Wednesday, January 31, 2007

- flashbacks with photos -

you see.... when a person is alone at home, has assignments but reluctant to do, wants to sleep but can't shut the bloody brain, wants to go out but promised dad to have dinner at home, feels like calling someone but don't know who, is able to online but don't know what to do online........

She Tends To Do Crazy Things.

what do you know? it's rambling time..>!

left to right: jamie, mei xian, chia wen and me. we were having lunch in secret recipe SS15 because chia wen came back from singapore for a few days.

me and hor yan working as Guiness promoters for 5 weeks (easy money, easy job). the guy in the middle is an employee in Wizard World, Sg. Wang. That cafe... has bands playing, really cool 3D haunted house, a walking gorilla at the front door and many employees in black coats, horrifying make up that know how to do simply magic show.

left is of course me- looking ugly, messy curly hair, awfully blur and caught in action! well... the attention is on the right. can you spot an adult called Edmund looking like a retard. someone's gonna kill OH!

over here... there's 3 non-indians in saree. selina, iris and me. from tall to the shortest...nice arrangement. however, i'm still wondering whether we were trying to do some indian pose or egyptian pose. it looks like neither.

left: sammy trying to post like a sleeping buddha but failed.right: Ed trying to pose like award winning beauty queen. (i'm going to be killed twice).

we were in Legends Water Chalet, Port Dickson...the new chalet which has glass panel on the floor so that we can observe the sea. unfortunately, we saw nothing but muddy water cos there's a construction nearby. nice room though!

the adorable strayed puppy which i adopted from some food court parking. she looks really dirty here, plus a sleepy look. it's been a month now and she started to behave more like a monkey than a dog because she climbs the cage up, down and sideways. not to mention it's bloody good stamina thus never tired of running around.

all of us on the boat, going back from langkawi. i just love this photo because it's colourful. no?

the beautiful scenery photo from langkawi. this picture deserves an award! i took it... i remember we purposely stopped by the road to catch the sunset. funny...

anyway i ought to stop now...i can already get out of the house. hAHA!!!

babY rabBits!

KL, 21 January- A magical phenomenan happened when Sammy, a 21 year old student was watching TV in the living room. It seems that there were funny snorting noises all of a sudden. Unsure of where the noise came from, she tried to detect the source of the noise and came upon the rabbit cage. It was then she realised that it was the doe which made the sounds and the cage looked really messy. "I thought the doe and the buck were fighting again and pull each other's fur, as usual", Sammy said. And then just before she was about to leave the rabbits alone, she saw a patch of fur and several crawling things around. she freaked out thinking that frogs have entered themselves into the cage through a drain pipe nearby. Only after close examination did she realised that those are baby rabbits known as kits. Through thorough observation, it was found that there are 4 of it. The babies birth were unepxected as the doe refused to mate with the buck several times and even attacked him in defence. Little does she knows that, she was pregnant and gave birth all of a sudden. Unbelievable.

Back to today, it's the 10th day since the babies were borned. All 4 were in different colours, one light brown, one jet black, one all white and one brownish grey. Each of the coloured ones has a white vertical stripes on its head and white 'collar'. there were 4 of them and now there's only one left; the black one. Sad. The other 3 died one by one every 2 to 3 days. SAD! then, hopefully the black one will survive long enough because its much fatter and stronger. Anyway, today is the 10th day... the black baby should be opening its eyes today or tomorrow. yiPPEE!

The second day after they're borned...

taken..a few days ago before the two brown ones died.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

moved out!

there's a reason why i didn't update my blog these days. i wasn't at home for a week. i mean... i did go home; to get my clothes and then i'm off again to somewhere else. a must mention: my petrol expenses have hiked up for about 300%. that's damn alot. i spent rm100 minimum each week to feed my car. even my stomach don't get such royal treatment. means i didn't really have good food very often anymore! darn...

anyway, i'm barely online because i didn't sleep at home recently. the only time i can online is by using the celcom 3G connection at night with a laptop. and then i spent most of my nights doing assignment and my daytime going college or loittering somewhere else. so that explains everything yea?

by the way, i have loads to blog about. just don't have the energy and stuff anymore. let me get the spirit of blogging back and then everyone can see millions of rambling words on my blog. which is mostly unnecessary and nothing of life-and-death.

