Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Contented with Bills

Well...since the last entry, nothing has changed except for ONE.

My financial situation. Definitely getting worse.

Because of the flat tyre, I had to change the whole set of rims to make it more ‘affordable to burst tyre’ next time. So I’m now driving with 15” rims instead of 16”. Sad eh, cannot 'pek' corner that ganas anymore?

Then I sent my car for service last weekend and guess how much it costs? RM450 plus plus. I don’t even wanna recall the exact amount.

On Saturday, I was doing fine in One U until I saw La Senza having sales. I bought myself 3 bras and a set of lingerie/ nightgown. All that only costs RM180. CHEAP kan?

And then I had to stop right there with my extravagant spendings because I max-ed out my credit card.

Pls tell me there’s no other better ways to end my weekend.

Anyhow… I am not so worried because I realized I have dedicated most of my pay every month to credit card bills, car installment and other many many bills.

Read this: I am sooooo dedicated in paying them that I pay more than they ask for on monthly basis.

Give me a big pat on the back. I deserve it!

Got a secret to share with you... pssst..
Amazingly, even with all these bills and work, my life still feels so contented...