Monday, July 31, 2006


maybe it's a wee bit late to talk about that now...but i really thought i should blog it down. so that i can read about in future and laugh/cry about it. it's been so long since i traditionally use paper and pen to 'blog' (a.k.a. diary).

the one year celebration with my bf was almost a month ago now. he made me really happy that day. i was so touched i cried; which is rare. also very guilty cos of the way i treated him. he really didn't deserve me after all. he's just too good and too nice...100% potential good husband. and what did i do for him in return? nothing much... maybe i invested so much of energy and effort last time, it hit me back the other way round now.

he brought me up to genting that night so that we can chill out, have tea and stuff. halfway up, he stopped at somewhere deserted and dark... now now, i dun want any minds drifting somewhere...

bf: you wait in the car for a while yea? don't look at the back and don't get out of the car.
me: huh? y? what are you doing? why cannot go out?

being mischevious, i climbed to the back seat and tried to peep.

bf: cannot see la ok! wait a while...
me: yer....y? what is it? faster lar....faster!
bf: ok! you can come out now.. fast fast!

when i look into the boot, omg... it was so beautiful! he sticked glow-in-the-dark stars everywhere and lighted little candles around. one huge heart-shaped candle. lucky he didn't burn his boot. there's also one butterfly stuck on the boot. and... a bouquet of different-coloured roses. he had prepared all those things since a few weeks ago, hunting for those small small gifts.

i don't know how i felt that time. it was a mixture of happy, surprised, touched, sad, guilty... oh, i duno.

that's the highlight of my anniversary. a truly spectacular one. one which i can remember really well because it's different. it was all da effort that makes it shine isn't it?

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