Next blog entry.... the story of my pet rabbits which gave birth to 4 little kits (baby rabbits). inclusive of a sad story about it...

Thursday, January 25, 2007

broken windshield

well, everyone's saying i'm just not making any appearance in class these semester. it's not really true... i tried really hard to appear in class, like REALLy hard. serious. but then something always comes up and hinder me from going college.

example, a few days ago.. my alarm just went berserk. it didn't ring at all. the first day this happened, i thought i was too tired and just slept through the whole noisy alarm ringing. the next day it happened again, that time i was really really sure the ALARM is SPOILT. fine.. that cause me 2 days of problem. and then one day i was not feeling well... so i'm absent the whole day. see... all these 'late and absenteeism' thingy i mentioned is only for this week...

so.. that was for 3 days ago. then some must be wondering what happened today? on da way to college, along the LDP highway, my windshield just cracked and look like dazzling crystals all of a sudden. cool eh? NOT coool.. it gave me the shock of my life and i hae pieces of glass all over me. didn't even dare to drive any further cos i was so afraid the whole chunk of glass will fall on me. call me VAIN, but i was more afraid of it damaging my face and hand... ya know, scars and stuffs. ugly eh...?

anyway, it's repaired now. and i'm all fine... no scars!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

family phobia

OMG... WTF? I just wrote one long entry on my depressing state and it made me even more depressed because blogspot said they can't process my request!

i'm not going to write out the whole thing again!!

In summary:

Today is one of the rare days i go home after college and never step out of the house the whole day/night. my father's very happy... which aids me in my request to get a supplementary card (Ok, this is the only thing about today which i'm not depressed about) However, the whole application thingy is stressing me. Citibank is fussy and strict. Maybank has bad customer service. Standard Chartered has interesting promotions but they have ugly cards. Where as RHB bank has this fee, that fee. *faint*

And my's all about my mum. she nags and nags.... the entry i wrote just now has a transcript of our conversation. bloody blogspot lost my whole entry! you see... whenever i'm at home sitting in front of the ocmputer doing my work, she'll come in and nag at irrelevant issues. About me not coming home early..that all comes down to me having to work part-time because they don't need to give me allowance anymore. i on the other hand, have to pay for streamyx, house phone, handphone bill, petrol and food. then she'll talk out this particular someone that she's not happy about.

She's stubborn and i get very annoyed... so i raise my voice. I know i'm rude most of the times but she can't seem to get it unless you repeat it a few more times. As some will know, i have super-low patience when i face issues with parents. So... i get irritated, i can't concentrate on my assignment and i get stressed and get suicidal. She still doesn't understand why i don't like to come home when i have a lot of work to do.

FROM today onwards, i am not going home when i'm rushing for assignment due dates!

Oh.. and try not to put any comments which says 'listen to your mother/it's for your own good'. i know all these... but my parents just don't rationalise.

ARGGHHHHh! Now, i'm even more stressed!

Friday, January 12, 2007

she's not around anymore...

the girl who has been spending the last few months yam cha-ing with me every night has left. Oh.. my beloved Carmen. Not to forget Wei Jin as well... haha. fine, i'm being dramatic here. but the truth is, i already start to miss them after only one day. today, when me and hor yan finished working... we thought of looking for someone to yam cha. Then... we realise our yam cha kaki plus mahjong kaki has gone to the U.S. *sobs* yam cha in Steven's Corner will not be the same anymore.

at the end of the day, the people who yam cha with us are kester, sugath and choon keet. those are the guys that i haven't seen in at least one year.

wAaaaaAAAaahhhh.... i miss my girlfriend!!!

carmen: i know you'll be reading this. don't forget me k! if you wanna see my face, take out the album we made for you! until i get my lap top and webcam.. i'll see u on the monitor. hah!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


it's weird how many people these days use their own blog to correspond to other people's blog indirectly because they know the other party will be reading it. in other words, it's another way of telling certain people something in an indirect way. maybe it doesn't sound so mean this way but it makes the whole situation much more twisted. one person very close to me knows exactly what i mean; cheryl. HAHa... she practically uses it as a channel to express herself freedomly. which provided us some sort of entertainment and gossip source. Isn't that right my dear cheryl beryl?

