Thursday, January 25, 2007

broken windshield

well, everyone's saying i'm just not making any appearance in class these semester. it's not really true... i tried really hard to appear in class, like REALLy hard. serious. but then something always comes up and hinder me from going college.

example, a few days ago.. my alarm just went berserk. it didn't ring at all. the first day this happened, i thought i was too tired and just slept through the whole noisy alarm ringing. the next day it happened again, that time i was really really sure the ALARM is SPOILT. fine.. that cause me 2 days of problem. and then one day i was not feeling well... so i'm absent the whole day. see... all these 'late and absenteeism' thingy i mentioned is only for this week...

so.. that was for 3 days ago. then some must be wondering what happened today? on da way to college, along the LDP highway, my windshield just cracked and look like dazzling crystals all of a sudden. cool eh? NOT coool.. it gave me the shock of my life and i hae pieces of glass all over me. didn't even dare to drive any further cos i was so afraid the whole chunk of glass will fall on me. call me VAIN, but i was more afraid of it damaging my face and hand... ya know, scars and stuffs. ugly eh...?

anyway, it's repaired now. and i'm all fine... no scars!

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