Friday, December 15, 2006

miracle results!

i so can't believe my eyes when i saw my results. i thought i'll have to wait till afternoon for the results to come out, but thanks to cheryl who left me a message on msn while i was away...i just checked it. yeap, and its 4.43 am in the morning.

this semester's result was the best compared to the previous semesterS. not only i didn't fail any single subjects... the lowest grade was a B. no B minus also...


thinking that my eyes deceived me, i scroll up and down and up again and i read carefully if it was MY results. and yes!! my name was there, it's mine! HOHOHO! oops...sorry, i'm not trying to brag, no intention at all cos i know i'm just a moderate student. but... this is the best x'mas present. i'm just too happy. God, forgive me. i mean, i knew i screwed up a paper or two. plus i skip my presentation for one of the subjects. anyway...

LaLaLa...LaLaLa.... =)

i'm a happy student...! and there's a person who stayed up with me the whole night, accompanying me burn the midnight oil. MuAX!



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+sammy+ said...

hahah cheryl..i know u sure have better results.. congrates to u too!