Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Alcoholic on the go

I am what people called 'hardworking' or 'workaholic' yesterday. Stayed in the office till 8.20pm. to prove that statement.

At the same time, me and Iris proved ourself worthy enough for a free drink. Andy the executive director came to us with a bag of Tiger beer. He said "Choose any one"... when the whole bag only has one type of drink > Tiger Beer! So we got ourselves a tiger each.


what you're staring at? cannot drink beer in office is it?

no need to guess. she hates beer.

HAd dinner with Mimi (Iris' cousin) and her parents in One U after work. I got free dinner. happy yippee... haha should say thanx to Iris. Who said the night ends with a dinner? Then it's drinking with Foong in Laundry Bar.

Alice in Wonderland. Boston Tea Party. Orgasm

I'm not tipsy yet. Just look like one.

wOoo... girls..girls... GIRLS!

(the NEW Foong)

I remembered that my eyes were hooked on the big plasma TV watching America's Next Top Model... laughing at their stupid acts and amazed at what they do in order to get a good shot of floating women in space. Tyra Banks then made a remarks to 3 of them saying that they look like one of Michael Jackson's picture (before he bleached himself and turned white).

My ears were tuning in to Foong and Iris' conversation once in a while... And something caught my attention. Foong the virgin said he knows what it's like to have sex.


First thing came into my mind: What? He's not V anymore?

Foong: No no, it's just instincts.

Iris: There's no such thing as instincts! It's different. You won't know it till you've really experience it!

Sammy: *Nods head* Focus back on the TV. Speechless.

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