Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Wish all of you happy new year 2008!!
*no time to blog yet. too many pics to upload. muahahaha! my blog is NOT dead!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

fUck 'Give & Take'

I ALWAYS thought that in a relationship, we're to give and take.

that's what everyone say isn' it? and it's supposed to be the ultimate guide to everlasting relationship. fuck that.

it doesn't happen if you're attached to someone who only wants to take but unwilling to give. FORCE him all you want but he will never give OR he'll just give all sort of reasons to tell you why he COULDN'T give.

the person i love just happened to forget what i've done for him in the earlier days when he had no job and we're just living on what i have.

NOW when i want to depend on him, all i got was a brutal kick from him telling me that it was my fault because i didn't wanna look for jobs or work for jobs that was difficult.

is that what men have become these days? is this what i deserve after many hardships?

IS THIS what i want, i should ask myself.

I'm telling everyone and anyone who's reading this. NO.

and this time i will not bow down and accept all this fucking rubbish that's happening to me, because i know i deserve better.

he wasn't even the type of person i wanted but i ignored it because i thought if we give n take, it'll be alright. hell with give n take.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

- disappointed -

you know what it feels like when someone said something and did something else that prove otherwise?

ESPECIALLY someone you loved!

that's super equivalent to DISAPPOINTMENT.

that's how i really feel right now. it's late and there's no one i can call to blabber about it.

you know, when there's only one day a week you can go out and spend time with a boyfriend... and it didn't happen the way you wanted? it became like any other days.

Yeah.. that's it. I guess i don't need to explain more and everyone already understood.

I rather be like some other couples who meet only 2 or 3 times a week but everytime they meet, they do something together like going out for dinner, watching movie, walk around shopping complexes or any other places.

THAN have a boyfriend i get to see every single day doing routine stuff like going work with him, help out in his shop, talk to his friends more than him, go have dinner with him n friends, then come home watch dvd, movies whatsoever, go sleep and same cycle the next day.

it wasn't even necessary for him to be at work today but he went and i went along anyway. it was supposed to be for a while but he stayed on till shop closes. Claiming that there's no way to go or no money, we didn't go anywhere. Well, he ended up spending money anyway..without me. i thought he say no money?

And i ended up meeting friends for yam cha on hiss only off day of the week.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

salesgirls' discrimination

last week, i went to MidValley alone.

i have no companion but i was desperate... really itching to buy some clothes. so i went ahead.

i wore casual clothes that day and was in no mood for make up whatsoever.

so i walk from shop to shops... when i reach Miss Selfridge, i thought that's it la.... the salesgirls sure IGNORE me one. they usually do...

I probably look very poor.

this time, i took 3 dresses to the changing room. when i came out and said that i want one of it, she smiled.

THAT smile was the first time i saw her smile since i went in. Just because i am buying something worth almost RM200...

HOW i wish i am rich or filthy wealthy.... then i can LAncI all the salesgirls in boutiques that discriminate. like plaster them with money and stack piles of clothes on top of them to pack.

this world still says money is everything... isnt it.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Wonders in QBar

first time i went with Kit Yee and Wai Yin for nuts. we ate in KimGary and then head to Qbar cos i needed some promoters urgently, so i thought go there and 'take' some la.

who knows? no girls at all that day. except us. then got one group of aunties clad in sexy black pieces came in.. i respect them....they dare to dress like that in their age and they come out in group for girls night.

someone said, "maybe they are spinsters".

they walk in in a line along the glowing platform and i was already staring at them because i though they were young girls at first. and then i see more more and more coming, like a HUGE group of them.

i can tell you, they're my fascination of that night. i couldn't stop observing them although they sat right at the back.

the second amazement was, they can really drink beer. They ordered a tower of beer at first, it finished, they ordered another and another. OMG. i told Wai Yin, "LOok at them, they can really drink man!"

and then i spent the rest of the night talking to a stranger and watching Kit Yee dance.

Did anyone know, she can really dance? Almost the whole Qbar was looking at her when she dances. *applause to Kit Yee*

OH.... and girls, don't drink beer so much. I saw most of the elder ladies got bloating stomach.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Banana Bribe

i'm going to go out soon so i came online to blog bout something funny yet depressing before i forget...

yesterday, there was this malay girl who went to edmund's handphone shop... she told us a funny story.

she works at the morning market selling vegetables. yesterday night, she drove her van (that carries goods) without wearing a seat belt. and a police car spotted her so she got stopped aside.

she was about to face the rm200 summon.. but then she escaped.

HOW did that happened?

read this: She 'gave' a comb of BANANAS to the policemen and GOT AWAY...

maybe next time u guys should keep some bananas, watermelon, oranges or whatever fruits in the car. i think policemen these days desperately need to eat some to help their digestion. AND it's probably the cheapest bribe around.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

the anti-racial way

yesterday night when i was reading the Islamic Civillisation notes, something hit me. Which i toldmy boyfriend who was sitting next to me playing command & conquer, and he just laughed it off.

the notes mentioned all the right human values that people especially the Malays should adopt. it claims that islamic values are universal so that it can be practiced by everyone. one of it was that humans should not be greedy, and should not gain wealth through unhealthy means. it also stresses that the human should not gamble because winning it is costing another person's wealth without working for it.

the criticism is, if Malays deemed to be religious and obedient to God, then why there are so many Mat rempit who snatches bag and handphones everywhere, whether it's city or town area. it also happens that most pickpockets are Malay. and that they're always accustomed to stealing and robbing. if i'm not mistaken, the idiots who tried to steal an ATM machine last time by chaining it to a lorry and pulling it out of the bank was of the 'you know what' race. You call this heathy means of gaining wealth?

but then of course, there's the Indian and Chinese. Indians are more well known of their rude and threatening ways to gain little money. Chinese on the other hand are masters of crime who do not commit small crimes. If they wanna break the law, they break it real good such as smuggling, prostitution, big robbery and other major cases that brings them alot of money if they succeed. well, chinese are natural entrepreneurs wat!

"They're going to commit crime anyway, might as well do it gloriously. Then either make it or break it. since small crimes, big crimes are still crimes."
Quote by edmund.

And another one of the islamic teachings mentioned that they should be satisfied with what they have and not go for material gains as long as they have a happy n peaceful life. the other side of looking at it? i'll give you an example... when i helped my boyfriend in his handphone shop, i see many Malays coming to buy really expensive phone like N95 and it's very obvious they cannot afford it. however, they go an borrow money from friends or bring in whatever ancient old phones they have to trade in, just to have that phone. is it necessary to have that phone? when there's so many other phones with the same function that cost only half of it? then they suffer from 'hutang' and probably go steal another few handphones to cover their expenses. MAYBE i should look at it this way, they are happier in their life as long as their pocket has a N95!

The chinese pulak, like to buy expensive phones to 'social' and be the admiration of their group for a week. what if they have no money? Credit card la... what if it's over the limit? Ahlong la... what if still in debt with the Ahlong? Find friends to pinjam... it goes one whole round and then they have more than several debts in hand. at the end, phone get snatched by someone on a motorbike.

