Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Still and stoned.

Wake up in the morning.
Speedy gonzales on the way to work.
On the pc, check emails, reply emails.
Then talk to internal people and client.

It never ever ends and every morning starts the same way.
It always starts with a crisis regardless big or small.
There was nothing different to start my day.
I need sweet and beautiful, not crisis-driven.

Maybe see a rainbow on the way to work.
Maybe a 'good morning' msg from people who missed me.
Maybe breakfast that was waiting on my table.
Maybe seeing everyone smiling away.

Just small little thing like that.
Is what I need to get the morning blues away.
Today I ended up feeling stoned at 7pm.
My mind just stopped ticking right there.

Can't think of what to do, where to go.
Who to see or how i looked.
Drove aimlessly, find a place to chill and stoned.
Really really still, and staring at the space.

I was just waiting for a miracle to happen.
For signs of good news.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dental nightmare.

I am going to tell stories about my dream again.
I don't know why, but my nightmares are so vivid these days.
No snake this time.

You might have guessed it properly.
My teeth are falling out!!!
I lost 2 teeth, somewhere on the front, and was so obvious.

Then I saw my dog's jaw has blood dripping.
He lost 2 teeth too and blood is oozing out.

Yeap, then it got scary.
I don't know how...but me and my dog lost 2 teeth each.
I was thinking alien abduction.

That's all the crap for today :)

Yesterday was too good and alot of fun.
Urbanscapes & Barsonic:

Artsy fartsy people.
Redbull vodka.
Whacky people.
Da da da da da da dat.. woop woop~

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day

A creative ad by Durex.

Not that I love this more than my dad..
By putting this up and not wishing him Happy Father's Day.

But this sure cheered me for that few minutes.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Today's morning special.

At 9.30am,

Hitz.FM morning crew said that they hate Mondays. So they are bringing back Friday night.

Then they played songs like 'Love is Gone' and 'Right Round'.

I was bouncing in the car, reminiscing my last Friday night until they decided to end their gimmick.

Their 'boss' called and asked them why are they playing these songs.

They replied,
"We hate Monday so today is Friday"

The 'boss' asked,
"So should I let you all off from work now and come back to work 3 days later since it's Friday now?"

They answered,
"Yes, if you don't mind. Haha!"

The 'boss' demanded,
"Please get back to normal Monday"

Then I went back to sulking to celebrate Monday Blues.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The fallen star still has fans!

Remember the whole drama about Edison Chen, the HK 'star' and his exclusive pictures with the ladies?

Haha! I thought he's as good as dead. No offence.

Few days ago, I received this SMS update from Zouk informing that there will be a party for the launching of 'Juice' clothing store. And Edison will be there (because he co-owns the store) as guest appearance.

I decided then, that I will not go club in Zouk that day as to avoid his crazy bunch of fans.

Apparently, the Juice clothing store is opened in Bangsar and there were news reporting today that Bangsar was flocked with people with massive traffic jams on the launch day. Didn't know if it was Fri or yesterday.

Then I had to laugh when I saw this part of the news in Star Online.
I must laugh, because I so didn't expect this:

Some die-hard fans had camped outside the store as early as the night before to catch a glimpse of Edison.

Leona Feng, an 18-year-old student, said she has been a big fan of Edison since she was in Form 1.

“He’s so handsome and so hot. And he’s multi-talented. He can act and sing. I want to try and get his autograph and touch his hand,” she said.

Oh dear... multi-talented?
I guess I must admit that he is... playing the roles of photographer and film director that led to his drama.

And touch his hand?!

I am no hardcore fan of any particular star, and never was.
Forgive me if I do not understand the mentality of this star-struck-craze.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Bomb landed on my first day.

Was so prepared to go back to work after going off for a month.

Wore a new dress and new pair of heels to celebrate this new beginning.
Beginning that I thought would be great wonderful ones.

Mana tahu...

Received one gempar news in the morning.

Received another super gempar news before lunch. But for my sake, it was not confirmed.
I was just told to emotionally prepare for it.
So I thought it won't happen till another few days or weeks.

After lunch, the super gempar news is confirmed.
And it's sooner than I thought.

What a waste.
I wore new clothes and shoes to celebrate the beginning of my dooms day.

