Saturday, March 10, 2007

online reunion!

i actually DO have a lot of assignments to do but i really can't make myself do it. aren't i saddening? anyway, today i ditched my work and lunch for good reason! Me, Jamie and Carmen got to online at the same time. Reunion for Malaysia, New York and Australia.

FInally, i think for the first time we were online together. Nice timing.

WE talked bout nonsense and problems and all the ridiculous things come up.

Jamie and Carmen got a few cool phrase each.
Jamie: told Carmen to 'Fuck on the ice' when going for skiing in Canada
Carmen: said she cant have a 'fuck free day' cos her friend is there.

I was laughing my teeth off just now. And everyone just logged off a few minutes ago to go on with their lives in Australia and NEw York.

And I... am going to hit the bed. Boring day.

I guess that boringness will only last till 8pm. Because i have to go work at 8 pm and i'm going Genting for a one-night trip right after work. YAY!

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