Sunday, May 21, 2006

today is SUNDAY. so another week has officially passed. and i still have another 7 weeks of holidays. how nice.... hmMmm. except the fact that i have no allowance and going to be flat broke soon?

so last week was road trip week. this week was more like a problematic one. however, i had my fun already of course. you really think i'm gonig to go through another week without the 'fun' word? Monday, we went to Genting. together with jamie, carmen, hor yan and edmund; it was a very happy gathering. we talked and laughed and did all kinds of stupid things. we cam whored with our handphones in Coffee Bean and after Edmund told us he has a camera inside his car, we took pics using his digi cam non stop. in the lift, hotel lobby, in front of the toilet, in the parking lot, beside his car and in his car while he drove. we even took pics when we saw this spot halfway down genting because from there we can have a beautiful view of KL city. little did i know that this trip to have coffee in genting caused some other problems as well.

then for the next few days... i'm always in Mid Valley and Wong Kok, no where else but that 2 place. got to go office in IGB tower almost everyday. it's getting quite sickening.... sad. i'm now very very bored of midvalley and i can memorise almost all the shops there.

guess there's not much to be said anymore but a problematic week. in the outside where i can laugh and enjoy with my friends, i have to endure the pain of having to argue with my bf. actually it was more like a discussion kind of thing between us. not much argument.
there's lots of dramas going around lately.
i guess i still can cope with it. the things that happened lately made me realise how much things i didn't know about my bf...all those things that he never let me know before this. Also his past and his hidden personality. he also made me realise how much he loves me and i need not suspect him or doubt him anymore. beside that, i know that i love him alot and no matter what i don't think i'll be able to let go of him just yet. i'm still trying my very best to not make him upset.

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