* Can someone just shoved bleach into my throat, blind my eyes, put me in coma so that I don't need to face the monster from the gempar news?!*

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Insurance madness

I don't know how or why, insurance agents from various companies have been calling me.

First there's this Chinese speaking lady from Great Eastern who called me yesterday, insisting I make an appointment with her for further details.
To cut her short, I told her I already bought my own insurance.
She asked me what company.
I told her, and she recommend me to change to Great Eastern.

An excerpt from her excellent speech:

"Do you know what is the ranking of Great Eastern among the insurance companies? Think of it this way, there's 2 piece of clothing that cost the same but one is from G2000, the other from pasar malam. Which one will you buy?"

I refused to answer her.
I thought it sounded quite irrelevant although I got her point.
And she still didn't tell me Great Eastern's rank.
I guess it's No.1?
I told her I'll make an appointment with her this weekend when "I'm free".

Then there's this other guy who called me this morning.
He's from AIA and there's a promo for me cos I just flew on AirAsia.
He talks like a super salesman, high and low voice, loud...

Here's a part of our conversation:

Me: I already have my own insurance. Don't need another.
AIA: You know what?! It's good! If you are hospitalised, you can claim from your insurance, and then claim from us again. That's our first benefit.
Me: I'm really not interested.
AIA: You know, there's still another benefit. During your hospitalisation, they'll pay you RM160 a day. How many days did you stay in the hospital?
Me: 5 days.
AIA: If you stayed 5 days, you'll get RM160 X 5! It's a total of....
Me: Don't need to count. It's RM800. -_-"

In conclusion, he's trying to tell me that I will earn money frm getting hospitalised if I buy insurance from him.
Real joker.

I think I know why I'm getting all these calls from Insurance agents recently.
The hospital I stayed in must be selling patient's information.
Unethical bastards.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bitchy Mode: ON

Whenever I have nothing productive or interesting to blog about, I'll find something to bitch about.

It's bitching time for this entry.

First, earlier in the day, I hear stories about some bozos who still think my 5-inch surgery cut is minor and doesn't require MC that long. And doesn't like the rumour being passed around that I can still go around smoking/drinking/having fun.

Of course I can! Except for the drinking...

Who told you I'm in a coma?

Read the line above again if you still wonder why I can go around places and smoking.

Why don't you come and ask me yourself huh? I'll show you the wound. It looks wonderful, do consider doing that if you need one month paid leave next time. I assure you more fun that you expected. (Nope, there's no sarcasm here!)

Secondly, I wanted to complain about my hair.
I'm going from daily bad hair days to worst hair days that gets worse everyday.

Why do I have curly and rough hair? I don't mind curly hair if the hair is fine. And I won't mind rough hair if it's straight. Why the combination of the two bad traits?

Blah, I'm so pissy about the first issue, I don't feel like talking so much about hair now.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Found the CURE!

Not the cure to AIDS.
Not the cure to cancer.
But the cure to runny nose, eyes & sickly feeling.

I always get all these little annoying itchiness,
when I'm home and has nothing to do.
Itchy eyes, runny nose, tired aching body, feeling woozy..

The cure is...
To get out of the house and just do something.
Go drink coffee alone, shopping, chat with friends.
And the annoying things will just go away.

What a miracle eh?
No wonder I heal faster than ordinary people after surgery.
I went out looking for friends the day after I got out from hospital!
Started driving 2 days after that!

*evil grin*

Monday, June 08, 2009

Ads on the loose!

Some ads I found online:

This is a Fortis Bank ad from Istanbul.

They're giving out plastic surgery loans (such loan exists?)

I know you must be wondering what is this about.
The copy says: You get the credit, another one pays for it.

Direct translation: The uglier you, go apply for the loan to do plastic surgery. Then the prettier you, have to eat bread as main meal, use fake Gucci, live a rotten life with debts... for years, to repay the loan.

I don't know how it seems like a good deal.
'Another one' is still me at the end, don't deceive me. bah!

Banks are evil! Bad bad bank!


Then, there's this campaign on Levi's Kids which I adored for its cuteness.
They give children's tale a twist.

Tagline: Levi's Kids, For little toughies.

