Saturday, May 31, 2008

My second BF's a dog

Let me introduce to you my beloved puppy, Bailey.
Someone asked if it's named after the coffee liquor: Baileys.
No it's not.
I don't know how but i just named him that way.
He was my birthday cum 2-yrs anniversary present from Ed and the gang.
Thank you Stephanie, Christine, Simon, Jackson and Pow.
And to Ed, Muax!

Bailey's only 2 months and 7 days old here.
Only had him for 3 days that time. Was so tiny.

Celebrated me and Mr.Pow's birthday in PD.
With our cakes and my b'day pressie!
And also mahjong :)

Acting like a boss. Like one isn't it?

In his favourite position when playing with his toys.

My fav pic of Bailey. Isn't he cute?
Closing his eyes and sticking his tongue out.

One morning i woke up, to find him sleeping on the mess he made.
One whole roll of tissue was wasted.
Tissue is one of his favourite 'toy'.

He now has cacat-ed ears. One standing nick straight and the other droopy.
He's 4 month's old today!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The L.A.M.E one

I am as lame as anyone can get. Or maybe lamer.

That's why Jamie tell me cos i'm the only one who will layan her rubbish. And she has to tell me that i am lame everytime i see her.

It must be because of boredom. Side effects...

I was yc-ing with her today and she said something really l.a.m.e.

I promised her i will blog about it.

She was saying that i'm lamer than her... then she said there's 5 stages of lameness.

" Lame, Lamer, Lamerer, Lamererer, Lamerest" Quoted by Jamie Chan S.Q.

I laughed non stop. The forth stage was tongue twisting. It spells 'la-mer-re-rer'

I know... this post is lame.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Splurging on food..on poor days!

I accompanied Jamie to Pyramid yesterday, she needed to get some stuff.

And i spent RM 50 yesterday. *sobs*

We had our so called 'lunch' at 4pm in Fig & Olive. The food is good, and sandwich was better. The claim by Jamie is proven true. I spent RM 28.

Then as we were walking around, we passed by BodyShop which was having sale. Being a true girl, I can't resist it when there's a bunch of people cramped inside and it said 'SALE' on it's glass window. SO i got myself a potpourri (it's really pretty) which originally costs RM 25. They have 50% off and another additional 10% off if you flash you Maybank ATM card. SO it's only RM 11 at the end.

Don't you just love those lil' balls with the potpourri?
This is only half the box.. so cheap eh?! *grins*

We continued walking around and around, and Jamie being indecisive made us walk around more. I told her i was thirsty for talking non-stop (and laming non-stop), so we stopped by at Toast Box for tea at 6pm. Thats bout RM 8.

We then meet up with Suet Li and headed to the Langat Hill to yamcha. It's a cooling place, something similar to Genting, just not as cold. Yam cha at Gasoline and then used another RM 9.

It was fun getting lost on the way there... as usual lar. We always ended up lost if we're together. I don't understand why. Haha.. it must be Jamie-factor.

i counted again and realised i spent more than RM 50. No wonder i'm broke.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's almost the end

I don't know whether to say it's a happy thing or something i should grieve over. I guess it's both.

My slacker holidays are almost at the end. *sobs*

No more yam chaing anytime of the day i like.
No more mahjong-ing when i feel like it.
No more calling friends out in the afternoon and waste off the day.
No more shopping at the hours where it's easy to find carpark.
No more going/planning on last minute trips.
No more lying on the bed and act like a sick person.
No more wasting my time playing with my beloved puppy.
No more surfing online and browsing other people's blog till i fell asleep.

Ok... in short, no more alot of slacker stuff!

On the other hand, i should be hapy since i will not need to worry about being jobless.
No need to worry about ending up in the kind of jobes i dislike just because i had to work.
No need to hear my parents continuously asking me "Have u found a job?"

I am officially an Executive Brand Management in Naga DDB starting June.
The lady said i was hired because she and her colleague think i'm different from the rest and they have confidence in me.
And i had the feeling of 'bangga' (proud) for a few days cos they said they don't usually hire fresh grads, and they prefer experienced ppl since they are an international company.

But i was an exception.