HAHAHA.... you call this civillisation through the acceptance of religion!

Disclaimer: this is not to condemn any particular race because it's only applicable to a certain percentage of the population.. but i'm just describing according to current situation in Malaysia. people should do something about themselves if they don't want to racially discriminated.

champaGne n MassaGe

i would like it really really much if someone would buy me a nice dinner with champagne and give me a massage with lavender oil.

it's ecstacy... and that's what i've been craving for since 2 weeks ago.

with all the stuyding and midnight oil burning, i'm half as good as corpse. all stiff and pale looking with dark green eye circles. YES! you've read it right. it's 'DARK GREEN'.

my shoulders and neck are so stiff it feels like breaking everytime i turn my neck. it hurts even more during the exam because i kinda get stiff and my backbone sore like hell when i try to suck the information out from my head.

one word: horrible.

in addition, i've been eating McDonalds through delivery almost 2 meals a day for 5 days a week. That's not only fattening, it's expensive. besides, i always order one McFlurry whenever i order a meal. that's why i want a nice dinner with champagne to celebrate.

and i need not mention why i need massage right? it's already described with many 'stiff' words.

AND i keep my promise that i blog right after my exam. and exam just ended an hour ago, so that's pretty quick!

Monday, October 08, 2007

why headache now?

LEt's CelEbrATE!!

Celebrate what?

well, it's because i finally log into my blogger and yes, i typed something (as you can see). that's definitely worth a celebration.

UNFORTUNATELY, just when i have the mood to blog....

i get a MASSIVE headache. migraine probably. really really horrible one.. with intensifying pain. can't wait to lie down and be dead.

I have so much to write. why headache now?

i wanna grumble about a boyfriend that never understand me or probably put no effort in doing that; despite my numerous attempts at telling him what i really wanted.

i wanna complain about this bitchy lecturer of mine who is so biased and unfair in her judgement. and i thought teacher's taught me not to judge a book by its cover. She swears and curse and yell in class, making me wonder every once in a while, has this what teachers/lecturers at private institution become? SAD

i wanna brag about my new room, which i wasted time and effort in decorating it. and how i feel most comfortable in it.

i wanna complain about myself gaining weight as if being slim is a deadly crime. i wouldn't take that as an excuse even if there's such rule. i tried so hard to refrain from eating but i guess i just have to indulge in good food every now and then.

and about how my own boyfriend tease me bout me being fat. it's just so traumatic that i almost save all my money from freelancing and get my body done in a slimming centre.

okays, i think my head is at the verge of exploding. shall stop.

to be continued..... (in time to come).

Thursday, September 13, 2007

the horrible truth

i am sitting on the bed with my pajamas, laptop on my lap and the quilt covering me.

i guess there's nothing better to do since i'm already slacking like no one's business right now. There's lots of things that i can do; assignments are very good example. However i refused and retaliate at the idea of doing something fruitful.

Blogging kills the boredom and so here i am. I was just done reading Jamie's blog on the scarcity of guys in the world, and how hard is it to find someone that really suit you. I was unconsciously nodding my head while reading that.

Jamie, you forgot one very important point! the ratio of man to woman is 1:3... in addition, research found that the number of gay guys and transexuals (man who became woman) have increased. That means, available guys are even lesser than we thought now. The horrible future prediction: MORE SPINSTERS!

And yes, it's damn bloody true that the guys with potential are either attached/married/engaged/gay. DUH. I mean, if a girl found herself a very decent guy that she loves and good enough to be a bf/husband... why let him go? If it's me, i would probably chain him and do 'all means' to keep his heart on my side.

All means: cooking or learning to cook, do the housework eventhough raised as a princess, accept any of his weakness if it's not too much, learn the art of stripping and pole dancing, seduce him once in a while and change own personality if it is to become his dreamgirl. yada yada...

The BIG Question is: Would you rather become a spinster or accept someone who has a lot of weaknesses but will love you till the world ends? When i say weakness, i meant bad tempered, fugly, poor, arrogant, dirty, unpleasant, old and etc.

As for me, i think i found someone that i really love. Look pleasant enough and not dirty and old. THere are of course weakness such as being bad tempered and inconsiderate at times. He definitely does not know how to make a girl happy. Being with him is something that already made me happy but at times he drives me over the cliff, making me have the urge to pack and leave him behind with the hope of finding someone twice better.

Nonetheless, here I am in the same room as him every night. So i guess it means i haven't jump over the cliff yet. There are the good days where each of that can replace ten bad days. Do the calculation and you know why i'm still here. The good outweighs the bad in terms of quality not quantity.

As for my friends who know the situation i'm in right now, they will understand what it takes for me to stay with him and how much more obstacles to go through before i can confidently say ''Happily ever after"

Friday, September 07, 2007


i realised my pattern of blogging is like this > 2 entries a day for 3 days..then no entry for 2week to a month.

then i lost the mood in blogging because i have so many frustrations, that if i vent it into my blog... it's going to be censored.

nevermind that now....i'm in a very neutral state of mind currently. So i shall blog peacefully. *peace sign*

--i'm farkin' hungry right now but no food. plus i'm not in the mood for alot of food...

-- it's farkin' noisy because the electrician is drilling a big hole through the wall.

--i'm farking amazed at their BIG drill because it only took them 3 mins to drill a 8cm diameter hole through the thick wall. AND i took a day to get a few small screws in.

--i'm farkin going to die looking at the chunks of cement on the floor, and the dust everywhere!

--on the brighter side, i got an air cond installed in the room. means no more hot afternoons!

--which also equals to more money spent on electricitY!

oh darn it. like what jamie said: "this is the price you pay to get something luxurious"

though i don't consider air cond luxurious...maybe a BMW is equivalent to luxurious. ok i'm dreaming.... nyahaha... i have to start cleaning the whole house now!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

stories 'bout phones

The last time i lost my phone, a K800i, it was about 2 months ago.


i am not blogging about another phone mishap!

i was actually looking for photos to upload and then i realised most of it is in my K800i, meaning no new photos. And then Ed gave me some second hand J300i or J-something-i to be used temporarily. Both of us were too broke to get new phones.

And when i have money. I bought the S500i as soon as Ed showed me the review on the magazine because it's so pretty! It's a fashion phone, thus i got no mood to take pics cos it's only 2MP. result: no photos.

S500i Phone Review:

THis phone is a real beauty i can say. It's green and black. very shiny and sleek. it's so slim i can't feel it in my pockets; which kinda freak me out btw cos i thought i lost another phone. The illuminating lights on boths sides of the phone (between the slides) are very very pretty. The lights can be customised according to our preference, in pink, purple, turqoise, red, blue, green. SUper loud speakers; which makes it a good alarm (trust me on this). you know... kecil kecil cili padi. didn't expect such a slim phone to be so friggin loud.