The 3 Little Pigs

Little Miss Muffet

Jack and The Beanstalk

Humpty Dumpty

My favourite! 5 star for you naughty Dumpty!

Don't you just adore this campaign?!

Never knew bedtime stories could be twisted this way.

No wonder I'm no Art Director :(

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Penis, Enemy?

My anaconda dream a few nights ago really scared the shit out of me.
I've never had such scary dreams like this for a long time
It was so vivid, the anaconda head. Urghh...

Was talking to Carmen yesterday and she told me in psychology, snakes in dreams represent penis. I laughed like mad! Then I draw up possible conclusion on what my dream tries to tell me:
  1. That I miss penis, and it's a reminder?
  2. Penis is now trying to scare me?

Well, it would be scary if it represents penis because that anaconda was HUMONGOUS! It curles around a huge tree remember? And such big head. -_-

Oh, there goes my imagination.

So I googled on the 'meaning of snakes in dreams' , and this website (http://www.dreamsleep.net/) shows that snake represent hidden fears, and can symbolise the poisonous words and innuendo of the people around me.

If I dreamt of a lone snake, then it might symbolise a bad enemy working against me. If in a snake dream you overcome and kill a threatening snake in your dream, it shows that you will overcome your adversary and win out.

Oh shite, so now it means I have a bad enemy? Since I ran away from it and ended up in psychiatric ward, does that means I won't overcome this enemy and people will think I'm crazy instead?

Darn, my life seems screwed now.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

An Anaconda Dream

is what caused me to wake up 4 hours after sleeping
I rarely remember the details of my dreams
But I remember most part of this
Oh yeah, I did for sure
It's so real, I struggled with my blanket!

Was in the forest with 2 friends
Forgot who were the 2 friends
Don't know what heck we're doing in the forest
Not a threesome for sure, 'cos I'll remember if it is

I turned around and look at one of those huge tree
Saw a big snake twirled around the thick tree trunk
It's huge head jutting out from the top of the tree
Wide opened mouth, showing its almighty fangs

I remember screaming 'ArgggggHHHHhhhhh'
My anonymous 2 friends turned around and mimicked my 'Argghhhh'
I started running like a mad woman
With my mouth open, eye close, still screaming, still running
Just imagine the heroin in a horror movie, you'll get what I mean.

I remember tripping over a tree root
That grows like octopus legs from the ground
Fell unconscious, woke up in hospital
Doctors, police asked me what happened

I told them I saw the biggest snake of my life
I told them how it's bigger than those hundreds year old tree
And how big the head and fangs were
They gave me 'WTF, is this woman mad' look
Told me they see ain't no snake when they found me

Next I knew, I was in a straighjacket...

I woke up struggling with my blanket tangled around me.
I have a feeling this is a very obvious sign I'm going crazy.
That I will be in a straighjacket if I'm still this bored.

Anyone knows what's the 'phobic' term you use for people who's afraid of boredom?

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

It's Bangsar we're talking 'bout ppl!

Living the life, and chilling out equals to having a drink and just do nothing.
Yeap, that's what I'm doing now in Bangsar Starbucks.

These are the noise/annoyance I hear while I'm here.

1. There are 3 people sitting behind me, talking really loudly. Well, only the 2 girls were loud actually. One girl said (in a booming voice) "What's wrong with you la? We all say something, you just go 'ah' and 'yeap'. You're always like that you know?"
Yeah, girls, I'm sure your guy friend will talk even softer now that the whole world heard you.

2. One jolly good fellow honked and honked non-stop like a beeping idiot because some car blocked him. That other idiot who double park surely does not know what's the rule if you wanna do double parking. The rule is 'Be nearby your car in case someone wants to get out'.

Then I did my usual stare at the place and get some thinking going on.

1. The Reliance Optical shop always, always have customer. Sometimes, filled with them. I wonder if it's because they're popular, cheap or has wide variety? But I'm sure the owner is one hell of a rich fellow if he can afford closing their shop on Sunday.

2. The jockeys here start operation at 7pm. I wonder who assigned them to collect money from those who found parking on their side of the street. Did it come naturally since years ago, and now it has become their territory?

