Monday, March 06, 2006

too mUch!

at first i have alots of assignments to rush through.
i have no time to do many things and to be able to squeeze them in between my busy hours,
i need to finsih up at least one assignment by monday.
plus, i have activities lined up till friday of next week;
which happens to be my mid-sem break.

during the mid-semester break, starting this week...
i have to go to hair salon and perm my bloody dead looking hair.
then i have to go library and get references for my other two essays
at the same time finish one essay which has references all prepared.
not to forget, going genting for 2 days with my darling (as to 'celebrate' my holi)
then meeting up with my friend for japanese buffet dinner on fri night.
also, to go to the gym at least twice in a week
as well as going to my office in IGB to follow up for some surveys.
SEE! the list is SO not going to end!!!

did i mention bout nail polish?? NO??
a Tip for everyone: don't buy nail polish from Elianto. especially the one with glitters.
it takes hell of a time to remove, and it spoils and corrode ur nails terribly!
instead, opt for nail polish from Skin Food for only rm 8.80.
only RM 3.80 more than Elianto but u did a favour for your nails.

i'm going nuts isn't it? not yet!
because while i'm on the edge of the cliff preparing to dive into the 'sea of miseries',
someone gave me an extra help by pushing me down...
i guess that someone was worried that i won't jump, and decided to give me a little kick
thank you so much yea???
i'm now not only going mad with overloaded stress
but also furious at the world...what has become to some people ont he face of the earth?
that they do not know how to evaluate things on the correct side
yet, put the weight on me claiming that i'm prob not so right myself.
anyone understand what i'm saying?
NO rite? this is what happens to people who dun think properly.
like me and alot of other people on mother Earth.
god bless everyone.

note: this entry was typed by a person who's really down, emotionally and mentally. no one should take any of this seriously (except the nail polish). if anyone shall want to take the decision of believing what i said by getting mad at me, please do so. But no responsibilities will be borne by me if any health consequences arise due to over-heating.

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