Thursday, May 31, 2007

beef sin

I am definitely being punished by whoever up there for eating beef on purpose (pretending that it was lamb). Because.... yesterday was a horrible day for me.

In less than half a day i get to meet the most stupidest and blur-est people around klang valley, which have no idea what they're saying.

FIRST... the massage centre i usually go to cannot be contacted, thus i cannot make reservation for 4 person. The phone was busy for almost an hour, so thinking that it's a wednesday night and they're usually not much people around; i went there straight. Halfway there, i managed to contact him and he told me that he can't make it for me cos there will only be one person masseur pworking after 10 pm. The others are leaving early to go back to hometown the next day. GREAT.

SECOND... i turned around and head for the one in OUG instead. I haven't gone to that one before but i went to their other branch in Bangsar so i thought it would be OK. It's called the OLD ASIA. Too BAD for me, i didn't get to try it out. The lady told me that she only has 2 person working, so we can only go in 2 by 2. Well, that's what we ALL heard. After Iris and Rishaad came out, me and Edmund supposed to be next and guess what?

The biatch said that only one can go. And when i ask why, she said she told me earlier. 2 go first... then only one go after that. i was super fucking mad that i give her the bloody stare and grumpy face and stormed off ignoring her "sorry ar, sorry ar" (something i seldom do). i didn't get my massage at the end. See how mad i got? And did i mention that she don't know how to speak proper English? She's so poor in it that she can't even give instructions like telling Iris to take off her clothes first and the masseur'll come in and start right away. Iris and Rishaad both heard that the masseur will come in and take their clothes off! See the bloody distorted msg? Then she had to come to me and ask me to translate.

my reaction? WTH? my bloody hell.... -_-''

THIRD... I then saved RM 120 because there's no massage. So I decided to splurge it on food instead. We went to Halo Cafe nearby in Citrus park for late dinner. since i lost my appetite anyway, I ordered "Salsa and Chips". when the food arrived, there's Only chips. I asked the waitress "Where is the salsa?" She replied, "oh, we ran out of salsa."


i showed my grumpy-human-eating face and asked her why she didn't tell me. She stoned there, so i told her that i'm a regular here... go ask your manager what you should say if there's no salsa next time, and let her know that i said that because she knows i never eat 'salsa and chips' without salsa!

FORTH... the next waiter came so i told him to get me a menu. i've decided to order sandwich next. He told me that i can choose 2 out of 3 choices for the ingredients. He listed them, "There's cheese, chicken and err... 'kai yuk' (in canto)"

Me and Edmund went blur for a while. I had 2 neon question marks flashing above my head. Ed was laughing at him, and asked him if 'kai yuk' is chicken or not. Then only the waiter realised and say... "oh's cheese, chicken and egg!"

After all that. i think i had enough for the night. So i assumed my punishment is done. Up until this afternoon, nothing that bad has happened (yet).

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Nightmare repeating

The past few days was more like a nightmare for me.

I did not understand how guys' minds work and I will never know. Firstly, it is obvious a part of their brains grow in the penis, thus only one can function at one time. FACT?

Then, they get jealous when we get close to the opposite sex. All statements like "I trust you" turned to ashes when they are jealous. At the end of the day, they still try to claim that they still trust you (after all the arguments and yelling).

AND... they will never understand how much their gfs have given up or did to try to maintain the relationship. They thought they sacrificed a a kingdom and we only sacrificed a stone. So they pity themselves with "I'm betrayed/ She doesn't care/ I felt stupid for sacrificing so much for her" stuck in their mindset.

Have guys ever thought of things other than themselves?

I mean YES, this time it's my fault that i made him angry. It's my fault to make him feel 'cheated'. It's my fault to assume that it's Ok to have a friend of the opposite sex if I do not have feelings for him... It's all my fault. I know and i'm getting payback big time eg. no sleep, stress, anger and bad mood early in the morning.

God, i Really REALLY hope this will be the very last problems that can arise. I will just let him know every single teeny weeny thing that i did so that i'm not called a 'liar' or a 'cheater' and I will un-friend any friends that he doesn't like. There goes my social life.

