Monday, February 26, 2007

#&^*@!*# !!!

why am i so bad luck today?
first, my Baby bunny is taken away from me.
next, there's more and more assignments now.
then... MY THUMBDRIVE NEEDS TO BE REFORMATED AND ALL MY ASSIGNMENTS ARE INSIDE! i only have the older versions means i have to edit them again. ####!!!!
Please tell me that my life will be much better tomorrow.
Or at least just make it happen for goodness sake!

R.I.P my beloVed Baby Bunny

this is my baby bunny... it passed away this morning between 5 a.m and 7 a.m. I am bloody sure of this because i slept at 5 am and i have to wake up at 7 am for class, and the next thing i know it's already gone to heaven. How can it die just like that???? I remember it being very healthy before i go to sleep, i even feed da fella with some vege, played with it, and gave her a goodnight kiss! God is so cruel to me.
Baby is noly 36 days old and i have NEVER parted from it for more than 24 hours. From her batch of 4 babies, she is the only survivor and i spent so much time and energy growing her up. That's why she is so precious! *sobS* I miss her. Now there's no Baby to climb around my bed and my keyboard and no Baby to climb on my shoulders!
She loves to climb up people's shoulder and she loves human presence. When i bring her along in the car, she will rather jump onto my lap and lay there than sit in her box on the passenger seat. she will hop quickly, following me from behind whenever i walk around the house. she will lick my fingers when i hold her in my hands. she will dive head first into the cup of milk and nearly drown herself before i can pump milk into a syringe and feed her and then sneeze out droplets of milk when i pull her out.
In SHORT: she is the apple of my eye and the supplement for my soul. *sobs...* i'm just devastated! i'm going to mourn for a week!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

dA' jeEz of Chinese New Year

It's 8th day of Chinese New Year as some of you already know. And also to let Kah Mun know... haha. College is starting tomorrow and i can tell you CNY is boring to hell. i don't have the excitement to collect ang pow now. usually, i keep track of how much i'm able to collect. this year...i put it all aside and i still don't know how much 'richer' i got. it doesn't matter already.

Anyway, as CNY was boring, i spent most of my time going out with Edmund and there were 2 days i went out with Iris and Kean Foong to drink... alcohol. I think it was the 3rd day of CNY, we went to Las Carrestas, Taipan to drink margarita. We were not able to sit long cos we reached there late and they're going to close at 12 midnight.

look at my glowing margarita; effects from a mini torchlight!

The next day, i met up with Iris and Foong again cos i'm just too bored at home. I called Foong in the afternoon to check if he's free and he said he's havin a party at home, so we could join too. In the evening, i quickly get out of my boring house and head off to fetch Iris. It was a shock when i go through the front door of Foong's house. it IS a party! So frigging many people in there. And that's what we called 'masyarakat berbilang bangsa'! Haha... there's malays, indians, caucasian, chinese... anyway, i got a few pictures of the food. Foong's mum is a good cook. :)

this dish is actually fish.. but the 'nuts' thingy on top are called 'buah kolak' or something like that. and they need to be soaked in water for a month to ripen!

and these are the rest of the food.... (sorry, i can't take good pics :)

right after the dinner, we head off to sunway pyramid to drink. at first we wanted to go to Qbar, but we saw that it's scary inside cos there's no people. we went to Bar Flam instead and there's actually so much more people in there. We got ourselves a bottle of Bacardi Limon and dance the night off till my leg hurts and till my chest burns (it must the side effects of smoking). Oh... and Foong learned to dance from me and Iris. He got the beats at the end of the night. Hooray to Foong.

i believe we're very sober when this picture was taken.

We're going to go club again..very very soon! haha....

Friday, February 23, 2007

all abOut JAMIE

jamie has left for Australia for about a week already. and NOW only i'm going to post up pictures. haha! anyway... her departure at the airport was definitely really sad for 'someone'. pictures say a thousand words, so i bet these can explain better than me.

this is the group picture outside the departure hall. *sad*

this is a candid picture.. though it doesnt look like one.

me and jamie taking a picture together... the last few pictures.

before she left, like a few days before; she celebrated her farewell with mun jun, e-chuin, sophia, tze wei, me and edmund in Italiannies, Curve. I don't have the pictures in Italiannies. Anyway, as we're waiting for Chung, we went over to laundry bar to drink instead. Jamie was nicely waiting for Chung to come and order drinks together. but... haha, the bar is closed by the time he reached.

us at Laundry bAr

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

ORGASMIC brownies!

there must be 3 person waiting for the pictures to be uploaded. last friday, we went to Las Carrestas (is that how you spell it?) in Taipan. A mexican restaurant, very authentic. It's all mexican decoratings and stuffs inside. If you celebrate your birthday there, you get to wear this huge mexican hat while they sing you your birthday songs. Serious...

There's me, Wendy, iris and Kean Foong. i didn't know who started planning it and all but i only knew it on that day... last minute! but i have to go because i ffk-ed last time. hAH! anyway, i took rounds and rounds jsut to find a parking. at the end i gave up and double parked right in front oof the restaurant; which turned out to be a very bad idea because i have to kept on moving my car front and back during our 4 times?!
my margarita was already on the table before i reached. they ordered a pitcher or margarita. our dinner were some mexican food (can't remember any name, they're in mexican). nachos, tacos, meat, dressings, lamb.. yeah..bla bla it goes on.

the margaritas...

really... the highlight of the day wasn't really the margaritas nor the meal. it was the dessert. we shared two desserts, one vanilla ice cream with choc sauce and one brownie with ice-cream. see da bolded words? yeah... that's the highlight. it taste delicious and smooth... yeah. but it tasted differently for someone else. or should i say it has a different effect other than watering mouth? for confidentiality... i shall not name the person. hAha! take a guess... but it's not me lar alright?

someone claimed that da brownie is sooooo delicious, it causes orgasm. serious. and then you can see the person all flushed red and we went mad laughing. maybe you guys who read this should go try the brownie. it might give you da orgasm that you haven't had for weeks/month/years.

this is Iris savouring the brownie...

and this is the effect of brownie over kean foong.

well... that was a great night. and it will not be the last!