Monday, May 12, 2008

To Manukan Island, Sabah

I can finally upload pictures with blogspot. It has been behaving well today so I shall not miss the chance and upload as many pictures as i can!

In Jesselton Point, Kota Kinabalu.

Isn't this view pretty? It's the cafe on the beach, it has a little balinese feel and very comfy! We were on the Manukan island.

Mr. Pow decided to use the starfish as a decor and the sea cucumber as a cigar. We returned them back into the sea at the end of the day, of course.

we were in Jesselton Point, taking a ferry to the Manukan island. Since 5 of us were the only ones occupying the boat, this KK friend of ours went and bargained with the TIME. Yes, the time, not the price. The lady say pick us up at 4pm, he insists 5 pm!

we found a big blue starfish and a small abnormal one with 6 legs!
Notice that as we're posing with the starfish, a sea cucumber is flying toward us. Luckily it didn't land on my head, or else....

Note: Because of ****ing blogspot who does not allow me to move the pics around after i upload them, these pictures are not in sequence. Anyone know the solution, do help me :)

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