
6pm:stayed in the house after tutoring to watch teeVEe... which reminds me.
i din watch tv for almos 2 months. saddening...
anyway, got a call from my dearest>he ends work early today~!
8am:yippee.. went home and waited for him to fetch me..
couldn't find my bunch of car+house keys...dad's gonna kill me!
went dinner with dear + kahmun and her dear..
went over to his house and helped him iron all his shirts!!!
12am: yam cha... with kahmun (again) n her dear n a fren
came home>> found my keys!!!
then go online, and type this...
did i mention anything bout doing assignments?? homework? study?
nO? guess i wasted a day to slack again.. damn

>>> i found out that it's true... girls do feel secure when guys hold their hands.
>>> my bf dislikes his pics being put up..so u won't see any of his pic lying around here...
>>>i am so paranoid.. i know i'm thinking too much. darling explained why he was quiet these days. it's his attitude that sometimes he just don't feel like talkin. he denied about himself changing. so much happier today...
>>> always tell myself i should see him less or he'll get bored of my face fast. failed again today!
>>>i must do some hw or assignments tmr or i'm not going out!
>>>i'm still getting confused over the html for this blog.. so u can't click on 'comment' because u cant.. there's no hyperlink yet. is it hyperlink anyway?? whatever lar..
>>>the person who designed this template in the first place is a bit err... dumb. if ur using mozilla firefox, u can't scroll up or down and the sizes have all gone haywire.. if ur using explorer, u'll be fine...dun ask me y cos i duno.

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