Did i mention it slides smoothly? ANd oh oh....the best of all is actually the theme! it changes according to time (day/night), date and festive season. eg... if it's christmas it'll snow. if its january 1st, it'll have fireworks, then there's autumn, spring, winter, summer with different flowers. sometimes there's dandelions flying round, sometimes butterfly... i never get bored looking at the screen!

The downside and also the reason i stopped using after 2 weeks: the keypad is soo bloody thin it cracked. lucily, it just cracked and stayed there... never drop off. in 2 weeks time, i managed to crack 6 out of 12 keys. Also not suitable for people with chubby fingers because it's quite small.

NO 3G and 3.2MP camera, or else i'll stick with this phone.

THEN, I now use a K810i.

K810i Phone Review:

With 3G and 3.2 MP camera. but not pretty. no attractive themes and not slide-able. which means practical, but not nice to see! which i really don't mind since there's the 3.2mp camera. Compared with my ex, the K800i, it's a little bit thinner but same functions.

However, the small round buttons are quite hard to use if you're not used to it. simple as that. speaker not very loud too.

Ok, i'm complaining too much although this phone is good enough. maybe it's because it's similar to K800i and i don't buy back the same phones that were stolen. Edmund will kill me if i say i wanna change my phone/lost my phone again. He didn't even let me keep the S500i as spare phone. *sob*


Oh...then again, soon i'll have more pictures to post in my blog after i start messing around with the phone. i think i only used it to call and message these days, which is such a waste.

I hope the next time i use another phone, it's not because i lost the K810i..but because i sold it. God bless me! And yes, those who wants new phone can keep following me when i'm out because i tend to lose it some day soon, and you can be the lucky person who pick it up.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

HK Jewellery grand prize scam!

I was browsing everyone's blog when i come across yapct's...
And usually i'm not in the mood to see any youtubes,
until i come across...

Kenny Sia's conversation with conmen from China/HK.

What interest me was because of the fact that i had the same experience...
mine was not a lottery scam of course, but some lucky draw....

and my goodness...mamamia...
i won their grand prize of over RM100,000!! I strike it rich!!
haha yeah right... if winning grand prize without buying anything is so easy, i'll be driving BMW 6series, staying in a 3 storey bungalow with huge garden full of bunnies, a swimming pool and a bathroom as big as my house, wearing diamond ring as big as my shit and diamond necklace so shining it blinds anyone who lay their eyes upon it.

Ok..i'm exaggerating.

my scam was perfectly arranged and sounded almost real compared to kenny sia's.

i got a call early one morning, saying that i was invited to this jewellery exhibition by a HK jewellery chain that's going to be opening their first branch in malaysia. so they got my number from some data system, and i got an invitation > in Genting. they even ask for my full name.

I was so sleepy that i really thought it was true, so i gave them my name and got some code which i didn't bother to write down, and then went back to sleep.

A few days later, (supposedly the exhibition day) i got a call. They asked me if i'm in Genting for the event. i said i was too busy to go. (As if i would drive all the way there to see some jewellery that i can't afford). Oh, and the background sounded really like some exhibition going on!

So, she ended the call and then call me a few hours later and asked me if i could drive up to Genting right away. (I was taking my afternoon nap) SO i said...

No! It's damn far. Why do i have to go there?
*sounded ecstatic* But you just won our grand prize through the lucky draw.
*more ecstatic* You won't believe it if tell you. It's over RM100,000!! Your code no. is*$%#@ right? Let me double check.
YEA i think so.

darn....i almost believe it. And then i said i can't make it, really really sorry. Give it to the next person or something.

They called me the next day...

Hey are you Miss Chan?
Yes i am...
i'm calling from the ***** jewellery in HK and i would like to let you know you have won our grand prize in Malaysia. It's xxxx amount.
I know, but i can't collect it.
Nevermind, it's ok. We can keep it for you first. Can you come over to HK in a few days time?

(Are you fucking crazy? i don't even have money to go holiday there. you want me to go there and get the prize? you think i'm stupid) Of course i didn't say this. i'm polite :p

Nope, don't think so. I'm busy and it's even further from going Genting. Why can't i collect it frm Malaysia? I thought you all have a branch here now?
Oh no....because it's a large amount of money. We have to do it from the HQ here in HK. Ok i know what... i'll tell you another way. Can we bank in to you?
Yeah why not?
Oh my gosh, aren't you happy? you won so much of money. i'm so happy for you! you're so lucky (this was farking fake) anyway, what bank you're using?
Your IC number?
bla bla bla (i really told her my IC. stupid not?)
Your account no.?
('s getting fishy already) I forgot lar.... can i go look for it first?
(roll around the bed, make some noise by kicking the chair)
I can't find my account book. can you call back later?
Har? you cannot remember? Ok then, i call back later. Anyway, congratulations again. you're really very lucky (duh, if it's real)

I called Genting, checked on their Convention Hall for that date. No exhibition at all. Nothing for the whole week. Har! GOTCHA!

And then i never answer her call. She called like 4 times.

The funny thing is, they haven't got to the part where im supposed to bank in some deposit to them in order to get my money.

mUahahaha... Ok, but i was stupid enough to give them my IC!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Live with him before you marry him

Is it true that guys change after being with them for a certain period of time?

i would strongly say yes... it's true and nothing can be more solid than this fact.
Or maybe it only happens to me. Usually i get to see their horrible intolerable side after 3 to 6 months. This time it's after a year. Or maybe because we start living together? Then again, maybe that's why magazines like to publish "live with him before you marry him" articles.

I'm born stupid and blur and will always be, I guess. BEcause i never know what i screwed up that made him so grumpy towards me. Sometimes i was thinking, maybe i didn't do anything wrong because he never wants to tell me what i did to upset him.

THe favourite reply was always "think about it yourself, if you can't remember nevermind". and HONESTLY.... i do not know and do not remember.

But then i'll try to think back, what i did earlier on that day -nothing.
And then i try to think about yesterday -nothing i can think of either.
and then i rewind my memory like a dusty old cassette until i can't remember anymore.
NOTHING (that i can think of).

Then i'll try the other way... did i repeat anything that was a big issue to us before this?
Finding: Nothing.

So i kept on asking what and why... the more i ask the more agitated he got. His face was as grumpy as an ogre. MORE grumpy than an ogre.

I don't know why but i had the urge to blog this. I felt like dying yesterday.

You know how stupid i got? I cried over dinner. Dinner that i'm supposed to enjoy because it's Tony Romas. The very innocent-cute looking waitress looked kinda shocked and i was pretending that i have flu; flu with watery eyes. I only felt stupid today. I was devastated yesterday.

After dinner, he was a different person. He bought me a jacket on the spot because we're supposed to go for movie and i didn't bring mine. I couldn't be angry after that because i know he cares about me.

I'll go crazy if it's going to be like this forever. Good-bad-good-bad-good-bad....

5-weeks discoveries

interesting discovery: I realised i have not done something which i adored so much for more than a month!

