Saturday, October 15, 2005

*la la la*

soooo.. happy happy today.
not the whole day ler, only at night.
my life sux badly in the afternoon,i sent 6 freaking hours tryin to settle my accident case.
in the end, i paid a few hundred bucks. *sobs*
life is so saddening. i'm short of a few piece of clothings already.
can use that money to sHOP!
argHHhhhH... *stomps feet*

and i make my beloved suffer with me~
he has fever and yet he has to accompany me to KL and stay under the hot scorching sun .
more over, he has important things to do in his company..
and he's not in there cos he's out with me...
i feel so bad...

but i made it up to him!
i came home and cooked him penne and tomatoes straightaway!
i knew he can't take rice and lots of other food cos of his fever,
so i cooked!
he thinks the pasta sauce's too sour.
stupid cheap tomatoes!
i should have invested more in the tomatoes... they're so important!

and i fetched him back from work..
his car is still in the workshop :p
we went bangsar to meet his frens...and then i drop him back home.
i feel so good to be able to fetch him around.
heheh at least i'm useful in the car this time.
oh... and i fetched him to see doc and go home to rest yesterday!
*proud proud*

so dad let me use the car till late at night these days.
last monday, he allowed me to overnite in other people's house..
and bring the car with me the whole night!
and today i used the car at night.. WITH permission!
muax to daddy!
*grins widely... and sheepishly*

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