Friday, February 23, 2007

all abOut JAMIE

jamie has left for Australia for about a week already. and NOW only i'm going to post up pictures. haha! anyway... her departure at the airport was definitely really sad for 'someone'. pictures say a thousand words, so i bet these can explain better than me.

this is the group picture outside the departure hall. *sad*

this is a candid picture.. though it doesnt look like one.

me and jamie taking a picture together... the last few pictures.

before she left, like a few days before; she celebrated her farewell with mun jun, e-chuin, sophia, tze wei, me and edmund in Italiannies, Curve. I don't have the pictures in Italiannies. Anyway, as we're waiting for Chung, we went over to laundry bar to drink instead. Jamie was nicely waiting for Chung to come and order drinks together. but... haha, the bar is closed by the time he reached.

us at Laundry bAr

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