Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tioman = X

I JUST realised that i have only one post in year 2008 and it's already end of April. No wonder i can declare this blog dead. I did mention temporarily though.

I can't wait to go Sabah on the coming Wednesday! I am rotting at home everyday since the exam's over. I think it's the rotting and boredness that made me sick with flu and fever. Was so worried for the last few days cos if i'm sick, i won't be able to go Sabah and snorkelling in Sipadan!

Anyway, all is well now except that the doctor gave me so many drugs that i'm all sleepy now. The bright side? I get the time to blog!

You know what? Year 2008 might be a good year for me after all. It could be a holiday-ing year for all I care. This year's Chinese New year, i went Tioman for a 2 days one night trip. It was not too bad but i still won't recommend anyone. And i sworn to myself never to go there again. the beach is dirty and i got pricked by sea urchin while snorkelling. It was friggin filled with those nasty things And they called that place a marine park! Paid RM 5 to get pricked by an urchin. Great.


i've got so much of nice photos there but the stupid blogspot just WON'T LET ME UPLOAD THEM!! darnnnn!

it's time to change blog again... and good suggestions? i want speedy, friendly and multi-functional blogs! well...not that multi-functional, simple BUT speedy will do.

will re-edit this post with pics nxt time!