Monday, October 17, 2005

me, a housewIfe?!

last time when i was sick, i thought drinking packet of yeo's chrysanthemum would help. according to chinese beliefs, chrysanthemum would really help to reduce heatiness in the body. so it's pretty handy when you come down with fever. i knew i was being silly back then. those packets of chrysanthemum are made of flavorings and colorings. they're not really made of chrysanthemum!

so when i told my mum i just want to drink the YEO's crhy. , she said no, i can't drink that cos it's of no use. she insisted in boiling it herself; you know, putting a packet of chrysanthemum flowers and sugar into a pot of water and start boiling it. it doesn't taste as nice as the manufactured ones. i was being stubborn, i just wanted to have the packet type. i rejected her offer and said 'no, i don't tastes awful!' what comes around goes around eh? because i get the same reply today...

that poor boy was down with fever for 3 days already, and it's going on and off. so annoying... (i meant the fever). he felt like drinking chry. today and he wnated to get the packet ones... i told him it's just flavoring so it's not gonna do him any good. he insisted on it like a small child. i felt like his mum when i told him that i'll boil for him and he replied the same thing i replied my mum. he was whining and annoying me... well, he got away for that just because he's sick. being sick is everything huh?? *shakes head*

halfway during work, i actually went down to the chinese herbal shop to get the dried chrysanthemum. even called my mum to ask her what do i need and how to boil it. came home and start on it... i felt like a housewife/ house maker these days. cooking and boiling chrysanthemum. my mum's getting more and more curious, wondering who am i doing all this for. cos she knew i would never ever step into the kitchen to do some cooking if i have the chance. 2 days before, i purposely went to hypermarket and got the stuffs to cook for him right after i see him. i knew he was still having fever and couldn't take rice so i took the initiative to make him something suitable to eat. and then purposely drive out all the way back to puchong to give him the food.

argHhhh...i feel so 'si lai' a.k.a AUNTY!! NoOOO!

yoU see what LOVE can do to someone?! hOpefully it's not gonnA turn me into aunty sammy!


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+sammy+ said...

argHHh...damn it. yeah right. 'entertaining blog her. you are bookmarked ;-)'

stupid shit ass...another person advertising here. as if they know my blog's interesting, i get this comment in less than a minute after i've post up!