Sunday, May 07, 2006

working for philips for these two days have been saddening. or probably it's me being the useless 'si-lai' in making. the first day i did demo for philip's new rice cooker, the casserole tasted like shit. in brief, too much ginger, not salty enough, no taste and the rice was too wet and sticky. if you're imagining it, i think it looks like a pile of shit? anyway, today the 2nd day and things improved a little. at least ALL the rice were eaten by someone and not heading for the rubbish bin. so proud now. another saddening thing is, there wasn't much chance for me to play MIA during work because i had to do the demo from time to time and there's this merchandiser from Philips who came and check on me.

saddening -in conclusion.

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