I have NOT blogged for 5 weeks. *grin*

OTHER discoveries in the 5 weeks:

i have started class and have been going to classes more often than last semester ( i think ).

i learnt how to 'disconnect' myself from the world of chatting, onlining and downloading movies.

i'm actually quite fine doing nothing at home, sleeping when i want to and cleaning the room when i start worrying about being carried away by ants in my sleep.

did i mention i'm actually quite a good cleaner and a better cooker than i thought?
**Potential housewife in the making!**

i love living without my parents more than i wanted to. who said living away from home makes you home sick? not applied to me at least.

it's true that living with someone you love makes you love them lesser. (if they have bad habits or when you get to see their ugly side)

at the same time, you get to spend more time with the person you love. Because he's always right next to you at night looking like a mummified pig.

it's also easier to wake up to go classes because i have 2 handphone alarms (sometimes 3), an electronic alarm clock and one 5ft 5" alarm that tells you to rush up.

it's nice to have someone's door to knock onto when you're bored out of your wits..

(most) guys never show appreciation by washing the plates after you cook for them.

my housemate is so quiet, she barely makes noise. she walks around the house almost eerily silent. me and iris bangs the door louder than her. sleeps really early too. answer our multiple-words-sentence with less than 3 words.

i guess that's about it.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Evil fatty bomb bomb

I find blogging these days an excuse for useless people to entertain themselves at other people's expense.

And then i hear a story about a fat, ugly and chubby male who has this hobby. He is a very immature person who also happens to be selfish, self-absorbed and 'small gas'. When someone makes him angry or when he dislikes the person, he tries to make the whole world hates that person. He's probably a cousin of Lucifer because no one will be that evil. it's bad enough if you're against that person and directly hurt him/her, but now he wants ALL to hate him/her.

ANyway, the person signed Anonymous is currently in UK but probably an Asian. A fat Chinese boy who tries to speak the best English but failed to do so.

Honestly speaking, no one will degrade another person if he has bad English, as long as he tried his best. What's gross is that the person tries a bit too hard. Sad isn't it?

I will not go to blogging-war with another person just because some other people tried to ignite sparks between us.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

L.A.S.T. day of internship


is considered the last day of my work. There will not be any sitting-in-the-office-sighing-away moments because there's no projects in our hands already. We've completed one whole circle of planning andn execution.


is when i go on a company trip to Thailand.

Gonna have fun and come back to KL to do my miserable internship report.

I will not be in KL from tomorrow till Sunday. Wakaka....

GOnna get facial, massage, manicure, pedicure

And buy some cheap Thai clothes...

*pat self on back*

Don't like him no more

He likes it when i bang him...

He didn't even complained if i accidentally scrathed his skin...

He likes it when i push him to the max...

And gives me his maximum performance...

He likes it when i fill him up to the brim...

And runs dry if i don't...

He used to be alright when i turned him to the max..

Now he grunts and makes alot of noise if i do that....

He used to love it fast but now he's too old for that....

Now he goes slow and steady...

No more excitement in him...

And all these problems with him arises after i've decided to get a new one...

Sleeker, faster and more performance compared to him...

Sorry my old junke Daihatsu...

I had to dump you for a brand new Neo.

Since the last 3 months....

I finally got what i wanted and what i've been dreaming of since March.

It's not a big luxurious car or a bungalow with beatiful garden or a big bag of american dollar in cash. It's just a simple thing that some people get to do everyday, but not me.

I went to work in the morning and get off early in the afternoon. Before going home, I went and picked up cupcakes that i ordered from Cuppacakes. I left it at home before going for a movie with Ed. FINALLY oh FINALLY i get to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 3.

To add a little icing on the whole outing, we even had lunch together in Uncle Lim's. I may sound ridiculous, marvelling at the very common things that couples do. But it worth more than a good massage to me. It's been 3 months since we get to eat together and watch movie.

I gave him the cupcakes after we came home at night...

Spent 10 inutes getting rid of the crawling ants. The cupcakes probably got a bit too sweet and attracting the little crawling monsters. *sigh*

he ate some of it...and then we're supposed to go Genting with Jamie & bf, Wei Jin & Kenn.... he took the cupcakes along because it's going to be his dinner.

Had our freezing cold drink outdoor. We probably froze our bloody brains as well since we've developed a lack of memory power at the end. We bloody left the cupcakes on the Coffee Bean table. There goes half of my cupcakes. *sigh twice*

And i'm a happy biatch that day.

Someone who appreciates my blog


CheRyL said...
cuter and prettier than u?? u consider baby pigs cute..? cute in an ugly but adorable way..!!earth to sammy..! the only reason i'd say ur crazy is for thinking she's cuter than u..! hw can u ever read her blogs with that bad english??
5:39 PM, December 13, 2006

CheRyL said...
i juz wrote somethin abt baby pigs and its gone
5:41 PM, December 13, 2006

Anonymous said...
Ya right..You think you are so pretty or sexy in other way????? What a cheapskate to bookmark people's friendster and blog! This action shows that you are such a BITCH!
8:28 AM, June 28, 2007

Anonymous said...
And you cheryl. No brain BITCH. Worst than anything. You think you are so good? Good english doesn't mean you will be pretty or...??Well, i can't find the worst word to describe you. Just see how ugly you are as in human behavior. English people does not behave like you do. USE YOUR BLOODY BRAIN. Anyway, i don't think you have one. So sorry to hear that.
8:31 AM, June 28, 2007

+sammy+ said...
I am glad someone bothered to go through my blog so detailed, evenmore a super outdated posts. However i know that my blog is only read by my friends. It's either you're really a stranger or ur one of her friends.

Firstly anonymous, i know i'm not pretty nor sexy. I didn't say I am.

Secondly, i don't bookmark any of her sites anymore. she's not worth it, i'm over it and i don't think u shud be worried bout me.

Third, I AM A BIATCH. no surprise to that... i'm not offended by those words anymore. i call myself one.

Forth, Cheryl has more brains that u think. If she doesn't, i doubt u have one also. She didn't tell you that she has no brains also, so u need not say "so sorry to hear that"

fifth, me and Cheryl are both Asian. We are NOT English people. that's why we don't behave like them.

Now that i explained ur doubts and questions, i would also like to thank you for contributing to my hits.
10:34 AM, June 28, 2007


It's all good you see. People spent their time getting on other people's nerve, irritating them and laughing at them when they get all fired up. I am not irritated nor firing up.

All the comments on my blogs are moderated and i could have just rejected 'anonymous' comment and act as if nothing happened. But that would be such a cowardice act isn't it?

SO i have decided to make anonymous happy and jolly by replying.

DURATION ON MY BLOG: 12 min 48 secs
ANONYMOUS has browsed through my blog entries that is dated back to December 2006.

What a coincidence... that the girl cheryl referred to as 'baby pig' is in UK. So are her friends...HmmmM.....