MAYBE i could re-think about my plan last time where i told myself that i'm going to be lesbian when my last relationship didn't work out. I should consider that again now. Maybe being with girls will be much more comfortable and less conflict.

Definitely going to think that over again.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

BMW 630i

I just came back from tea and i have no idea what I can do in the office.

I COULD have gotten my day of today but it didn't come true. I might actually need the off-day since i look really horrible today. Someone said that the green veins under my eyes are really popping out and they horrendous. well, think about Frankenstein's bride.

With all the dramas happening yesterday night, who wouldn't look like that? I can't go to sleep and someone yelling at my ears demanding for an explanation (which is not an explanation). I lost count of how many times i repeated that reason. Yes, it's that much! And he doesn't get it when I say that i'm not lying. Well, the truth is... i didn't even lie. I told him truth and nothing but the truth...I swear i swear and i Swear. And now, just to stop causing turmoil in my relationship; I have agreed to cut contact and just obey him.

"Oh God, IF i ever lie to you, please make me fat and bulging like a balloon with cellulites on the obvious parts. Make me lose hair like mad, and balding before my children learned how to call me 'Mum'. Make me get elephant-like legs so that i am not able to be proud of my muscular and toned legs that look good on high heels. Make me get wrinkles, so many lines till my skin looks like it needs ironing and plastic surgery even without smiling."

Okay, maybe i cursed myself a bit too much. But hey, I have not done anything and i was so proud i managed to control myself from repeating the mistake a year ago. I have a healthy innocent relationship with a friend which is nice to talk to. Fullstop.

*Take a deep breath*

Lesson learned: Never try to be best friends with people of the opposite sex if you're attached. And i shall not be jealous for the same reason so that we're equal.

Anyway, on the way back to the office, i saw this beautiful hot mama parked near my office. It's a bloody BMW 630i.

I can forget about Peugeot 206. it's getting old and outdated. This one will do.

"God, i know i had beef today. But the meatball spaghetti that Raimi did was fucking good, i just can't resist. i'll behave better next time. I know i'm greedy but please grant me a wish. I wanna have this car; i don't care how. Make it drop from the sky, i don't mind."

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


what the fuck???

i'm sorry. there won't be any censorship in this post. i'm fuming and smoking like a bloody chimney because i'm just pure mad. M.A.D!

read the previous post before reading this and you'll get the idea why.

the medicine that dumbfuck no-use doctor gave me.... made me itch all over.

i was bitten by a lot of mosquitoes in Lang Tengah and they left marks (which stopped itching a month ago). AND these marks are now turning red and itchy again!!

he gave me a medicine that i'm allergic to. i should've listened to Edmund and not take the med!

i'm going to plot something and find a reason to sue him. And maybe get rich. hmmmm.... (just let me have a little daydream amidst the scratching and itching)

*scratch scratch*


WEIRD nurse + DumBlur doctor

Venue: Klinik Siva in Sunway Mentari (right next to KK Mart)

Date: 22 May 2007, 9 pm

Person involved: 1.Weird nurse
2. Dumb and blur doctor ( did i mention old?)
3. Sammy
4. Iris

Problem occured:
1. Nurse who talks too much and doing all the freaky stuffs.
I went in and ask her if i could get some medicine. She asked me if i have this symptoms that symptoms bla bla...i said 'yes', 'yes' and 'YES' to all. so i asked if they have the medicine that is one tablet only in a box. She said they have other medicines.. yada yada... then told me to see the doctor cos it cost the same anyway. And then i had to fill up this form. The following conversation occured:

Nurse: Are you studying or working?
Me: Studying.
Nurse: Where ar?
Me: Taylor's. Just nearby.
Nurse: Oh i see. you know ar, usually people who study in college likes KDU and taylors, they sound more educated. hahaha! not like normal malaysians.
(Me and Iris exchange glances. i thought she sounded a bit cuckoo)
Nurse: Where you stay?
Me: Mentari Court, beside the collegE?
Nurse: oh...there ar. How much you pay for the house rental a mth?
Me: 700.
Nurse: So expensive. why u never rent at (someplace) near here? it's cheaper, my friend's renting for rm450 only. so much cheaper right? why don't you move there?
Me: Errr..... (actually i felt like shouting at her that i have a house bloody near to college. it's just that i'm too lazy to drive every morning and to save on petrol. if i wanna stay somewhere else, i might as well get free stay at home!)

