Thursday, March 29, 2007

random thoughts

all the bloody assignments are finally over and i feel so useless now? i probably spent too much time in a period of 2 weeks in front of the laptop doing work continuously... and then i got used to it somehow? i don't know. given the chance i do NOT want to go through the agonising period again so what am i complaning about? NOTHING!

HAHA! in conclusion, i just felt useless because im just too free all of a sudden and there's nothing much to do. Edmund is not free to entertain me by going movies and stuffs because he's busy. but i guess that was understandable. secondly, my college friends are also looking a bit aimless after the assignments were over. i don't know why. haha... no one really look super relaxed. it's weird. more complaining. i think i prefer now, without the stress and stuffs. i don't wanna get fever again because of over-working. haha... i must be working really hard to get a fever and its the first time this happened.

another soothing news for me... my part-time work is ending soon. just 3 more days and i will not need to see the stupid creamy black drink. Ewwwk... finally i can have time to slack at home or go out and slack somewhere else. without extra income of course. i'll be so broke without all the good-paid part time jobs.

and for my internship, i will need to spend more money because we will not be paid much. probably have to take out money for food and stuffs. i mean, with all the food that i love and crave for... it might cost me a fortune during the 2mths internship. plus... the internship is in hartamas! means will be eating in hartamas most of the time *cut throat*.

at least i will have a friend with me because Iris will be working in the same company with me. nice employer..he knows we're friends and he still takes both of us in. and we'll get to share our expenses by half. what's better for iris? she can get more allowance from her dad cos he doesn't know that. haha!

and i don't know what's with big companies, they take super long to reply people's internship request. i sent them an email like a month ago and Eric Pringle just called me today to asked if i'm still available. L'Oreal called last week. They only call after i've promised other company. at least it's good news for me. i got all positive replies from all the companies i sent my CV to. 6 out of 6 companies called me already. so i guess finding for a job isn't as difficult as i thought? anyway don't feel like doing PR for intern, i'm just gonna go event management and have fun first. *grins*

i think i'm almost done rambling about nothing. so shall i say... signing off?

Sunday, March 25, 2007

here i am once again...

FINALLY...oh so finally, the loads of assignments have been lifted from me. It feels better than getting a Ferrari as birthday present. It's been 2 bloody long weeks that i have not treat myself in a proper way but torturing it. Although i went for massage last few days, the fresh feeling of rejuvenation wore off the next day. Stress is always super heavy and energy consuming.

anyway, i shall not ramble about it anymore. everything is OVER and i'm super heavy about it. i don't even feel tired now. amazing... hmmm.

ONE thing i definitely have to whine about is MONEY!! i'm super broke because of all the printing printing stuffs and the lecturer only wants the best printing! no money for shopping and good food already!! double shits.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Kiss of the Sanctuary.

last night, i was supposed to stay in the house to do the portfolio. i am so far behind already cos me and Iris started slacking. we spent our afternoon eating in pyramid and bought mask from Skinfood. we just went back, do a bit of work and then put on mask on cucumbers! haha..which made us look fresh and ready to party.

last last minute at night, after my work, we've decided to go clubbing instead. To the Sanctuary in Curve we went! at first no one was going, and then all of a sudden everyone is going. Happy happy! it was so friggin crowded when we reached so we spent an hour at Laundry Bar, get a drink at went to Sanctuary at 1 am.

Who went? Me, edmund, Iris, Kean Foong, Mimi and her friend, and Gary.

WE saw so many people that we know there. happening sial.

Edmund is a happy guy that day. This' the proof!

My top is supposed to be halter. it became his tie.

We were doing the sandwich dance. double fillings :)

Iris eyes are sparkling... 'heart' by 2 men.

Mimi got it too..KF dare not kiss her (i think)

i think we were trying to strangle him. it looks like bondage now!


HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT: there's a story to tell! haha. we were dancing in front of the DJ near the bar where it's super cramp. then all of a sudden i saw this couple kissing.. french kissing while dancing. their hands are everywhere. and the girl wore super low cut V-neck dress with no bra because i saw boobies :p the guy accidentally pulled her dress..or intentionally. then he pulled her dress up, nearly saw her undies too. i looked away for a while then when i looked back, i saw his hands in her dress...u know at the place under her stomach?? and her hands was on his crotch. Ewww... they didn't even realise everyone staring at them. they did that while dancing and smooching, making out. hahah...we couldn't stand it and went back to the table.


went back home and had a good sleep.... haha. and no work done!

Friday, March 16, 2007

bury me.



if anyone's guessing why i didn't blog for many many days. i can tell you that i'm barely alive and definitely not kicking.

it's all the assignments. bloody whole portfolio with almost 20 ads to do in one week's time. which is kinda torturing me. and my skin. and my eyes. and my stomach. and my lungs.

conclusion? it's just killing me.

i have been spending the last few days in iris' room doing the brainstorming and stuff. we're not sleeping, sitting in front of the laptop and kept on puffing away to keep ourselves a week. ideas kept on getting rejected. annoying annoying assignment. ARgHHHh...

i'm going berserk.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Marche Lunch

Friday afternoon is the best time to have lunch out of college and not worry about rushing to class! oh yea... so there we were in Marche Movenpick, the Curve. (i realised we're always in the curve lately? hmmm...)

we had lunch cum celebrating wendee's be-early b'day at the same time. but we didn't sing birthday songs although we had cakes for dessert. Ok, i'm confused now...

Anyway, it was a fun day... i mean after stressing out for the PECC assignment that morning, we get to waste some money on food. at's good food. I think i spent like RM40 for that lunch.. No wonder i'm broke. And i went massage so often, which explains even more eh?

the caught-in-action pictures....

the all-girls picture...right after we get bloated up by the food.

me and stephanie is always wearing the same color on the same day...coincidentally. this is the prove.. hehe

and... i save the best picture for the last.


KOW attacking the COW from behind... obscene!!!

FLAM-ing F.U.N.

me and hor yan was working...boringly..
and then when we're on our way home, we got this idea of going somewhere.
finally gathered 4 girls to go club together.
Me, Hor Yan, Iris and Win Cheng
HAHA...and i drive straight to sunway to fetch iris.
Super SPontaneous Plan!
Got our asses to Bar Flam in Sunway pyramid.
('s near for all of us)
Got ourselves a bottle of Bacardi Limon (again) and redeemed the previous bottle.
WE...4 girls... finished One and a Quarter bottle of Bacardi in 2 hours.
yAY! *no wonder i was drowsy at the end of the night.*

me and iris...posing for a picture when we're still feeling fine :)
we got a table nearby the dancefloor..but our view were horrible.
a group of men in the age-of-shedding-hairs were in front of us.
one danced like a penguin, the other can shake his butt like shakira.
i dunno bout the others but i couldn't stop staring at the butt and laughing.
and then somewhere in the middle, this group of guys came to our table.
if i'm not mistaken win cheng said 2 groups of guys came over.
but me and iris were not around..we're hijacking the dance floor

me and iris taking a pic with kevin.
he's the guy from another table.
quite a nice guy...his name is kevin.

edmund the late comer. (i got cut out from the pic *sobs*)

dumb-dumb edmund came late. he reached when they on all the lights,preparing to close.

so there's no 'sandwich' for him.

and then i went off all drowsy....!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

online reunion!

i actually DO have a lot of assignments to do but i really can't make myself do it. aren't i saddening? anyway, today i ditched my work and lunch for good reason! Me, Jamie and Carmen got to online at the same time. Reunion for Malaysia, New York and Australia.

FInally, i think for the first time we were online together. Nice timing.

WE talked bout nonsense and problems and all the ridiculous things come up.

Jamie and Carmen got a few cool phrase each.
Jamie: told Carmen to 'Fuck on the ice' when going for skiing in Canada
Carmen: said she cant have a 'fuck free day' cos her friend is there.

I was laughing my teeth off just now. And everyone just logged off a few minutes ago to go on with their lives in Australia and NEw York.

