Wednesday, June 28, 2006

routine-oriented week

so it's been a week since i last update my blog. and i can tell you what the heck i did in just a few sentences? why? Because it's the same thing everyday!! what a simple life... i'm getting the hang of it. having the holidays and becoming a 'fai' (useless) person everyday doing nothing but yam cha and going out. isn't that err....sad? or..relaxing? whatever...although i miss college, i know i'll miss my holidays more when class starts.

it's always waking up in the morning or afternoon to go eat. then after eating, maybe walk around midvalley or one utama or wherever that can waste time. then i have my 'hi-tea session'; which means yam cha again. then chit chat plus drinks...and waste time again. then without realising, it's dinner time. SO? time to go dinner... (eat again). after dinner, it's time to go Steven's corner to watch football. what you expect? football mania this month isn't i? and i get to win some money.. ('s illegal and i'm blogging bout it openly. hahaha sue me!)

i'm just back from yam cha and there's nothing else to do till evening so here i am blogging. and there's no football tonight *sobs*. a must-mention, i was yc-ing with carmen just now and i realised she has quite some good advices up her sleeves. don't think she's blur... because she definitely knows what's going on around her. even know who likes who... ahhha (haha carmen, i think you're right. i think she likes him). we even analysed the whole drama together and made up the conclusion. poor 'kai yeh'! he sounded like he was framed when carmen ask him that question.*breaks into laughter*

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

WhAt IF?

one day, you're stuck in this crossroads.
ONE way is the right thing to do,
the OTHER is a wrong path full of sins.
your mind says do the RIGHT thing,
the heart says foLLow your FEELINGS!

you stood at the middle,
looking left and right and left again.
then you think,
'which way makes me a happier person?'
the answer: to go with your heart...

so you went to the path of sin,
where more damage could be done,
where more people will be hurt.
where you may lose almost everything one day.

halfway through the path,
you felt guilty and thought of turning back.
then da' devil in you reminding..
all the happiness that the wrong path could bring,
telling you,
'my dear, even if you turn back....
things will never be the same again..'

if it's you in that situation,
will you go straight on to that path?
or will you turn back to do the right thing...
and forget the happiness that you could have?

Sunday, June 18, 2006

fOOtball and betting

i was just back from Steven's Corner and the match between USA and Italy was quite interesting although i only watched the first half. i have no idea what's the result at the end of the game but i guess i couldn't bother more or less isn't it? i didn't bet on any games and i guess the thrill isn't so strong.

for the past few days, most of the mamaks are filled with people (as long as there's tv). even the mamaks who are usually empty and business-less are filled with people. whenever there's a goal being scored, u can see people jumping up or punching the air with their hands... shouting 'GOAL!' or whatever it is that sounds like 'YAY!'.

either they're betting on the game, that's why they're so excited (most prob winning). then we can see who's betting on the losing team (those who look grim and not punching the air!). OR these people can be just hardcore football fan. Hmmph....i bet most of them are betting!

all these football fever caused me to waste time looking for parking when going to Stevven's Corner at night! and also waste time looking for empty tables!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

sUCking sErviCE

yOu know, i haven't really done this before but i guess this time is an exception.
AND i'm forced to!
due to dissatisfaction, anger and most of all...
what happened to good customer service in the F&B line?
some (very small percentage) waiter/waitresses these days are like morons.
damn, they're RUDE! obnoxious!