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A 180 degree change

i am glAD, glad and GLAD that the whole relationship is working fine again. no ruffles along the way and no storms ahead. Temporarily. Anyway, it's good enough.

Sunday morning was hell, he already started raising his voice and we're arguing over i don't-know-what. I thought it would be facing the devil itself when i reached home, but i was wrong. He didn't sound like the person on the phone. instead it was like nothing happened.... and for the next hour, it's even better than usual.

So i spent the afternoon lazing around and then cook dinner in the evening. It's almost unbelievable eh? After the bad morning, things turned 180 degrees. He even helped me to cook dinner, washing the rice, beating the egg... Accompanied me to the shop downstairs to buy things.

He even suggested we go watch movie after dinner but i was lazy. 'He' suggested... :)

Yesterday was fine too. I really hope everything is good and well...STAYS.

Monday, June 25, 2007

say 'welcome back' to JAMIE

JAMIE CHAN T-Q has officially landed her feet on Malaysia at 7 am. this morning. I'm very happy to wish her welcome and have a nice stay.
i'm blabbering. oh yeah... i just talked to her on the phone and this time it felt different because i know we're standing on the same land; not separated by seas.
i'm getting dramatic don't i? Anyway, i'll be seeing her tonight. No reasons for getting dramatic.
Sunny, one of the guys in my company came over to our cubicle and got me and Iris' no. We asked why since we thought he has our numbers. He explained that he lost his phone. I laughed out without consulting my brain. I asked where. He said toilet. I laughed out again. Oops. "which toilet?" i asked. "Shell toilet"...Oooh... i laughed for the third time and raised my hand high in the air for high five. He don't want. Sigh... i guess i should be more depressed than him since mine is newer and much more expensive and i lost all contacts too.
Never thought that someone i know will experience that. 2 days in a row. haha....

Friday, June 22, 2007

My 4th time

I have no idea who cursed me or what kind of karma i got. I never steal anyone's phone.

First time, my phone got stolen amongst ourselves. It was a birthday party in Redbox and there were alot of us, half which i don't know. I believe they're the ones who took it. It's a K700i and it costed RM 1100 when i bought it. I cried.

Second time, it got stolen by a direct sales man right in front of my face. All he needed to do is shake his product: a kitchen cloth around. And then they did some magic tricks. Now you see it, now you don't. i was in a Signature Kitchen-like shop and there's only two of us. they took it just like that. i realised 5 minutes too late. It's a K750 and it costed RM1,400. I cried.

Third time, i was clubbing and the phone was in my pocket. People always tell me not to bring handbags to clubbing. it tends to get stolen. The advice is definitely not for me. I got mine stolen right from the pocket cos it's not deep enough. Phone peeping out, welcoming the thief. I only used it for 3 days, farking brand new. It's W850 and it costed RM 1,200. somemore at cost price. I cried.

Forth time, i was in Royal Selangor Club having stomach pain. So unbearable, i got cold sweats. Too disturbed by the stomach pain, i left my phone on top of the tissue dispenser, last cubicle, female toilet. I went in with it and went out without it. It's K800 and it costed RM 1,100(at a super low price, below cost price). I didn't cry. Say hoo-ra to this miracle. HA!

Similarity: It's all Sony Ericsson and it all costs above RM1,000.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

'Did you know?'

When i say i'm bored at the office, i'm bored although i have tonnes of work loading in front of my eyes. However, there's nothing i can do if the suppliers don't call me back regarding quotations. They delay me, i delay boss. Simple.

Leroy doesn't believe me. This is the 'Did You Know?' facts he sent to me in MSN. I just showed everyone i'm actually free and going cuckoo.

  • For a typical lovemaking session, the man will thrust an average of 60 to 120 times.

( I don't know this...i will consider counting it the next time. HAHA. )

  • Goldfish have the memory span of about 3-5 seconds, thats why you can leave them in a small jar and they wont get bored and you can also over feed them till they kaput.

( I never had goldfish. But Leroy claims that now he knows why his goldfish die-ed.)

  • If you pet a cat 70 million times, you will have developed enough static electricity to light a 60-watt light bulb for one minute.

(Don't have a cat and never intend to pet it so many times. Might electrocute myself)

Alcoholic on the go

I am what people called 'hardworking' or 'workaholic' yesterday. Stayed in the office till 8.20pm. to prove that statement.

At the same time, me and Iris proved ourself worthy enough for a free drink. Andy the executive director came to us with a bag of Tiger beer. He said "Choose any one"... when the whole bag only has one type of drink > Tiger Beer! So we got ourselves a tiger each.


what you're staring at? cannot drink beer in office is it?

no need to guess. she hates beer.

HAd dinner with Mimi (Iris' cousin) and her parents in One U after work. I got free dinner. happy yippee... haha should say thanx to Iris. Who said the night ends with a dinner? Then it's drinking with Foong in Laundry Bar.

Alice in Wonderland. Boston Tea Party. Orgasm

I'm not tipsy yet. Just look like one.

wOoo... girls..girls... GIRLS!

(the NEW Foong)

I remembered that my eyes were hooked on the big plasma TV watching America's Next Top Model... laughing at their stupid acts and amazed at what they do in order to get a good shot of floating women in space. Tyra Banks then made a remarks to 3 of them saying that they look like one of Michael Jackson's picture (before he bleached himself and turned white).

My ears were tuning in to Foong and Iris' conversation once in a while... And something caught my attention. Foong the virgin said he knows what it's like to have sex.


First thing came into my mind: What? He's not V anymore?

Foong: No no, it's just instincts.

Iris: There's no such thing as instincts! It's different. You won't know it till you've really experience it!

Sammy: *Nods head* Focus back on the TV. Speechless.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Demanding for Sri Lankans!

IF ....
  • you'rea Sri Lankan,
  • you know the culture really well,
  • you have Sri lankan friend,
  • you know the Sri Lankan dance
  • you know how to sing Sri Lankan songs
  • you know any groups that does....

Please call me, sms me, email me, tag me, or leave a comment because i'm stressed and trying to beat the time.

Sammy is confirmed to be having a pre-depression period. Should you be able to attend to her or help her in any way, please do so. She will be so grateful....*sobs*

Monday, June 18, 2007

Wai Yin's 21st

TODAY is Wai Yin's 21st birthday... a day that marks her 'freedom' and the day she officially enters adulthood. Being her friend of 14 years, i attended her birthday dinner late yesterday. And she, being my friend of 14 years filled my plate and bowls with food; afraid that I am hungry.

Unfortunately, i've had to stuff myself with food since i went home before that and had family dinner. My eyeballs nearly drop out when i saw the plate and bowl on my seat. MORE FOOD! It's a very grand dinner though. got my favourite 'yu chi' a.k.a shark fin soup. that's the only dish i finished. The rest, i only ate a little of each. Sorry wai yin!

And when i reached, i saw horrified expressions worn on everyone's faces. I thought, "Shit, have i gotten that fat?!" Actually, they say they i've gotten darker. Not fat... But boobs got bigger. *faint* No,'s not true. i'm still wearing the same bra size...! See lar what event management did to me!

during dinner...

eating the cake ala chinese...

