Monday, June 22, 2009

Today's morning special.

At 9.30am,

Hitz.FM morning crew said that they hate Mondays. So they are bringing back Friday night.

Then they played songs like 'Love is Gone' and 'Right Round'.

I was bouncing in the car, reminiscing my last Friday night until they decided to end their gimmick.

Their 'boss' called and asked them why are they playing these songs.

They replied,
"We hate Monday so today is Friday"

The 'boss' asked,
"So should I let you all off from work now and come back to work 3 days later since it's Friday now?"

They answered,
"Yes, if you don't mind. Haha!"

The 'boss' demanded,
"Please get back to normal Monday"

Then I went back to sulking to celebrate Monday Blues.

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