Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Best Job In The World!

I found this at the bottom of the email AirAsia sent to me yesterday.

Tourism Queensland in Australia is looking for a 'Island Caretaker'.

6 months contract, and you're getting AUD$150,000!

I'm telling you, the name of the job may sound 'not so cool'. Go to the website and read through their job scope and responsibilities.

Trying out spa? Bushwalking? Going around the island on a helicopter? Try out the new snorkelling gear?

You call that a job?! It's an all-paid for holiday!

The fact is, it's probably only a gimmick by Tourism Queensland to create a hoo-haa over this island by choosing someone to be the caretaker. The caretaker also need to explore and blog or video record his/her experiences there. And most probably it'll be uploaded online for viral purposes. I don't know.


Closing date for application: 22nd February :)

Sarcastic satisfaction

I feel damn right satisfied today.

A bit sarcastic too.

That's because I realised people are still tagging on to my blog like a leech because they got nothing else better to do.

I have to give a professional occupation name to these people.

BECAUSE they're so professional and efficient in their job, they spend their time searching for bloggers who seem racist. They always manage to find something and dedicate their blogs to talk about these racist scumbags/mofo. (whatever you all called it).

Note to these 'leeches': Name callings are not 100% racist when you never mention the race.

Anyone has any idea what kinda occupation name to give them?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

TNB, take that!

I can't describe in words how I hate most of the government offices in Malaysia.

But what I hate more are the privatised ones, and to name 2 of my favourite hatees:

TELEKOM Malaysia & Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB)

Both of them share several similarities, which I personally experienced:
  • Rude staff (especially over the phone).
  • Yakking away with colleagues while doing their work (in the branches).
  • Efficient in chasing you for money but totally disappear when you have problems with their products/services.
  • Their technicians are busier than any International companies' CEO and you have to wait for them like an idiot.
  • Takes a zillion years for someone to answer the hotline or the branch's phone.
  • The staff finish work 5 minutes before their official closing time.

And then today, I saw this article about TNB's financial condition.

TNB posts Q1 loss, braces for bad 2009 (link)

How did I respond?

I laughed my jaw off.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Have you ever had this urge?

You know sometimes you just have this urge to start something new?

To do something and be somewhere entirely new.

Get to know people you have never met before and not related to your cliques of friends in any way.

Do crazy (but rationale) things that you only used to imagine.

I know... it sounds ridiculously weird.

But I so feel like doing it.

One Fine Day.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Learn your ABCs before you talk (type)!

After not logging into my own blog for weeks, I found comments on the chatbox that required reading it more than 10 times and still not understanding it.



What the?

I only understand words that really existed (in dictionary) or jargons/words from my own cliques.

Other than that, I'll shoot you the ??? in-bright-neon-light looks.

No point commenting (throwing harsh words) at me when I don't get what you're trying to say, am I right?

*Gives the sarcastic smile*

Ooh... that gave me a brilliant idea. I'll blog with alphabets that I simply arranged next time.





I'm changing for 2009

I've been wanting to blog most of the time.

I logged in to and then... I stared at my dashboard and wondered what am I going to write.

Then I'll leave the page open till the end of the day and close it when I shut off my computer.

How sad.

Ever since the whole drama and crisis on my blog's sudden 'popularity', I felt obligated to do some censorship before writing anything. Especially now that I know this blog is being checked by strangers from time to time.

No personal stuff.

No public random stuff.

No complaining/ blabbering.

But whenever I think of censoring on the things I want to write, my brain stopped ticking. Can't write a single word. Not even title.

It's year 2009 now.

Fark it, it's a new start. I'll write freely as long as it's not related to race.

So you all watch me from now on. I'll blab about anything I want.

THIS is the original intention of having a blog. Take it or leave it.

Screw yourself if you're miserable cos I can't be too bothered now anyway.