(they only gave us chopsticks.)

Being the lepak-ers that we are. We didn't wanna go home and went to yam cha in Halo Cafe instead. sEcond round of celebration! Even brought the sparkling juice there with us.

they are the 4 boy-peepers!

(li ying, mun yee, esther & azaria)

and these are the 3 gossipers...

(theresa, may ooi & hor yan)

the 2 normal lovey dovey ones. haha!

(wai yin & me)

then we suggested that may ooi use Breeze to maintain her hair colour.

the 4 boy-peepers nearly go crazy when they saw one of the singers on stage.

" leng chai. how i wish he would sing like this to me personally."

can you see saliva dropping?

There was such a big hoo0ha over the singer that he noticed and started talking to our table through the mic. -_-''

Anyway, happy 21st birthday Wai Yin!

Lilies that brightens up my day!

Spending some dirty and wet time at the wet market isn't so bad after all. I wouldn't have said this if it's 4 weeks ago. I am a person who doesn't even go wet market with my mum even if she treatens to diwsown me! AND now i'm going to there because of work.

4 weeks later, now... i don't feel the sting of having to wake up 3 am every weekend and gulp in fresh air of the market anymore. Either i'm starting to get numb of it or i'm just enjoying it now. RE-READ the previous sentence. ENJOYING WET MARKET! sigh...

I do love the privileges though. Because of the fact that we're giving away free food, free samples and free bottles of soy sauce to the traders there... they're nice to us.

Example 1: This uncle came to me and gave me a packet of drink, tapao-ed when i was busy giving away free bottles.

Example 2: This aunty gave me discunt for the noodles i eat because she also got a free bottle.

Example 3: This uncle, the owner of one of the outlets in Sect 17 never charge me for some flu medicine i requested for Ed. Well, make sense, we're helping him sell alot of Lee Kum Kee soy sauce bottles. His soy sauce sales for one day is more than the amount he sells in a year!

Example 4: This very young boy, who happens to be the owner of a supermarket in Jenjarom spends the whole crew canned drinks. he told us to take any drinks we want. I should have taken a bottle of whisky. It's drink

And there's a time where i got privilege in buying flowers from this very friendly old lady.... without using LKK soy sauce to get my way through.

In Old Town, i saw these lilies which are very pretty so i wanted to get them for my room. So i approached her stall to look.

Me: Aunty ar, how much are these lilies?
Aunty: Rm 6 for a stalk.
Me: Each stalk of these got how many flowers ar?
Aunty: Sometimes 2 sometimes 3. Depends lar...

(My mind said: cheap ar..RM 6 for 3 lilies in a stalk!)
Then i took 5 minutes to choose one perfect stalk...

Me: i'll take this stalk lar. Then how much is the fine ones with white little flowers?
Aunty: That one ar....aiya, i give you free la.
She took some out and put it with the lilies.
Aunty: This much enough ar?
(My reaction: Eyes opened wide...wah. so much! it's like a bloody bush wei. FREE somemore.Weeee)
Me: Ok lar...enough lar aunty. thank you ar! Eh, then aunty ar....this one ler how much ar?
(Points to the ones with small purple daisy like flower)
Aunty: That one is RM1 for one stalk.
Me: Ok...i want one!

She wrapped it into a newspaper and then i paid her RM 7 for the whole bunch before strolling away happily.
When i got home, i realised she gave me 2 stalk of the small purple daisies! And only charge me for one.... AUnty so niCe!! YeeeeK....
(Or maybe she accidentally took one extra, I don't know)

I took a bottle from Iris' collection and then arrange them nicely. The white little flowers one had extra, aunty gave me too much but i was too greedy to reject some :)

the day i bought it back

the second day..blooming lilies *eyes twinkling*

(updates on the lilies will be edited everyday with new pictures HERE)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

friendster virus!


Now even Friendster has virus. I though that only happens in MSN; when you receive someone's file you'll get infected and then your msn autmatically send it to everyone on your list. Now friendster has the same problem. IT starts from the bulletin board when it's written "Hi, i just updated my photos"

Bloody hell, when i click on it, i went into some woman's website with alluring sexy poses and very little cloth. I thought what the hell? Probably his account got spammed i guessed. And then a few minutes later, i just realised I also posted a bulletin with the same title. GREAT. Just great.

AND a few minutes later, more people posted bulletins like that. Haha, i think i just passed it around. Some people even have 2 bulletins with the same title. I think they clicked on it twice coz they thought they clicked the wrong link or to re-read the bulletin. Muahahha

Friday, June 15, 2007

Get lucky at l.o.v.e.?

The morning started as usual, sit in and rot since the workload only starts pouring in in the afternoon. All thanks to the suppliers and embassies who don't like to answer calls in the morning. We wait till afternoon before they're ready to inch their hands further and pick up the bloody phone. Probably sucking on some gold bars in the morning.

And then i read blogs while doing my work. Done, go surf... and i found this on one of the yahoo highlight.


1. Know what you want. Your looks change and fade, character does not. While a certain amount of "chemistry" is nice, don't rely solely on lust. What qualities are you looking for in a mate?
*** This is what i did. That's why i never had or have cute, handsome mouth-dropping boyfriends. That proves that me don't go for looks *grin* I do demand a little bit of presentability though. Don't believe in frogs turning into a prince.

2. Get clear about what you don't want. Knowing what you really can't tolerate in a partner is important. Make a list of your "don't wants" and then cut it down to the 10 most important. Any more than that and you'll be too picky.
*** I can tell you that i don't even have more than FIVE in my list. No moodyness for no reason. No hiding things from me. No scolding me for no reason. No hiding problems eventhough it doesn't concern me. No sitting around not helping while i have loads of housework. That's 5 only no?

3. Live your life. Once you know clearly what you want (and don't want) in a relationship, shift your focus to living your life. You'll find that you start noticing those who might fit, and passing by those who don't.
*** I won't realise it till i'm drowning in it. No use...

4. See the big picture. Don't try so hard that you miss the obvious. If you are great at focusing, step back now and then and look at the big picture. Work on having a playful, whimsical attitude towards life.
*** i AM having a playful, whimsical attitude towards life. Still don't see any picture though.

5. Get out of the house. Cultivate opportunities to expand your social circle and meet new people . Vary your routine.
*** i AM meeting a lot of people. But to be safe... don't get too close with any of them.

6. Open your eyes and your attitude. Lucky people notice, create and maximize chance opportunities. Chat with other shoppers while you are waiting in line. Be ready with a "calling card" -- a personal business-type card with basic contact information.
*** Yer...this is overboard. i might look like a pscho desperate biatch. Do people even practice it in Msia? except for psychos lar...

7. Get curious. Don't content yourself with the obvious. Ask questions. Wonder why. Find answers.
*** I think i'm overdoing this. I ask too much questions and guys get annoyed. what kinda tip is this man?

