Wednesday, December 20, 2006

missed classes...

many have been wodnering why i didn't turn up for the first 2 days of college. well, the reason is really simple. it's because i'm so used to sleeping at 5 a.m. and wakes up at 1 p.m! so.. even after the college started, it's difficult to turn back my body clock. i am so doomed!

actually today, i already woke up in time for college. it's jsut too bad that i can't open my eyes after i shut off the alarm so i plop right back onto the pillow and continue sleeping. ahhah how wonderful. and yes, i swear that i'll be in college tomorrow. the class starts at 9 a.m. at least and not 8 a.m.

another sad thing is..... 3 out of 5 days, the class starts at 8 a.m. that's very very devastating.

Friday, December 15, 2006

astrological crash

i just founf this interesting news when i was surfing around yahoo. it's about the link between astrological sign and car crash. well, it seems that libras and Aquarians tend to crash alot. and Aries have a 'me first' childlike nature that leads them to trouble.

Astrological signs and car crash (Yahoo)

i'm bored...

miracle results!

i so can't believe my eyes when i saw my results. i thought i'll have to wait till afternoon for the results to come out, but thanks to cheryl who left me a message on msn while i was away...i just checked it. yeap, and its 4.43 am in the morning.

this semester's result was the best compared to the previous semesterS. not only i didn't fail any single subjects... the lowest grade was a B. no B minus also...


thinking that my eyes deceived me, i scroll up and down and up again and i read carefully if it was MY results. and yes!! my name was there, it's mine! HOHOHO! oops...sorry, i'm not trying to brag, no intention at all cos i know i'm just a moderate student. but... this is the best x'mas present. i'm just too happy. God, forgive me. i mean, i knew i screwed up a paper or two. plus i skip my presentation for one of the subjects. anyway...

LaLaLa...LaLaLa.... =)

i'm a happy student...! and there's a person who stayed up with me the whole night, accompanying me burn the midnight oil. MuAX!


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

double C: Curious / Crazy

is it me that has high level of curiosity or am i just crazy?

guess what the hell i did! i always wondered how is my ex-bf's gf like. i was so curious to know until i went and surf around the friendster just in case she has one. so i started searching through his friend's list of friends because i know that they will add since it's their buddy's girlfriend. and guess what? after half an hour...i found it. and guess what?

i just realise that there's no reason for me to do that. she's an ordinary girl after all. fine, maybe she's cuter and prettier than me. but he's not mine anymore so it doesn't make any difference whether she's better or worse than me. he's hers and not my business.

anyway... i bookmarked her friendster website because i constantly reads her blog.

tell me, is that crazy or i'm just curious?

it repeats-

me and someone argued again...this time it was not because of one thing but several issus. i thought this is it, we're just going to face another major argument and fight. we talk over it again and again.

well, what do you know? we made through it again. i really have no clue how long this is going to last but for now it just seems that we always have a way of patching things up.

on the other hand, i still cannot forget him. although i don't think so much about the past anymore and how much i wanted him back... i still can't break lose from the memories we had together. even seeing car plate numbers that looked like his, i'll think bout him (even of the numbers are jumbled up).

maybe i should stop thinking and planning but let everything happen naturally. i already lost him and there's nothing i can do no matter how much i tried. yes, i tried and i failed and i'm beginning to give up.

Monday, December 11, 2006

depression syndrome at home

my holidays has almost ended. just one more week.


All the non-productive things of course! sigh.... rot around, sit at home to watch dvd and other crap shows. wth, this is so boring. know what? i really miss those days i went PD. the chalet was beautiful and cosy enough, and i get to watch sunset every single day from the chalet. if only i don't need to study and make a living, i will just stay there for a month and forget everything else. heaven!

i know it's bit early for day-dreaming.. it's so bored at home i don't know what else to do man. somebody get a knife and stab me! arGGHHhHhhhh.....

i can't stand it... i can't stay at home anymore. whenever i sit in my room, i'll see the candle that he bought me and the message on it. the message that gave me hope in the beginning but when i rely heavily on it, he didn't keep his promise. anyway, non of this is his fault. it all started from me and i hurt not only one but 2 guys.

then, there's this other guy who went through alot so that we can be together. but unfortunately, we were not compatible, and we have different views on evrything important. he don't understand my actions and i don't understand his. friction causes fire and fire causes injury. i wonder why are we still holding on. that makes sense alrite...

damn... i should get my arse out of the house or i'll really go nuts.

Friday, December 08, 2006

the love story has ended

the story bout me and my very nice and lovely boyfriend has been over for quite a few months. this is just to let some of you who don't know cos i didn't come online for a good few months.

thinking back, i still remember how sweet he used to treat me. he wouldn't pick fight with me at all, will not argue and jsut tolerate even if i'm the wrong one. he will do anything to make me happy, even if it means buying me a stupid handbag when he's broke. constantly giving me surprises until the very end, even on the times we were drifting apart.

well, it's all me to be blamed. he only did something minor to trigger me and i started all this problems. i hurt him while he's away from me... i did everything possible to kill a good man's love for me.

sigh.... i guess i'm still drowning with guilt and regret. and with my stupidity, i unconsciously turned out the last chance to be with him again. now that things are not going to be the same with him anymore, i gave up. i remember telling him that i'll still try to get him back no matter wat and i kept that for a few months until recently i realise, i give up. i an't do it anymore... i can't bear the situation we're in when we see each other now. he already has a girlfriend and i think he loves her quite a bit.

he's officially not mine and i'm probably going to be with someone for quite some time. i still wish he'll wants me back one day... one very fine day.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

everything has changed...

i've not been coming online for the past few months..
and many many things have changed, i can say it's almost every aspect of my life.
but since i couldn't online, i couldn't update the blog...
one thing's for sure, i didn't change my degree course.
but other than that....

i've made many mistakes and i lost the man whom i loved so much.

also realise that i am not so bubbly and cheerful anymore after facing so much of problems.

i'm so prone to crying, i think i'm a better cry baby than jamie cos i can cry almost anytime (just trigger me).

i sleep very late, bout 4 a.m. everyday and wake up in the afternoon.

i have no mood to go to shopping complexes... which means i seldom shop already.

i travel alot around malaysia in one month's time...which includes langkawi, port dickson, melaka, and the most recent: penang.

i no more haver curly hair but rebonded hair.