Sunday, January 22, 2006

a 'smiling heart'

memoirs of geisha is a great movie. watched it a few days ago. bonus point for it cos it has a happy ending. *grins*

few nights back also, had dinner in klang (teluk gong). was served seafood!! went there with boyfriend and his colleagues.. some of them happened to be my colleagues as well.

friday, went midvalley after class to go 'pressie-hunting' for boyfriend's bday. it was a useless search because it can't be too typical and it must be something that he likes/useful. end up buying nothing since there's so many criterias. guys, if u have any me. post it up in the tagboard. i'm desperate.

met up with jason aw in midvalley as well. met someone interesting as well. to him, not me. if u get what i mean... anyway, we walked around, ate mcDonalds and waste some time in MPH. doing what? reading astrological/ horoscope books for year 2006. it was my idea.

it says that financially i'll be fine this year but i'll have to learn to save to avoid debts and so on. i think it's more of a bad news to me. i was hoping that it'll say "fortune and money is coming your way this year, no matter how you try to spend it away, it sticks with you." bAahhh...

then the horoscope match. the 3 most compatible sign with me this year is... aquarius.. aquarius and aquarius. OOPs. i'm sorry... it's aquarius and 2 other signs but i didn't bother to remember because knowing that aquarius is one of the 3 is already enough. call me superstitious....what ever. but it does help in calming my inner-self. u get what i mean?

i was even crazy enough to take pictures of some of the pages which predict which days are good/bad for every month in 2006 using my handphone. i shall post it up soon.*tee hee*

i'm just back from redbox in sg wang. sang and laughed...and i think i'm getting stomach ache. shyts.. it's 5 a.m. excuse me. sammy wanna nap for a while before getting screwed by dad early in the morning.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

back and forth

today i've spent most of my time going back and forth between few places. i'm so damn sleep now but there's something i wanna blog down. it's seriously tiring today. i have classes from 10 to 1 pm. after that, went and have lunch with kah mun till 4 p.m. then drove to the Curve to see how's darling doing. and at 6, rushed over to damansara intan for some job interview. have dinner with him in ss2 and walked around the Curve after that. hang out till it was 9... next was to yam cha in ss2 with jamie, hor yan and suet li. finally, drive my car home and darling fetched me to aym cha with his friends till 1 a.m. i'm dead by now..almost.

look at this flow chart for my journey today.

HOME---> college (PJ)---> OUG ---> Curve ---> damansara intan ---> ss2 ---> Curve ---> ss2 ---> home ----> KL (jln brunei) ---> home...

i'm seriously almost dead by now. damn... anyway. the reason i wanted to blog is... something upset me during the yam cha session in KL with his friends. we were chatting away and he told them that he might be transferred to sabah for the new branch. then one of them said "oh no, sam (that's me) will be very cham lor". i got sad. then as they discuss further...they asked him bout his car and everything he has here... my bf jokingly asked who wanna buy over his car. then another guy said "then ur gf ler? wat bout her?" i got even sadder. my bf said that he wants to bring me to sabah as well. this girl then said "she study here one wor, how is it possible?. i got super duper sad. some of you might not get what i meant accurately. my point was not to blame his friends for saying things that upset me. actually, it weren't really them. i'm upset because of the fact that they're right. what about me? everything that they said were all the things that i'm worried about when i found out bout this. i was upset at the FACT.

why is it that everytime i date a's either he's not suitable for me OR he's really super duper nice and suitable BUT he's not going to stay in KL for long. it has happened once....he was really nice and really compatible but he's jsut too far. it's difficult. And now it's happening AGAIN.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

time's precious

college had started for a week already. the lecturers are ok (most of them). the subjects are boring. the timetable is weird and not balance. i have 6 subj..

  • introduction to political science is really boring... and it's really political
  • communication theory & research (CTR1) is mainly hardcore facts.
  • communication for social and development is very much like CTR1, with the same's super confusing.
  • marketing is erm..not bad. sound easy but lotsa facts. the lecturer...she's cute.
  • thinking skills? there's no class for it yet
  • bahasa word: SUX

remember i said my bf got transferred to Kl to work already? well, not much changes actually. just that i don't see him so often in the afternoon. during my last semester, i used to look for him in puchong after my class a few days a week because it's so near... but then now that it's so much further and due to the crazy jams in KL, i didn't go look for him. at first i thought it will be really hard, to adapt to it (seeing him less) and all.... i was partially wrong. it isn't that bad.. things were better than i expected. EXCEPT FOR WEEKENDS. last time, i get to eat with him and kacau him in work when i was working part time every sat n sun.