Now that the proudness wore off, i feel reluctant to work. *sigh*

One has to make a living once it's time isn't it?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Jungle walk + Hot pool

The morning market in KK. They sell alot of salted fish and dried stuff there...But trust me, they're alot cleaner than the morning market in KL.
We then headed to Mount Kinabalu and stayed on one of the resorts there... Our activity for that day was going to Poring where it has hot spring and treetop canopy walkway. The guys assure us that the hot spring water makes the skin smoother. (yea right)

On the way to the treetop canopy walkway, we passed by the public pool that is filled with men in swimming trunk!

Mr. Pow loves pictures taken naturally, so he tooked this. I looked semangat isn't it? Actually that time i'm almost out of breath and my lungs are burning so i choose to run up the last bit to shorten the pain.

Pose a bit first before we cross the treetop canopy walkway which is rather long...

In the fish pond... oops, i mean hot pool. It does look like a fish pond eh? THis is the private pool, water claimed to be channeled from hot spring. Only RM15 an hour, can fit 4 pax. Alternatively, use the public pool, FOC, but with viewers passing by.

FInally done with everything, we're on the way back to hotel. Me, steph, Christine and Yi Bei (clockwise).

To Manukan Island, Sabah

I can finally upload pictures with blogspot. It has been behaving well today so I shall not miss the chance and upload as many pictures as i can!

In Jesselton Point, Kota Kinabalu.

Isn't this view pretty? It's the cafe on the beach, it has a little balinese feel and very comfy! We were on the Manukan island.

Mr. Pow decided to use the starfish as a decor and the sea cucumber as a cigar. We returned them back into the sea at the end of the day, of course.

we were in Jesselton Point, taking a ferry to the Manukan island. Since 5 of us were the only ones occupying the boat, this KK friend of ours went and bargained with the TIME. Yes, the time, not the price. The lady say pick us up at 4pm, he insists 5 pm!

we found a big blue starfish and a small abnormal one with 6 legs!
Notice that as we're posing with the starfish, a sea cucumber is flying toward us. Luckily it didn't land on my head, or else....

Note: Because of ****ing blogspot who does not allow me to move the pics around after i upload them, these pictures are not in sequence. Anyone know the solution, do help me :)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The 10K Chant

I visited my own blog and saw this advertisement that says Win RM10,000 just by chanting some phrases in a creative way!

I was already thinking how funny I'll sound like if I decided to give this one a try....

"Two All-Beef Patties,Special Sauce, Lettuce,Cheese, Pickles, Onions On A Sesame Seed Bun!”

They said creative, so imagine if I sing that while making a fake Big Mac and holding the ingredients up, dresssed as a Chef in a plain background.

Maybe add an idiot who would dance around me while i do all that.

Oh, also shake my head left and right ala clown style while i sing that. Shake the ingredients that i'm holding too!

OK, i'm blabbering since I'm very bery free and I just had McD delivery today so I have no choice but to talk bout McD!

If you're reading my blog, you're probably bored too.

Well, no harm imagining a little of my creative idea. You might just develop a better idea and win this OR you have nothing to lose but laugh off your underwear.

Or maybe you'll think i'm nuts.


I just remember i haven't had dinner!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Fabulous Sabah (in short)

I am back from Sabah!!

The trip was fabulous. I see many differences between East and West Malaysia.

Even the dogs and cats there look different! I'm serious,they have longer and sharp-thin face. Did i mentioned they look fit?

The food there are expensive. One bowl of noodles minimum RM 5, and most of them cost between RM6-Rm9.

The people there speak Malay with a different slang.

Almost half the cars there are 4-wheel drive or trucks.

I see more than 10 turtles around Sipadan island and they're everywhere! On the ocean of course... It was weird cos there's only 4 of us snorkelling, the rest are Mat Sallehs who go diving.

In Semporna, 4 of us we're like weirdos cos everyone in our hotel are whites. I guess we're the 'guai loh' there, not them.

The sea and islands there are beautiful as heaven, clear water, various fishies, lotsa sharks and turtles and abundance of undisturbed corals!

Mount Kinabalu was friggin cold, even colder than Genting. duh. And the air are so fresh, my nasal problem almost didn't exists for a few days there.

ok enough said, i'm gonna upload the pics right after i get them from my friend!