8. Try something new. The best way to have things stay the same is to never do anything different. Vary your daily routine, just to keep yourself awake. Shake yourself up and notice what happens. Keep yourself open to chance opportunities, and then take advantage of them.
*** err... everything that i do is different, from time to time at least. And i like taking advantages. hahha out of topic

9. Expect good luck. Monitor your self-talk for negative messages that interfere with luck. Replace the negative thoughts with positives. Surround yourself with examples of lucky people.
*** ??? im optimistic yo!

10. Learn from bad luck. Take steps to prevent more bad luck from what you have learned, then let the "bad" go. Don't dwell on or rehash the bad experience. Look for the positive elements.
*** This one...can't do. i tend to dwell on bad luck and bad experience. who am i kidding man?

Extracted from

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Girl and Gay

A LI YAA means elephant in Sri Lankan.

That's what i found out yesterday. It's a new restaurant & bar place in Damansara, near the HP building. And..they're going to do a launch for their opening. So we're there for a brief.

It looks nice...really. On both sides of the grand oak door, there are cool coloured glasses in abstract. i felt like taking the wall back home. it would look nice in one part of my room. haha...

And we sat there listening to the brief. And there's this lady who talked to us. She has nice complexion, not really pretty. Big boobs also big stomach. And she HAD a popular boyfriend. Surname Sinclair. Shall not elaborate more... Don't wanna end up in contributing to gossip magazine.

But oh man, she used so many *FUCK* this and that... At the end of the day, me and Iris realised we're starting to talk like her. The words we use. Gosh, bad influence.

the thing is... how can a girl like this got a boyfriend like that? nevermind, i'm crapping again. It's just nature's way. Cute guys, ugly girls. Pretty girls, Ugly guys...

Then i wonder....Me and Edmund, who's the pretty one? Hmmm...Nevermind.

Oh wait..which reminds me of a big joke in Johore.

Edmund is definitely pretty, he's fairer than me and he has smooth skin.
In the JomHeboh crew, there's this sissy guy with long hair. We suspected he's gay.
and on that day where Edmund fetch us there, he saw Edmund for the first time.
He called me over before i left and asked me some stuffs.

Syam: Hey is that guy your boyfriend?
Me: Yea.. why?
Syam: Well, if you all break up next time. Please intro him to me yeah?

I was stunned and speechless. Could only laugh and say alright, and asked him if he wants his phone number.

*Roar of laughter*

Someone said, "Ouch, doesn't that hurt? He wants your bf...not you!"

I replied..."Not really, he's not cute"

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Spontaneous trip --> Johore

On Friday morning we suddenly got the chance to go Johore. Just make a few phone calls, delay it for 2 hours and off we go! The highlight is, we are going to the JomHeboh carnival in Danga Bay and look for our supervisor and other crew members there. We did not tell them we're going as to surprise them. Left KL at 3 pm.

Edmund came along and became our driver since he doesnt feel safe with me on the driver's seat, with HIS car. He imagined me dozing off while driving, the steering wheel slipped off my hand, and crashed to the side of the highway... driving myself downhill to hell.

Nevermind, i do appreciate having a driver since i can sleep in the car the whole journey. Did i mention that Iris was more pig than i do? She pigged out the whole journey having the whole backseat to herself. *snort*

Some of the guys popped their eyes and mouth wide open in surprise. Mike even announced on the lousdpeakers that "TROUBLE HAS ARRIVED". -_-"

Since it was a half day trip (we came back that night itself)... we got complimentary seafood dinner from supervisor. He's obligated to do that, all the way there to see him. (yea right) We have something that he wants of course.

The Levis cowboy hat belongs to our supervisor. Edmund claimed that I look like a witch..

A smoke break after the filling dinner of fish, prawns and veggie.

The leftovers of the food... Yumz. Expensive dinner though.

Went home after dinner and reached KL 12 something midnight. Half day trip it is! We're just too free. All the way to Danga Bay to have seafood and give them a surprise.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Wet Market 'Frenzy'

THREE weekends of wet market have left me looking tired, dull and cranky. What do i expect? It's markets full of people with foul languages and loud voices accompanied by the smell of rotting meat and vegetables. Then we have the crying for help of the chickens as background music. It could actually sound like an orchestra except that this one mess with your brains and burst your ear drums. Now, that makes the whole wet market thing sounds like a nightmare.

On the other side, there's a touch of sweetness. These people are foul and loud, but very friendly (in a loud way). I have adapted the style to talk like an aunty to entertain my 'peers' (the aunties la). I then realised i can actually excel in sales. I have done electrical appliances, perfumes, Guiness, Lipton tea... and now soy sauce. Lee Kum Kee soy sauce to be exact, they're our current client on sampling. I proved myself worthy in sales industry after more than half the sales of an outlet (7 cartons) comes from me (and i do it in 90 minutes). Or maybe it's because the client challenged me that if i can sell 5 cartons i get commision. Of course i never got it.

Anyway, it doesn't matter. I wasn't planning on indulging myself in the sales industry in future. Related, yes. Not sales focused.

The whole experience in the wet market was just.. weird.

First i have to sweet talk the aunties and even uncles.

And then i have to act that i'm not disgusted with the fish-water and chicken blood.

I learn to smile at the greedy aunty who demands for more sample eventhough i'm so not giving her another one.

I learn to walk on the dirty, smelly and wet market floors without staring at the floor and hopping around to avoid water puddles.

I know how to make friends with them so that i get cheaper prices on vege and meat. One trader even spent me a packet of drink. I only need to give out more free samples.

I learn to look around and watch the things around me in 360 degree.

I learn how to be mean and exercise the power given to me by ordering the promoters around. Being nice and soft equals to no job done.

I learn to smile at the people in the market that 'lanci-ed' me; though i still curse in silence after that.

I learn to wake up early in the morning (3 am) and get some morning exercise by walking and carrying things around the wet market.

I learn to bear with the continuous nagging and nonsense of the market traders and still smile at them. they also tend to repeat the same sentence over and over again.

AND i have improved my ability of selective hearing.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

lesbian fate

SO... it's been a few days now since the last update.

i just lost the mood, either it's because of work or because of my monthly aunty visit. OR maybe... both affects one another.

Last weekend was as usual, working in the wet market for Lee Kum Kee sampling. All i can say is we hired some really useless people. The supervisors are working like a promoter doing all the promoter stuff and who does all the supervisor things? Me and iris.

And we're more than just supervisors. We did a lot of other 'kuli' works which made us work non stop. I thought we're just there to observe in the first place and help out whenever necessary?! I guess it became a necessity to have us there till the boss can't afford to go for other events.

The nicer way of saying things: We're just the important element in the crew. HMmpH

Okay... and we came back to the office grunting and complaining. What we did was catch hold of the person who hire these people and screw him upside down on Monday. Imagine... two interns staring hard at an elder person who has been in the industry longer than us, screwing him non stop just to make sure things are right the next weekend.

and at least we get to have our break. Yesterday was a bloody lazy day for us. we were in our rooms and we're so lazy that we sms each other instead of walking a few steps and knock on the door. that's really sad and it just magnifies how lazy we were.

