Wednesday, May 16, 2007

blogging in office

work has been fun since the internship started and there was no need to compain about it. well, except for certain days and times where it's really tiring and draining my energy slowly. Eversince me and Iris got thrown into the deep ends and ending up in Ipoh on first day of internship, we have been doing light stuffs such as going around to meet clients and suppliers, discussion and meetings, planning and scheduling stuffs. And on other times i'm just sitting in front of my laptop surfing and doing the paper work.

So anyway, it should be very obvious that i'm sitting in the office blogging now. I have stuffs to do but i'm reluctant to work *grins* i'm becoming my lazy self again. hwoever, being me.. i'll do it tonight or something since they only want it tomorrow.

i don't know what else i can crap but... hmm. i guess i shall stop here then.

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