Saturday, March 22, 2008

4 surprises from BarCelona

Everybody was talking about Bar Celona in Sunway Pyramid, some think it's happening, some said it's a boom. I can't say otherwise although I do not agree.

I went there last Wednesday night after the turtle campaign is officially over.

First thing i observed: It's super duper packed and very happening indeed.

It took us an hour to finally get in and find a seat. Imagine miniature humans in a sardine can.

And it was difficult to get from one end to the other since the dance floor stood in the middle of the path.

Second thing i observed: The ppl there are mainly youngsters and very little uncles. Also happen to meet a lot of ppl i know there. It's amazing how everyone are situated there.

Oh wait, we're suposed to be talking about the surprised i've got!

  • As i was holding my drink and standing there like the statue of liberty with torch-drink, some idiot banged into me and poured half the cup into my top. Yes... read this: 'INTO'. Then i had to wipe it by stuffing tissues into my cleavage.

  • A FIGHT happened right in front of me, less than a metre away. We were being pushed around and squashed like hot dogs. The next sentence will be interesting: The moron who started the fight splashed the whole bottle of whisky onto my face. Dun ask why me, but it seems that only my face was interested in drinking.

  • (Some guy saved me though, he was the one who pulled me away from the fighting crowd while my eyes are getting blinded by alcohol. OOh.. and he wiped the liquor away from my eyes. SOOOO SWEEETT. He's a lil cute, but short, and nope, i didn't get his name. And yeap i forgot the "thank you for saving my life" kiss.

  • Some drunk ass stepped on my foot and almost knowcked me down when he was on his way out. Before that, i hurt my finger and was bleeding.

  • A black girl, and a LESBIAN come on to me when we're at the dancefloor. She was grinding her punani against my hips. Excuse me for my language. I really wouldn't mind if she's hot but that one so can't make it. therefore, i squirmed away as fast as i can.

I guess that trip to Bar Celona should last a while.

My friends were asking me "what's wrong with you?" since i'm like the most preferred victim of the day.

My answer would be "I'm the lucky ONE!"

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IrIs said...

hahaha. LMAO. guess ure not going back there anytime soon huh?