last week was hell for me, it's so boring in work! and honetly telling you, the working environment there is not really good. all those people there are busy body, they gossip alot and they stab one another from the back. i don't do that, mind you. i just keep my antenna high up to receive those juicy gossips but i don't transmit those news. even if i dun want to hear them, they will make sure i hear it. damN. but at least i get to hear some gossips to kill the boredom. human's nature!~ those people are getting most of their wages from commision. can't blame them. they fight for sales... verbally and emotionally. it's hectic. and i get the privillege of lying back and enjoy the drama *grins*

well, point is. working is boring because i don't really wanna get in between those dramatic people but my bf is not around to accompany me anymore. that's why i rather not go out to eat... sigh. at least he makes it up for me... he makes sure his off-days are 100% for me and he asks me out for dinner after his work at 9pm sometimes. so that i get to see him, and so that i won't complain. ahhaha... but that's why it's more 'precious' to see him now. i only get to see him for 2 hours a few days once, and that 2 hours becomes really precious. then we wont get bored of seeing one another. right right?? argh..whatever. i killed half an hour by blogging.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

cOllege's 1st daY

oh my my... college today was definitely a killer. and the lecturer's are not doing any help. firstly, every monday and wednesday... i have class from 8 am to 4/5 pm. where else, every tue, thu and fri have only 2 or 3 hours of classes each day. so imbalance rite? either ur too busy to die, or ur bored to hell.

secondly, 3 out of 4 lecturers today said the same thing. it goes something like this... "i'm not trying to scare you all, but this subject is very dry/tough. it's not easy to score so u need to put in more effort." all said that except for marketing's lecturer. at least. *sigh*

it's soo soo tiring today. 8 hours of class! oh, there's a joke i wanna share. it's from this foreign lecturer who had a beard. Kean Foong asked him what happened to his beard and he replied this >>> i sent it for dry cleaning, it'll be back after chinese new year.

*rolls on the floor*

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

hectic monday

it's like any other mondays... except i'm busier today. woke up to eat lunch... yes, it's lunch. i wake up at 1 pm. washed the plates, take a quick bath and go look for my bf. watched some vcd's together and then rushed home again to fetch my mum to see doctor in cheras. yam cha with jason for an hour in the evening after droping my mum home.. then meet my bf again after that (it's his off day). we went midvalley to shop in jusco and carrefour for 2 hours!! bought chocs, canned food, cooking materials and etc... we look like some old aunty & uncle. plus, he carried a basket instead of getting a trolley. muahahaz. then catch a movie 'cheaper by the dozen 2' at 10 pm. i still think the first one was nicer.. nevertheless, this movie was funny. it made my bf laughed a lot of times at least! that....was rare. then had our dinner in sri petaling at 12.30 a.m. i think it's called supper redi eh?

you know what? i really don't know what else to crap about in here. the main reason i blog almost everyday is because i'm so free at night. a ritual i have to get rid off before college starts. my timetable is out..3 days starts at 8 a.m. and a day at 9 a.m. how can i afford to lose sleep with tat kind of timetable? so sammy, be strict with urself. sleep early!!! Yeah, how i wish it's that easy.

tomorrow afternoon i'll be going to Philips to hand in my punch card. AND ask bout transferring me to some other place. i really am bored of ioi mall already. besides, my bf is not there anymore. no motivation to go work anymore. going work'll be as dreadful as last time. DAMN. "oh god...i pray to you. please help me. please tell me that they have vacancy in low yat plaza's SENQ. i wanna transfer there. please please??!!" *cross my fingers* everyone..plz wish me luck.

Monday, January 02, 2006

major moments of 2005

i can say that the first half of my year was a waste of time.
wanted to start college early but the intake's in july...
everyday is a boring day back then.
so i worked with this sales company from jan till march..
it was a sinful thing to do, but i won't tell why.
but it's not killing anyone..chill....
not to mention, i earned lots of money from that job.
bought my k700i with the money,just to be stolen in may.
damn that theft to hell!
half year passed and i still haven't buy my own hp..
bcos i kept on using the money i 'saved' to shop
over that few months, i admit spending alot on unnecessary things.
but i'm just a plain typical girl, at least i paid for my own shopping.
always struggling with financial problems..
which i ALWAYS managed to pull through with ease.
met many new friends in that company..including my buddy jason.
who are now like a 'ji mui' to me because of our similar personality.
in may, got a new part time job as philips promoter in IOI mall.
so i spent my weekdays loittering and going out and my weekends working.
there too, i met many new friends..funny and entertaining
all who i were close to had left by now, except for one.
that is going to leave too.. in a few days time.
the first 6 months, there was a guy who spent time with me.
until july..things just didn't work out for us.
i'm so sorry i had to end it, it was obvious we're not matched
whatever the reason is, it doesn't matter now, does it?
i was glad i didn't regret on my decision to do so
although it was wrong for me to have another r/ship almost instantly.
it was with a guy i worked with in ioi mall,
that i realise existed only after 2 months there.
i can't remember why i got together with him..
probably as a bounceback-support after a breakup,
or maybe i did fell in love with him
but i was very sure he made me happy and was very caring
these 2 points never made me question him or myself further..
i'm definitely in love head over heels with him now
after gettin to know him better.
then my college started. doing my first sem in mass communication
this is the 2nd decision i was proud of in 2005.
no matter how much i loved science, the job prospect just isn't right for me.
i need a job that's going to make me feel 'alive' in future..
i knew the course was right for me once i started,
loved almost all the subjects, got to know variation of friends..
was famous in college for going into classes late.
what a bad reputation eh?
i regret cos i didn't put much effort into any of the exams
and even for my finals, i took them lightly.
almost everyday i look for my bf after classes.. cos i missed him
and he was good in making me miss him...
then there's my finals in november
and going penang for holiday with my girlfrens in dec..
my end year holidays were filled with yam cha sessions
and meeting old friends who were busy with college before that.
i lived like this for the 2nd half of 2005.