it certainly happened to me as well. maybe because me and the other blogger had the same idea and the same bad habit...curiosity. without realising, we're just checking out each other's blog because of someone we care. that day, i read something which intimidated me a little. maybe it was pure coincidence, i don't know. i just felt that everything feels so familiar and the bolded cum coloured words were staring back at me, as if trying to give me a message. thinking that it was by purpose, i felt angry at first. and then it just changed to sadness.

even if it's on purpose, the blogger didn't really need to remind me that everything has passed. the reason i got angry at first was because i already let the past be history. those that were not meant to be mine; i already let it go more than a week ago. and then a few days after that, i saw those words. fine, i admit i memang terasa a little there. after that it was sadness because there was regret and a lot of unhappy flashbacks.

i know that it took me quite a long time to let the case of the hook, making several people unhappy during the process. sorry for that. I already took the time i needed and learned to start anew.

but yeah, since i already let things go... i certainly don't want people to remind me of what i have done. i'm human too. everybody should knows that unwanted memories are a killer. One last thing.. i can promise that all of us will have our own happy lives. i shall leave certain people alone in future so that some of them can live in happiness.


you know what i think about guys sometimes? Morons! They're so insentive and stubbornly retarded! they do not know what they have done and said will offend you. even if they do, they do not care. so..although he's the one who supposed to care about your feelings, it turns out that he's the one breaking your heart all the time. ironic.

then, we have fabulous guys. they're sweet and caring no matter what happens. it doesn't matter that they're tired from work, get scolded by boss or over-stressed to the max... you still get the treatment a princess receives. as everybody knows, these people are rare. many said "Good guys have extinct from Earth". true and proven... maybe not extinct yet but facing extinction.

next, we're going to talk back about the morons. they can be nice at times but some times they get on your nerves and you wish you never knew them. you tell them this and that; whatever you don't like and they forget it the next day. so they go like... "i'm angry/sad/moody/tired today... i have all the rights to be mean" HA HA! BUT when things turn sour and you wanted to end the whole 'angry-then-cry' situation, they become little poodles who promised not to do so and so again (for at least a few days).

maybe i should start paying attention at girls.

Monday, January 08, 2007

college has started!

actually, college for me has started 2 weeks ago. but since i thought the holiday is a bit too short, plus i'm a bit too lazy. i self-declared another week of holiday. then i found that i was supposed to hand in an assignment few days back on the 2nd week of college.

what do i do?.............. wait for the night before the due date to start doing my assignment. the joke was, when i handed in my assignment to the lecturer.... she asked me: 'Are you my student?' well, Oh yes, i'm your student! it's just that i didn't attend all the first 3 classes!

know what? i think i seriously should start turning up for classes because they (lecturers) don't recognise me at all.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Another brand new year

WELL... today is the first day of year 2007. honestly, i don't feel any difference. maybe because i'm old already and have gone through too many new years to feel the exctement. bleak... anyway, new year celebration was not too bad. we went to the Curve solely for the fireworks. And yeah, i saw a lot of people that i know there. people from work, colleges and so on.

i guess every popular places during new year will be jam-packed. and that's where you will bang into a lot of people you know if you're lucky enough. me and A guy friend went there a bit later to meet carmen, jamie, and their darlings. had our dinner in Paddington House of Pancakes. next time, i should try eating at home on new year because the food take years to come. Dinner was good and even have a funny incident with these 3 guys.

After dinner, we walked around and hid in the smoking room of IKEA's restaurant till its 11.30 p.m. of course we rather stand in there! there's air condition and we can sit down to drink and talk at the same time watch the performance by jaclyn victor and reshmonu. well, the window's facing there; that's why. and then there's this thing i haven't do for a long time. i had a long talk with jamie about guys and all the 'bat guah' things...bitching around. i just realised i didn't really talk serious issues with them for a long time now, don't you think so mie? and carmen being the funny bubbly one, was trying to get rid fo the condensation outside the window. *giggles*

and then there's the fireworks for countdown which took a bizarre 15 minutes. my neck was aching! carmen and wei jin was lost somewhere else during the fireworks and they came back to look for us with the cans of sprays!! that 2 dumbos spent a can each just to cover me and edmund with cobwebs!

which was then followed by the jam in front of ikea. i think my car only moved 5 meters in one hour. next, we played mahjong in wei jin's house till like 6 am in the morning. what a way to celebrate new year...

CONCLUSION: new year was great... minus all the negative things in between. yada yada...