Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Uncivillised 'neighbour'

I thought neighbours should be warm and friendly?

Fine, so this statement does not apply in the city area.

Worse come to worse, we don't talk to one another, correct?

You're wrong!

Some of these people just like to be a little mean or should I say uncivillised?

Today I came back late at night to find 3 bags full of rubbish in front of my house. I asked my housemates is it their doing, and they said no. So we inspected the rubbish (without touching) and realised that those are not ours at all.

I already know who does it, very clearly. Ever since this certain 'neighbour' moved in, he always create a chaos about people dumping rubbish near the lift.

I'm sorry to tell him that he chose to wrong place to move into. This poorly maintained apartment has no rubbish house for every floor, and the only dumpster is 2 blocks away. So everyone resort to putting it near the lift since it's the only place the cleaner will come collect every morning.

Now, this fella who stay 2 houses away from the lift has a problem with that. He started his welcoming speech to the neighbourhood by knocking on everyone's door and yelling at them loudly for throwing rubbish there. The reason is, it stinks his house.

Most of us respected him and threw it near the staircase which is 2 houses away from mine. It ended up not being collected (which is bad for me and my neighbour) but he still has a problem with it!

He decided to guess which rubbish in front of the lift belongs to which house and pick mine! I know it's him because my housemate heard peple knocking on the door while I was out and she didn't dare to answer the door. But of course she saw who was it since our window has no curtains.

I am that near to stuffing the rubbish back into his room window!

Of course I did not, because then I would be as moronic as him.

Are neighbours in the city turning this bad? Who said 'kampung' people are less civilised than city people? Although I live in the city my entire life, I know it's not true.