And I... am going to hit the bed. Boring day.

I guess that boringness will only last till 8pm. Because i have to go work at 8 pm and i'm going Genting for a one-night trip right after work. YAY!

Ed's birthday in LAundry Bar

we were clebrating Edmund's birthday few days ago... on the eve. you know the day before his b'day and wait till its 12 midnight... that kind of thing. there were me, iris, kean foong, simon and his 2 friends who celebrated with him. How nice. It was in Laundry Bar, Curve. for those who don't know eg. kah mun (his kai lui), his b'day was on the 8th.

WE had no time to get cake, so we just ordered a slice of tiramisu from Italiannies. I brought a candle there.... haha. at least a cake for a birthday boy though it doesn't look like a proper b'day cake ay?

btw, i really really sucked in picture editing. i don't understand why the max font size is only 72 and i don't know how to increase it. so er... yea... enjoy my 'lovely' edited pics.

i don't know why he was biting his ciggie when taking pic with me. it looks horrible.

it's supposed to say 'Kean foong doing the bottoms up!'... :)
and then Laundry Bar is so sad.... their bar closed so early and they don't give us time to order before the last call. mean, mean MEAN! (thus, we can't order flaming lambo there)
i heard there's some music upstairs... then only i realised that the Sanctuary is on top and it's still happening! Me, iris and Foong went tehre to have alook before dragging the rest of the guys up. We ordered 2 flmaing lambo. once for ed, one for foong. the people working there are so nice!

the beautiful lambo flaming sexily....ehermm.... (i got no fetish for flames)

Ed sucking it all can't see the flames cos i used flash... or else the pic will only look like the one above.

that's all for now folks....

mOney Monster


from experience, they are people out there who turn monsters when it comes to money. In this case, it's not the 'scary' monster. it's just that they turned out to be unexpected, unlike how you knew them before.

You know like, you lent money to this friend because he's in need of it. So you gave him ample of time for the same reason. And then when me the money lender is broke, i asked for the money (cos i don't care) but he will say he has no money for the month.

I forgive that kind of people when it's really the truth. i understand how is it like to be so broke that you have to watch your car's petrol meter and check your wallet everytime you go out. That's because i was in situations like this many many times.

Now, the 'monster' part is.... he said he has no money. And then you found out that he has been spending it on someone else or he's enjoying his lavish life. Even worse, he had money to buy lotsa pressie for his gf on occasions but my bf got no pressie from me cos' i'm broke during that time!

When you asked him to return a little first, he has nothing. So.... the money disappears when i asked is it? Oh... I get it now. HmmPH!

And when he said he's no money to return, i asked about the financial situation to see if he's really in such deep shit. i asked also cos i cared. i don't wanan force ppl who's already on the edge. the answer i got was ambiguous, like.. got something to pay for/ used on something. i think i understand now... i really DO. so much for being nice.

SOmemore... that money borrower isn't really someone who wants to be friend with me OR someone that had (bad) history with me OR doesn't really treat me like a friend.

Friday, March 09, 2007

K.O !!!

i declare myself dead.

Look at the assignments!
i think i'm better off in the grave :(

the loads are getting heavier.
the arrangements are getting messier.
the brain is getting funnier...

yeah....i'm just rambling. i wanted to update on so many many things!!
1. da Delaney's bitch
2. darling's birthday
3. paddington lunch.
(..coming soon)

i just don't have the mood. always typing typing... Yuck!

Monday, March 05, 2007

ChillinG weekend !

i'm very honest.
YES, i didn't bother to do my assignments till its sunday midnight!

i seriously think i can't be helped anymore..
the people who wants me to shed my last-min-work habit rather kill themselves than convincing me. HAHA!

so, to chill myself... and my brains, Ed brought me to holiday in Genting.
THAt.... is also last minute.
we went there saturday aft and came home yesterday evening.

GUESS what we did there?

we went shopping.... i got myself 3 pairs of earrings.

he got a jacket and a bracelet...

