Sunday, May 31, 2009

With this hospitalisation leave...

All of a sudden I felt that this hospitalisation leave is not so bad after all.

I can walk, drive and talk.
But not run, jump or do anything strenous.
Therefore this leave I have is not for me to be bed-ridden the entire time.

And with this, I have the opportunity to meet all the friends who I've not been meeting for a year or more. And oh yes, the number of friends that I've not been meeting is surprisingly ALOT.

With this leave, I get to spend time sitting alone, having coffee somewhere with my laptop and a book. I also did bumped into long lost friends this way.

With this leave, I get to know which friend cares more about me. I also realise who in work thinks i'm not hardworking enough, and even suspect that I'm misusing my MC.

With this leave, I have more time worrying about my personal dramas in life, only to realise I have been dedicating most of my thinking time to work before this. I also feel more sadness during this period. Personal drama is always sad.

With this leave, I have the chance to think of my health and how it had been sending little warning signals but I ignored. I also found out the unexplained cause of my minor health problems.

You see, it's really not a bad thing after all. Even my blog is more alive now , no?

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esther said...

hey yo, it was fun yam cha-ing wif u again after so long. use this time to enjoy the little things u lost during ur hectic working period. savour what come your way and stand tough. cheers! :)