Tuesday, November 13, 2007

champaGne n MassaGe

i would like it really really much if someone would buy me a nice dinner with champagne and give me a massage with lavender oil.

it's ecstacy... and that's what i've been craving for since 2 weeks ago.

with all the stuyding and midnight oil burning, i'm half as good as corpse. all stiff and pale looking with dark green eye circles. YES! you've read it right. it's 'DARK GREEN'.

my shoulders and neck are so stiff it feels like breaking everytime i turn my neck. it hurts even more during the exam because i kinda get stiff and my backbone sore like hell when i try to suck the information out from my head.

one word: horrible.

in addition, i've been eating McDonalds through delivery almost 2 meals a day for 5 days a week. That's not only fattening, it's expensive. besides, i always order one McFlurry whenever i order a meal. that's why i want a nice dinner with champagne to celebrate.

and i need not mention why i need massage right? it's already described with many 'stiff' words.

AND i keep my promise that i blog right after my exam. and exam just ended an hour ago, so that's pretty quick!

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