Friday, December 08, 2006

the love story has ended

the story bout me and my very nice and lovely boyfriend has been over for quite a few months. this is just to let some of you who don't know cos i didn't come online for a good few months.

thinking back, i still remember how sweet he used to treat me. he wouldn't pick fight with me at all, will not argue and jsut tolerate even if i'm the wrong one. he will do anything to make me happy, even if it means buying me a stupid handbag when he's broke. constantly giving me surprises until the very end, even on the times we were drifting apart.

well, it's all me to be blamed. he only did something minor to trigger me and i started all this problems. i hurt him while he's away from me... i did everything possible to kill a good man's love for me.

sigh.... i guess i'm still drowning with guilt and regret. and with my stupidity, i unconsciously turned out the last chance to be with him again. now that things are not going to be the same with him anymore, i gave up. i remember telling him that i'll still try to get him back no matter wat and i kept that for a few months until recently i realise, i give up. i an't do it anymore... i can't bear the situation we're in when we see each other now. he already has a girlfriend and i think he loves her quite a bit.

he's officially not mine and i'm probably going to be with someone for quite some time. i still wish he'll wants me back one day... one very fine day.

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simply me, Jason said...

Good to know you're still alive. Taken things for granted? or chose to move to the dark side of life? heck... i tot u were gonna get married. Oh well.. life moves on, you're only 20... for a few more months =P