Sunday, November 18, 2007

Banana Bribe

i'm going to go out soon so i came online to blog bout something funny yet depressing before i forget...

yesterday, there was this malay girl who went to edmund's handphone shop... she told us a funny story.

she works at the morning market selling vegetables. yesterday night, she drove her van (that carries goods) without wearing a seat belt. and a police car spotted her so she got stopped aside.

she was about to face the rm200 summon.. but then she escaped.

HOW did that happened?

read this: She 'gave' a comb of BANANAS to the policemen and GOT AWAY...

maybe next time u guys should keep some bananas, watermelon, oranges or whatever fruits in the car. i think policemen these days desperately need to eat some to help their digestion. AND it's probably the cheapest bribe around.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

the anti-racial way

yesterday night when i was reading the Islamic Civillisation notes, something hit me. Which i toldmy boyfriend who was sitting next to me playing command & conquer, and he just laughed it off.

the notes mentioned all the right human values that people especially the Malays should adopt. it claims that islamic values are universal so that it can be practiced by everyone. one of it was that humans should not be greedy, and should not gain wealth through unhealthy means. it also stresses that the human should not gamble because winning it is costing another person's wealth without working for it.

the criticism is, if Malays deemed to be religious and obedient to God, then why there are so many Mat rempit who snatches bag and handphones everywhere, whether it's city or town area. it also happens that most pickpockets are Malay. and that they're always accustomed to stealing and robbing. if i'm not mistaken, the idiots who tried to steal an ATM machine last time by chaining it to a lorry and pulling it out of the bank was of the 'you know what' race. You call this heathy means of gaining wealth?

but then of course, there's the Indian and Chinese. Indians are more well known of their rude and threatening ways to gain little money. Chinese on the other hand are masters of crime who do not commit small crimes. If they wanna break the law, they break it real good such as smuggling, prostitution, big robbery and other major cases that brings them alot of money if they succeed. well, chinese are natural entrepreneurs wat!

"They're going to commit crime anyway, might as well do it gloriously. Then either make it or break it. since small crimes, big crimes are still crimes."
Quote by edmund.

And another one of the islamic teachings mentioned that they should be satisfied with what they have and not go for material gains as long as they have a happy n peaceful life. the other side of looking at it? i'll give you an example... when i helped my boyfriend in his handphone shop, i see many Malays coming to buy really expensive phone like N95 and it's very obvious they cannot afford it. however, they go an borrow money from friends or bring in whatever ancient old phones they have to trade in, just to have that phone. is it necessary to have that phone? when there's so many other phones with the same function that cost only half of it? then they suffer from 'hutang' and probably go steal another few handphones to cover their expenses. MAYBE i should look at it this way, they are happier in their life as long as their pocket has a N95!

The chinese pulak, like to buy expensive phones to 'social' and be the admiration of their group for a week. what if they have no money? Credit card la... what if it's over the limit? Ahlong la... what if still in debt with the Ahlong? Find friends to pinjam... it goes one whole round and then they have more than several debts in hand. at the end, phone get snatched by someone on a motorbike.

HAHAHA.... you call this civillisation through the acceptance of religion!

Disclaimer: this is not to condemn any particular race because it's only applicable to a certain percentage of the population.. but i'm just describing according to current situation in Malaysia. people should do something about themselves if they don't want to racially discriminated.

champaGne n MassaGe

i would like it really really much if someone would buy me a nice dinner with champagne and give me a massage with lavender oil.

it's ecstacy... and that's what i've been craving for since 2 weeks ago.

with all the stuyding and midnight oil burning, i'm half as good as corpse. all stiff and pale looking with dark green eye circles. YES! you've read it right. it's 'DARK GREEN'.

my shoulders and neck are so stiff it feels like breaking everytime i turn my neck. it hurts even more during the exam because i kinda get stiff and my backbone sore like hell when i try to suck the information out from my head.

one word: horrible.

in addition, i've been eating McDonalds through delivery almost 2 meals a day for 5 days a week. That's not only fattening, it's expensive. besides, i always order one McFlurry whenever i order a meal. that's why i want a nice dinner with champagne to celebrate.

and i need not mention why i need massage right? it's already described with many 'stiff' words.

AND i keep my promise that i blog right after my exam. and exam just ended an hour ago, so that's pretty quick!