2. A farking blur doctor who doesn't know what he's saying.
I went in to the room and requested for the same medicine, and told him my problem as well. He said he doesn't have that medicine. He say he only has medicine that needs to be taken 5 days. After a long conversation, he took out the medicine for external use! i remembered that we were talking about oral pills. and then i said again, 'the external medi doesn't work, i've tried. i want the pills one'.

i was already getting frustrated at that point. very frustrated! and then he said "ok, so you want the pills?" i exclaimed, "YES I DO!". and then he wrote down the prescription on the card and then i asked him "how many days am i suppose to take it?".

That idiot said, "It's for 5 days."
I replied "that means a pill a day for 5 days right?"
That idiot say something stupid like, "Yes, or you only want one tablet?"
I sighed and asked, "But the whole course is supposed to be 5 days right? If it is then give me 5 tablets!"
That idiot replied, "Ok, and the external medi as well? you can use both."
I felt like smashing table and said, "I have aLOT of that at home which i don't use because they don't work!" ( i thought i told him a million of times?)
As a doctor, he said, "OK lar... then don't use la' and shake his head indian style.

*He looks too old and too sleepy to be a doctor.
*He doesn't understand patient's request and always in his own world.
*HE has bloody hearing problem!

3. The nurse that is probably too bored of her job.
When i went and get the medi over the counter, this happened.....

Me: How much is it?
Nurse: You guess how much?
Me: how would i know? you tell me
Nurse: Guess la. How much you usually pay?
Me: 10 plus? so how much is it?
Nurse: WHat if i tell you it's rm 22?
Me: i pay you 22!

*can you imagine that scene? can you imagine a nurse playing price guessing games? can you imagine her saying that sentence i've amplified? can you imagine the whole scenario? holy jesus and all gods, what happened to this clinic? *

NOTE: i swear i will never go back to this clinic. please do not send me to that clinic even if i'm dying and all clinics within the 10km range is closed. YOU could let me die in peace.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lang Tengah Trip

Finally, i remember that i went to Lang Tengah Island and i forgot to post up the pictures. I went there for 3 days and only reached KL the night before my Creative Writing test, so it was a rush and i got no internet conection. i almost completely forgotten about it. by the way, i kinda miss going island holidays with the girls, Jamie and KM.

(hey, you guys have not been calling me eh?)

Me and Edmund stayed in D'Coconut Lagoon and that place was beautiful. I mean, if you're really looking for a quiet and serene place to have holiday without much noise and being closer to nature, then it might the place for you. For goodness sake, i guess i'm just in for the noise and al the happening stuff around. Redang has an advantage because it has places like bars, souvenir shops and other hotels nearby.

In Lang Tengah, we are hidden in the cove of the island so it's peaceful there. AND the corals around our hotel is beautiful and we can even take our on snorkelling equipments and swim out on our own. didn't need to go far though. Then, something FUNNY happened.

We got the snorkelling equip and snorkel around our chalet. And about 50 meters away, Edmund suddenly pulled me and pointed at something in the water. i looked and i didn't see anything. nothng dangerous at least. he then took out his mask and told me that he saw a small shark about a meter long.

i panicked and asked him, "where is it now?"
He replied, "I don't know. it swam away when it saw me and i swam away too to tell you!"
i went like "WTF" written on my face but i still panicked.
For those who have good imagnation, can u imagine the whole scenario where a man meets a shark and both turn away in shock?
and i asked him if it's okay now. he suggested to swim away.

when i ask why.... he said "what if he goes to his mummy shark and the big shark comes looking for us?" my respond? --> "-_-

anyway....joke ended. not funny? fine...

the jetty in kuala terengganu.

the view of the beach from D'Coconut's restaurant.

the view from the beach.
the chalet's swimming pool. beautiful :)

the scenery of the beach and huge rocks.

i was supposed to be posing for a pict. but can't recall why i ended up laughing.