my love life:
it's still unbearable to go through3 days straight without seeing him
still deeply in love with him and r.ship remains strong
with a few misunderstanding and resentments..
we are still close as ever, never distant
it's already half year, but we never had major arguments.

my studies:
i obtained 2B's and 2A's and one D for my last sem..
i know it's my fault for these bad grades
next sem starting in 2 days time,i will do better
and i'm still very much in love with mass comm.
except the exams and assignemnts!

my frienships:
nothing major happened between me n my friends,
other than meeting new people,
i never lost any friends...
but i'm going to miss those who are going overseas this year

my financial:
it's quite stable right now...
with a few debts here n there for phone bills.
i collected a few hundreds already to get my new hp next week
with the help of my bf :p

my life:
overall, it's quite good..
i gained more freedom last year
my parents are not so strict anymore
and i can be more honest with them bout my whereabouts.
i've also become more emotional,
can cry easily over something small.


Monday, January 02, 2006

feeling older...

it's finally 2006. it's not like i'm waiting for the new year to come but it meant a whole new year for me. maybe not a new beginning but everything's gonna have slight changes in it rite? and don't ask me bout my new year resolutions because as you've already known, they are cursed. which won't happen. so i rather not risk my new year hopes and just shut my mouth about it.

ooh...but i do hope that this year i'll get thinner...3 kgs will do. erm, maybe a little bit richer will do, like getting a higher-pay part time job? philips suCKs... they dun give double-pay on xmas and new year. also invest more on my skin.. i want a flawless face. i know it's contradicting cos i ought to have more wrinkles since i'm getting older but... that's achieveable with expensive skincare products, isn't it? which then leads to the "richer" hope for this year. wouldn't mind if i have better luck this year... will want to be more hardworking (hopefully). MUST raise my GPA score to a minimum of 3.67 the coming sem. also...i want my relationship with him to stay 'fairytale'.

arghh....i'm 20 already. OLD. although not officially 20 cos it's not my b'day yet...but by counting the year... it's 20! goodness gracious... i really feel old. hopefully, it's a great beautiful year ahead of me. one thing which i really want to avoid this year is break-up. it seems to happen to me every year. so..i'll cross my fingers and hope for the best. of course, i'll do my best in this relationship cos he's worth it. and make more friends! but not forgetting my old friends...let's stick together this year no matter where u all go. i know some you are leaving to further studies sometime this year. gonna miss them...

ya know what? i'm bloody crappy. bout my new year celebration.. woke up to prepare myelf to work. yes...WORK. bf supposed to fetch me, so have to accompany him to pandan indah and collect stock.. by the time i reach ioi mall, it's time for me to leave. had salon appointment with jamie.. we did curls on our hair just for the new year celebration. had dinner in marche with jamie, kahmun n bf, suet li and hor yan. rushed back to ioi mall to meet darling before clock strikes 12. then go to his friends house for some pressie exchange ceremony. and slept till 2 pm the next day! hahaha... yups.. and then go work.

i'm upset, darling is going to transfer to lowyat plaza for work. which means i won't have him to accompany me during work on weekends... damn, i'm gonna try to get myself transferred there too. i'm so sick and tired of ioi mall...the same ppl, same place for 8 months! and i can't go look for him after college so often anymore...KL is so far from my coll. *sobs* i'm gonna miss seeing him...

da pic we taken in senQ when it's just after 12 a.m. poor thing, he had to work till late that night... i know he doesn't like me to put his pic up online, but...sigh. this is the only pic i've put up anyway. and below is my hairstyle for new year :P *tee hee*