3. Most of the girls who come here wear casual, like a top, shorts and slipper. Is this the image of Bangsar, and everyone automatically dress like that when they come here? I do that too. I wonder why.

It's time to stop thinking because staring at the road is giving me headache.

Signing off, and moving to another spot.
Till then.

Life of a 'tai tai'

To start this off, this blog entry is the 234th post.
What a nice number, and it just reminds me of the song 1234 by Plain White T's (amidst the missing '1').

I'm now sitting in Starbucks in one of the most chilled place in KL, alone, drinking Caramel Hot Chocolate. Brought along with me a laptop, charger, a book, and a packet of ciggarettes.
How chilled-out can you get without all these?

Regarding my previous post, a friend commented that while reading it, he felt like he's watching a dull, very very old fashioned and sloooooow movie, where the main actress is reading out her thoughts with some wind blowing, standing at the window.
I find it wonderfully said.

That's what I feel like, in an old fashioned black and white movie back in the 80's. With big permed hair, rosy red lipstick, wearing a puffy-sleeved, big shoulder pads blouse.
Ah, so interesting; the life in the 80's.

It's good to be able to just sit outside with a cup of hot chocolate. It's like living the life of a rich 'tai tai' (jobless married lady). This is probably the Western style of 'tai tai'.

Or I could be the Chinese 'tai tai', then I would be playing mahjong all day, talking to my other 'tai tai' friends about what my husband bought me for our anniversary. Then while playing mahjong, I'll just flash my 3-carat diamond ring and diamond-studded bracelet around, blinding their eyes. To add, I'll involuntarily touch my neck, where there's a heavy gem-encrusted necklace in place, to give them the cue to say 'Wow'.

Well, I would be doing all this kind of stereotype things IF I AM a 'tai tai'.

Only, I'm not married to a rich man, is not jobless and has no financial freedom of my own to do all that.

I think I just fell back down to earth, with a catastrophic effect.
Ouch, that's gonna hurt a while.

Half an hour of insights

Half an hour of staring out of the bedroom window can be either fruitful or mind torturing.

1. Was watching the condos on Gasing Hill wondering if I could catch someone switching on/off the light for a minute. None. My eyes started getting blurry.

2. Stared at the whole stretch of NPE between Subang and Bangsar and saw some cars driving past. A van had its double signal turned on, but still strolling along the highway. I wonder if the van was having problems, or the driver was just switching it on for fun.

3. Next, a group of bikers drove past. They looked like stars moving in a group because all I saw was their singular headlight. I wonder if they're Mat Rempits having their midnight stroll, planning on robbing someone.

4. Looked at the furthest building on my right, I knew it's probably around MidValley area. I wonder which building is that one there, with the most lights on, trying to guess the name. Eyes got blurrer. Failed, and gave up guessing.

5. Then I focus to some building nearer to my place, identified the Pearl Point Hotel. Most of the lights are not on. I wonder if their business isn't so good after all, and most rooms are still vacant. Or maybe, the occupants went to sleep or doing something exciting in bed.

6. I looked back at the entire Gasing hill again. I could see the whole hill and was wondering what could it shape like. Then decided it shapes like a typical hill, nothing special. Though I was amazed at the lush greenery. It's good to see a bunch of trees like broccoli in the middle of concrete jungle.

7. I looked down at the bungalows right below, they're still the same. No one did major renovation. Then I realised the kelompok of wooden houses are gone, and replaced by bushes. Wonder what happened? The developer kicked them out of the area?

8. The roads around the bungalows are dark and empty. Only one car was moving quite fast around the corner. I wonder if it's a girl driving and she's speeding because she's afraid of being robbed since it's so dark and quiet.

9. The cars on Old Klang Road are moving really really slow. It's not the weekend stroll for sure. It's a Monday night. I wonder if most people are more relaxed drivers at night because there's less car (less morons) and more space.

10. I looked at the streets for a few more minutes. The street lights are turning into stars that shines brighter and brighter. Almost blinding. Then a tear rolled down my right eye. It's the tear playing tricks with lights.

My ciggie burnt out the same time. Flicked the ciggie far far away so that it doesn't land into my neighbours house under me and caused fire in my building. (I know, it's still wrong to do that)

What an insight.