Edmund on the rock, please!

the 'private' beach with only our D'Coconut on it.

the view from the staircase to the restaurant. edmund claimed it artistic. see the flowers?

hell of a poser!

so i guess 3 updates a day should be sufficient to cover back.

blogging in office

work has been fun since the internship started and there was no need to compain about it. well, except for certain days and times where it's really tiring and draining my energy slowly. Eversince me and Iris got thrown into the deep ends and ending up in Ipoh on first day of internship, we have been doing light stuffs such as going around to meet clients and suppliers, discussion and meetings, planning and scheduling stuffs. And on other times i'm just sitting in front of my laptop surfing and doing the paper work.

So anyway, it should be very obvious that i'm sitting in the office blogging now. I have stuffs to do but i'm reluctant to work *grins* i'm becoming my lazy self again. hwoever, being me.. i'll do it tonight or something since they only want it tomorrow.

i don't know what else i can crap but... hmm. i guess i shall stop here then.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Pics from Ipoh

We started off the day doing things like setting up and assembling stuffs. lots of screwing ;0

meanwhile, we go for some fun with the trolley.

and a little playing around with a Levi's cowboy hat...hehe

and this is when we continue or work and the booth almost done.

Our supervisor being forced to do that. looks happy being worth only RM2!

The clowns and stuff walking around the carnival. The red one was posing when he saw me taking pictures.

looking extremely haggard and ugly on the last day of the carnival.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

First Internship Task - Karnival JomHeboh TV3

aherm aherm... note to those who tought im dead and declare my blog ready to be shut down... i'm still alive guys.just in a different way. there's no more spending time in Edmund's shop or going clubbing and having spontaneous clubbing/lunch/dinner plans. there would only be spontaneous plans after work or for lunch. i guess that's all i can get from my time and energy now.

however, talking about itnernship, i should be doing fine. it's not boring. DEFINITELY. and there were a lot of spontaneity (i forgot how to spell). on the very first day of work, the first 2 hours to be exact... i was sent to ipoh for TV3 karnival JomHeboh and i only have 2 hours notice in advance. so i left that afternoon itself and only came back to KL my home sweet home on Monday afternoon.

Work was hectic but fun. the sleeping hours were not so fun however. Getting only about 3 hours of sleep a day, it's a miracle i didn't faint under the hot scorching sun. There's a lot of labour work too, such as assembling stuffs and screwing nats and bolts and carrying heavy loads. (did i mention someone said i have muscular arms?) Got to learn alot of stuffs at the same time. other than practical and hands-on work, i get to do secretary jobs like counting the stock as they unload from the 3-tonne lorry.

Our client was Dutch Lady, thus lotsa milk around. during the carnival, i did lotsa various jobs. i tied balloons and gave them away to kids, i packed the products into plastics, i arranged the produts, i take orders and do sales pitching, preparing for broadcast interview. ..........And even got a chance to go into the DJ console and watched the Sound&Light people do their job during the concert. the concert was aired live from 9 to 11 pm and we got the privilege of sitting in the centre, having lotsa space to move around while the Ipoh people sat and squat around us, cramped and hot like sardin. It's scary to move around inside there because if anything goes wrong with the concert, we're dead. i don't wanna accidentally kicked off a wire so we sat still. and looking around us were also scary since we're surronded by thousands of people.

Anyway, i'm happy to have my day off yesterday. the boss gave us a day off after we come back to rest and recover. I'm blogging in work now, shall sign off.

P/S: i'll contact u soon, jamie and kah mun. please email meor call me when u guys free. and jamie? looking forward to mahjong with u in june!