Thursday, July 05, 2007

Evil fatty bomb bomb

I find blogging these days an excuse for useless people to entertain themselves at other people's expense.

And then i hear a story about a fat, ugly and chubby male who has this hobby. He is a very immature person who also happens to be selfish, self-absorbed and 'small gas'. When someone makes him angry or when he dislikes the person, he tries to make the whole world hates that person. He's probably a cousin of Lucifer because no one will be that evil. it's bad enough if you're against that person and directly hurt him/her, but now he wants ALL to hate him/her.

ANyway, the person signed Anonymous is currently in UK but probably an Asian. A fat Chinese boy who tries to speak the best English but failed to do so.

Honestly speaking, no one will degrade another person if he has bad English, as long as he tried his best. What's gross is that the person tries a bit too hard. Sad isn't it?

I will not go to blogging-war with another person just because some other people tried to ignite sparks between us.