At night we finally managed to drag ourselves up, food factor. we were hungry and we need food, thus we got to get out. After dinner, played pool in club 7. And did i mention the last time we went there, we say this group of lesbians? Iris was saying that we might meet them again and i thought there won't be such coincidence.

Half an hour later, we saw the same group coming in. haha! i guess they're surprised to see us also and probably thought we're in the same category with them. OR they will think that we're lesbians who loves threesome because last time it was another guy who came later to join us. Yesterday was another different guy, also came later.

Anyway, the night ended well; even way after pool. Completely satisfied with such off day.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

beef sin

I am definitely being punished by whoever up there for eating beef on purpose (pretending that it was lamb). Because.... yesterday was a horrible day for me.

In less than half a day i get to meet the most stupidest and blur-est people around klang valley, which have no idea what they're saying.

FIRST... the massage centre i usually go to cannot be contacted, thus i cannot make reservation for 4 person. The phone was busy for almost an hour, so thinking that it's a wednesday night and they're usually not much people around; i went there straight. Halfway there, i managed to contact him and he told me that he can't make it for me cos there will only be one person masseur pworking after 10 pm. The others are leaving early to go back to hometown the next day. GREAT.

SECOND... i turned around and head for the one in OUG instead. I haven't gone to that one before but i went to their other branch in Bangsar so i thought it would be OK. It's called the OLD ASIA. Too BAD for me, i didn't get to try it out. The lady told me that she only has 2 person working, so we can only go in 2 by 2. Well, that's what we ALL heard. After Iris and Rishaad came out, me and Edmund supposed to be next and guess what?

The biatch said that only one can go. And when i ask why, she said she told me earlier. 2 go first... then only one go after that. i was super fucking mad that i give her the bloody stare and grumpy face and stormed off ignoring her "sorry ar, sorry ar" (something i seldom do). i didn't get my massage at the end. See how mad i got? And did i mention that she don't know how to speak proper English? She's so poor in it that she can't even give instructions like telling Iris to take off her clothes first and the masseur'll come in and start right away. Iris and Rishaad both heard that the masseur will come in and take their clothes off! See the bloody distorted msg? Then she had to come to me and ask me to translate.

my reaction? WTH? my bloody hell.... -_-''

THIRD... I then saved RM 120 because there's no massage. So I decided to splurge it on food instead. We went to Halo Cafe nearby in Citrus park for late dinner. since i lost my appetite anyway, I ordered "Salsa and Chips". when the food arrived, there's Only chips. I asked the waitress "Where is the salsa?" She replied, "oh, we ran out of salsa."


i showed my grumpy-human-eating face and asked her why she didn't tell me. She stoned there, so i told her that i'm a regular here... go ask your manager what you should say if there's no salsa next time, and let her know that i said that because she knows i never eat 'salsa and chips' without salsa!

FORTH... the next waiter came so i told him to get me a menu. i've decided to order sandwich next. He told me that i can choose 2 out of 3 choices for the ingredients. He listed them, "There's cheese, chicken and err... 'kai yuk' (in canto)"

Me and Edmund went blur for a while. I had 2 neon question marks flashing above my head. Ed was laughing at him, and asked him if 'kai yuk' is chicken or not. Then only the waiter realised and say... "oh's cheese, chicken and egg!"

After all that. i think i had enough for the night. So i assumed my punishment is done. Up until this afternoon, nothing that bad has happened (yet).

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Nightmare repeating

The past few days was more like a nightmare for me.

I did not understand how guys' minds work and I will never know. Firstly, it is obvious a part of their brains grow in the penis, thus only one can function at one time. FACT?

Then, they get jealous when we get close to the opposite sex. All statements like "I trust you" turned to ashes when they are jealous. At the end of the day, they still try to claim that they still trust you (after all the arguments and yelling).

AND... they will never understand how much their gfs have given up or did to try to maintain the relationship. They thought they sacrificed a a kingdom and we only sacrificed a stone. So they pity themselves with "I'm betrayed/ She doesn't care/ I felt stupid for sacrificing so much for her" stuck in their mindset.

Have guys ever thought of things other than themselves?

I mean YES, this time it's my fault that i made him angry. It's my fault to make him feel 'cheated'. It's my fault to assume that it's Ok to have a friend of the opposite sex if I do not have feelings for him... It's all my fault. I know and i'm getting payback big time eg. no sleep, stress, anger and bad mood early in the morning.

God, i Really REALLY hope this will be the very last problems that can arise. I will just let him know every single teeny weeny thing that i did so that i'm not called a 'liar' or a 'cheater' and I will un-friend any friends that he doesn't like. There goes my social life.

MAYBE i could re-think about my plan last time where i told myself that i'm going to be lesbian when my last relationship didn't work out. I should consider that again now. Maybe being with girls will be much more comfortable and less conflict.

Definitely going to think that over again.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

BMW 630i

I just came back from tea and i have no idea what I can do in the office.

I COULD have gotten my day of today but it didn't come true. I might actually need the off-day since i look really horrible today. Someone said that the green veins under my eyes are really popping out and they horrendous. well, think about Frankenstein's bride.

With all the dramas happening yesterday night, who wouldn't look like that? I can't go to sleep and someone yelling at my ears demanding for an explanation (which is not an explanation). I lost count of how many times i repeated that reason. Yes, it's that much! And he doesn't get it when I say that i'm not lying. Well, the truth is... i didn't even lie. I told him truth and nothing but the truth...I swear i swear and i Swear. And now, just to stop causing turmoil in my relationship; I have agreed to cut contact and just obey him.

"Oh God, IF i ever lie to you, please make me fat and bulging like a balloon with cellulites on the obvious parts. Make me lose hair like mad, and balding before my children learned how to call me 'Mum'. Make me get elephant-like legs so that i am not able to be proud of my muscular and toned legs that look good on high heels. Make me get wrinkles, so many lines till my skin looks like it needs ironing and plastic surgery even without smiling."

Okay, maybe i cursed myself a bit too much. But hey, I have not done anything and i was so proud i managed to control myself from repeating the mistake a year ago. I have a healthy innocent relationship with a friend which is nice to talk to. Fullstop.

*Take a deep breath*

Lesson learned: Never try to be best friends with people of the opposite sex if you're attached. And i shall not be jealous for the same reason so that we're equal.

Anyway, on the way back to the office, i saw this beautiful hot mama parked near my office. It's a bloody BMW 630i.

I can forget about Peugeot 206. it's getting old and outdated. This one will do.

"God, i know i had beef today. But the meatball spaghetti that Raimi did was fucking good, i just can't resist. i'll behave better next time. I know i'm greedy but please grant me a wish. I wanna have this car; i don't care how. Make it drop from the sky, i don't mind."