AND, had our buffet dinner in....(i forgot the name)

so nice... i didn't get to have buffet dinner in hotels for a long time redi!

we went back to the hotel room-->watch tv, drank beer, play computer games.

i was supposed to bring my laptop there to start on my assignment.

it end up becoming a playstation....

then, there's no fridge in the room...since the water is freezing cold there, we kept the tap water in the basin running and put all our bottles in there .

Suddenly, Ed asked, "did you turn off the tap water?"

"NO! aRGHHH..."

the floor was flooded and water leaked out of our door, wetting the carpet outside. Plus, our room is the one right in front of the lift lobby (i wonder if anyone saw). the hotel towels were sacrificed as mop... (they're really good absorbents btw).

spent 20 minutes wiping the floor..

and we walked around Genting as if we're new there.



(and then pure torture last night doing assignment).

Saturday, March 03, 2007

TO or NOT TO endure

it's so late at night already and i can't sleep. so many thinks to think about, so many to worry about and so many things more to be done. i'm farking sleepy, my eyes are actually dozing off. DARN. anyway, since i'm just waiting for someone's reply, i shall continue crapping here.

do you know the feeling when the person you love just let you down occasionally? It's something that you're getting used to it.. you are trying to to but it seems like it's never going to work. Instead of becoming more immune to it, your heart gets more sensitive.

Every.single.time the issue arises, your heart twitches around as if someone laid his hands on your heart and grasping it tightly while twisting it around. It really hurts eh? It makes you feel out of breath and dizzy. it makes your eyes stinged by hot tears and it can almost have you take your own life away. It's not something that you can just cure by taking Paracetamol or putting cream on your burnt skin. It's a pain that you can never grasp and heal it physically.

I'm having one of these damn feeling right now. the pain in my heart? Excruciating. I don't know where to start or why am i feeling this. I thought i should be numb to it by now. when he did something disappointing again just now, it really hit me right on my face. And heart. Maybe it's not his fault, it's my problem; i'm sensitive. God knows what happened to me.

I just wish that my endurance can last long enough till the right time comes. I wish he's right, it's soon. I don't want to imagine losing all these when it's so near.

ENough of crap, maybe it's really time to sleep. get my mind of things. nitey nite.


1. I got mistaken as a Malay girl.

I went to get a masage with Ed a few hours ago because my shoulders and neck are aching so badly, i rather have them taken off. the massage did help alot... it didn't hurt so badly now. The girl who massage for me thought i was Malay.

girl: you melayu ke? (are you malay?)
me: har? bukanlah... (har? no...)
girl: you nampak macam orang melayu la. ( you look like a malay)
me: ya ke? saya cina. (is it? i'm chinese)
girl: you melayu-cina? (are you malay-chinese mix?)
me: cina asli la. (pure chinese la)

two people thought i was Japanese. One thought i'm Korean. One thought i'm philipines mixed chinese. One thought i'm Indonesian Chinese. And now... i'm also Malay. great!

2. The massage-girl probably revealed my boobs to some stranger!

halfway through the massage, she was supposed to knead my stomach and the she bluntly pulled down the towel revealing my boobs and my stomach altogether. (i thought she's supposed to cover my breasts??) FINE.

and then, just before i got a chance to ask her if she can use a small towel and cover them, a man walked passed my room. WORSE, there's a huge slit between the curtains and she didn't realised. i'm not sure if he saw anything, but i don't think i want to know anyway.

darn... 'jau gong'!

3. my Internship stuffs are all jumbled up like rojaks now.

at first i thought it will be difficult to get internship. So i applied to 6 companies... or is it 7? i don't even remember. then yesterday, one PR company called me and invite me over for an 'informal chat' on tuesday 2.30 p.m. I have class till 1 p.m. Today, an event management company called that they want to have an interview on tuesday 2-3 pm. I was like..

"Err... 2-3 pm? Oh, i can't i have class till 4 p.m." LIE.
so he said, "Ok, then we'll make it at early 4 p.m."
I can only say "Err...yeah sure. see you then."
Two consecutive interviews *nervous* then *faint*