Monday, December 28, 2009

self-layan pre-2010

eherm. cough. clear throat.

for the sake of having the last post of 2009 up, i'm gonna ramble for no particular reason.

i thought i was the only person who rarely blogs anymore.
But when i see the blog links of my friends, I felt like i fit in the group again...

BECAUSE almost everyone has not been blogging for months and a year!

*self layan is still layan*

And i'm bored shitless in the office, and that's probably what's happening to other companies as well when all are suddenly clearing the leave.

*what should i layan now?*

oh, and i feel old.. so OLD that i tak layan christmas anymore.
Probably won't layan new year too.
I mean i have celebrated it 23 times.
What is different?

Btw, santa. I even forgot to wish for a gift.
Can i do it post-xmas? Like now?

I want a Blackberry.

Thank you.

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