Monday, July 13, 2009

the RARE exception

People are always making assumptions by generalising things.
Do they ever realised that most things will not happen 101% as how it usually happens?
Or, do they NOT realise that some rare people have very different characters that do not comply with the norm?
That they could be the rare exception?

It's like how most people will say 'I'm sure she's with him because of his money' if they saw this really young pretty lady with an old balding man.

And how people will think, 'He must be driving his dad's car' if they saw a boy driving a Ferrari.

I'm not gonna be pretentious by saying that I don't do that.
In fact, I do it very often.

However, when it comes to feelings, I never practice it.
Feelings are so subjective and the way that each human respond to it varies.
The marginal error is probably 90%.
That's a big continuum for possibility of error.
You think?

Even if 9 out of 10 friends tell me the same thing, regarding feelings...
I never believed them.
Until I get sucked into it.
I then made my point and proved all 9 were wrong.
But do I wish they're right.

Sadly, the reality does not bend over its back for your own liking.
Nor does it treat you any better than what we call 'cruelty'.

End note: I'm very sure someone will come and comment that I'm a drama. :)

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