my goodness, if you're a regular at Mid Valley Megamall..
go take a trip down the rows of restaurant just outside the megamall.
it's somewhere beside Chilli and near Center Court.
there should be this fat bitch (brown-skin, hair tied back, fat and grumpy) standing at the cashier.
even better, go try and buy something and see the way she talks to you.
that day i went there to tapao breakfast...
my order was "two kopi-O and two sets of roti bakar"
she just slumberly punched the cashier and i paid her.
when the kopi-O arrived, it's hot... so i remember that i forgot to tell her i want kopi-o AIS.
i went back to the counter, told this chinese guy that looked like the person in charge..
"i want COLD kopi-O, not HOT. can i change?"
the fat bitch suddenly walked over and open her blaring mouth instantly saying,
"SHE did not say she want cold.. she just said Kopi-O!!"
my eyeballs were burning and could have stuffed kaya till it fills the brim of her mouth if it's legal to do so.
i looked at the chinese guy and said very politely,
"i'll pay you the extra charge, can i have it cold please?"
that bitch rolled her eyes at me...what the hell for?
i didn't even complain about her.
besides, when i did waitress-ing, i remember we have to ask the customer if they want it hot or cold (if they never mention).
she was the one who never clarify with me..
sudah-lah, i never cari pasal with her.. she wanna step on my tail.
should see her bloody face.

although their food isn't so bad...
sO i thOugHT....

..... that everything will go on like normal and resume like how things were before. i'm probably giving myself too much hope/ expecting too much.

it has been a week since i last updated my blog and within this week, i was really quite Ok until yesterday. if anyone DO realise, i have this habit of blogging usually when i'm extremely upset and felt like rantling it online; Or when i have many things to complain about. i guess this is one of those time when i'm upset. 7 days of not blogging means i don't really have much problem for 7 days since the last discussion with my boyfriend.

it took me a good FEW days to actually get used to things after the discussion. all we wanted was to return to how things were last time and go back in time. that was what i've been trying to do and i know he tried, although i'm not sure. recently, i really was able to let go of the problems, to be able to RELAX when i talk or do anything so that he won't misunderstand. to smile and laugh sincerely from my heart. to talk and do whatever i felt like without tensing. i was ALMOST there goddamnit. i was sOO..NEAR... so frigging near to get the feelings back.

everything went back to square one yesterday night when i found out that he kept a copy of some stupid joke agreement i have with my friend. i knew that he doesn't trust me or him anymore after all these but i thought he already let everything go? isn't that the reason we tried so hard to make everything go back like last time and...JUST when i'm about to accomplish what we've planned, i found out about that. it's just devastating.

i'm not angry at him for looking at my things (accidentally or not). if only he knew how to confront me at that time and ask me what is it, or let me know he saw it. there's no need to keep a copy of it without letting me know. and the reason he gave me for doing so? it's ridiculous, nonsense and doesn't make sense at all.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

never-ending 'discussions'

i believe that one day (very soon) i'll die due to lack of sleep. i already lost sleep the past few days, and it's not just a few hours. it's alot of sleep when you add them up altogether.
today has not been a very good day as well. i thought that the problems between me and him were officially over 2 days ago where we talked EVERYthing through. being honest is very important. oh yes, it is VERY VERY important. so i learnt my lesson... and i've been honest since then. i was wrong because after that the problems that evolved were due to some other reasons.

the problems that arise never stop and the 'discussion' happened every few days. it's starting to make me feel sick and i don't like the way things are going now. in fact, i'm already feeling very 'sick'. you name it; constipation, vomitting, headache, dizzy, irregular periods, stomach cramp, amnesia, mood swings bla bla bla...the list goes on.

today, i've been very honest with him. i never intended to lie because i knew he already understood. little did i know, God has his way of playing pranks on me. somehow... a different issue started in the evening. from having a superb day without much worries, my night was filled with trauma (again) because another 'discussion' was held and lucky for me, all goes well... we ended the night well.

then i woke up just now feeling all numb and dizzy and thought, "hey, it's the 6th of June. Exam results day" i checked online and there's still nothing yet... so i came online. while i blog, my pet rabbit jumps around my keyboard typing all sorts of funny words and is currently chewing on the keyboard's wire. it's good to have something cute and cuddly thing next to you who doesn't know how to make any noise (except to sneeze). i'm dizzy, i'm sleepy and i'm patiently waiting for the results to come out. the rest of the day that has passed is history. AND i believe history always tend to repeat *cross fingers*