Friday, December 26, 2008

Lousy drivers

I can't help it but say that some drivers are just not meant to drive on the road when there are cars around.

The only place they could drive is the driving test arena!

What the heck is the side mirror is for when you switch to other people's lanes and bang into other cars when they were already beside you all the time?!

And then there are some funny doodles who can't drive straight in its own lane. Either drive in between 2 lanes or sway left and right.

Gosh...some people just need magnifying glasses and 6 eyes around the head to drive!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A bank-ing advice

I thought it's always me that come across all kinds of shitty incidents.

I seriously thought EON bank hates me so bad, the ATM machine dispense less money and the cash deposit machine rejects my hire purchase payment.

And then I found out everyone had bad experience with that particular bank.

One advice from accumulative experiences of more than 3 person, try to avoid getting any service from that bank.

OR, you'll come across situations where you have money to pay car loan but ended up paying late anyway because the machine rejects your money 3 days in a row.

When the bank officer calls you to chase for payment, and you explain to (screw) them that the cash deposit is always not functioning... they tell you reasons like:

"Aiya sekarang awal bulan ma, semua orang pun pergi bayar kat cash deposit machine. Lain kali you pergi sebelum awal bulan."

HELOOOO? If I have the money and time to go way before my due date also pointless right? Later you come and tell me a lot of people pay at the end of the month also. * rolls eye* Thought they're supposed to service and maintain their machine every day?

Bad bad bad service...

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Feelings are never the same half a day later.

I so so wanted to blog just now...

Really, like seriously.

Then I have work to do, and half a day later I lost the mood.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Uncivillised 'neighbour'

I thought neighbours should be warm and friendly?

Fine, so this statement does not apply in the city area.

Worse come to worse, we don't talk to one another, correct?

You're wrong!

Some of these people just like to be a little mean or should I say uncivillised?

Today I came back late at night to find 3 bags full of rubbish in front of my house. I asked my housemates is it their doing, and they said no. So we inspected the rubbish (without touching) and realised that those are not ours at all.

I already know who does it, very clearly. Ever since this certain 'neighbour' moved in, he always create a chaos about people dumping rubbish near the lift.

I'm sorry to tell him that he chose to wrong place to move into. This poorly maintained apartment has no rubbish house for every floor, and the only dumpster is 2 blocks away. So everyone resort to putting it near the lift since it's the only place the cleaner will come collect every morning.

Now, this fella who stay 2 houses away from the lift has a problem with that. He started his welcoming speech to the neighbourhood by knocking on everyone's door and yelling at them loudly for throwing rubbish there. The reason is, it stinks his house.

Most of us respected him and threw it near the staircase which is 2 houses away from mine. It ended up not being collected (which is bad for me and my neighbour) but he still has a problem with it!

He decided to guess which rubbish in front of the lift belongs to which house and pick mine! I know it's him because my housemate heard peple knocking on the door while I was out and she didn't dare to answer the door. But of course she saw who was it since our window has no curtains.

I am that near to stuffing the rubbish back into his room window!

Of course I did not, because then I would be as moronic as him.

Are neighbours in the city turning this bad? Who said 'kampung' people are less civilised than city people? Although I live in the city my entire life, I know it's not true.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cartilage piercing = Ear deformity

To everyone who intends to do cartilage piercing on their ears, you have to take note of this and think twice! Wait...maybe thrice! Here's how cartilage piercing looks like.

Someone I know got a helix piercing, it's on the cartilage of the ear. Few days after that, the ear was swollen and pus were coming out, forming crust around the ear. It's an infection obviously.

She went and see doctor and the doctor told her this:

" Usually people are advised to do piercing on the ear lobes because it's all flesh. Cartilage is different since the blood supply in that area is very minimal. Any infection might spread to the whole cartilage and it's more difficult to administer medicine due to the scarce blood supply to it."

"At a little worse case scenario, the ear might feel a bit harder or softer than usual, showing that the texture of the cartilage changed."

"At worst scenario, the ear might be deformed due to the infection on the cartilage!"

That's when you hear my friend gasps and shocked...

Imagine your ear curling or curved or looks like a dry leaf. Eherm!

And it's not something your usual piercer will tell you. It might not happen to all, but there's a possibility to it. The ear deformity thing I mean...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Birthday HorYan!

Today is a special day for my very good friend, Hor Yan! She has just turned 22!

We celebrated with her yesterday night and gave her a surprise as well. She must be the happiest girl on earth yesterday since there were like 17 of us celebrating with her.

Oh well.. All the best girl and hope there's more fun to come in the next one year! Ah.. one more, for your prince to arrive soon!

Pssst.. what birthday wish you made ar? TOok SO long!

p/s: pictures to be updated soon, afer someone FB it!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fresh start!

It's a fresh start now. Or I hope it will be.

Somehow, I love blogging too much to give up this blog. It has been with me for 4 years and it will continue for the next 4 years. Until I feel old and has no spare energy to blog.

Some people has given me the support to continue to blog and just do not repeat the mistake. Honestly, even if no one tells me that, I'll never dare to describe people by race. I would stick to adjectives like fat, thin, ugly, pretty, short, tall, smelly and etc.

Although I still felt bad because thousands of people out there still hate me for what I've done, I'm glad that some actually understands and did not put a stick through my heart without asking.

I'll stick to the advice: Have a break and light 2 cigarettes before clicking 'Publish'!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

One minor mistake= DEAD

I'm so sleepy and woozy now... Working late for almost a week in a row can really really kill me.

And yesterday was supposed to be the last of all the late night, so we crossed our fingers and hope for a smooth one. Guess what?

It's not that smooth. DUH...

The leaflet has already started printing and guess what? There's error somewhere inside. Minor one but still can die. I was at fault because it's under my care.

I knew something wouldn't turn out right if we're checking the words 3am for a few days.

ArrrghhhHH.... For 4 months nothing happened. Now the shit arrived. I must be jinxed.


Monday, September 29, 2008

Beach-ing without sea water

I was just back from a trip to PD with a fwe of my colleagues and alot of them are my colleagues' ex-colleagues. Confusing?

20 of us altogether celebrated 2 person's birthday there. Let me tell you, it was such a big group that I don't remember half their names. I had to say 'Sorry, your name is?' twice to the same person.

One of them were from Seremban and they brought us to this place. It's like a house with huge garden made into a restaurant/ coffee shop look.

They have special food like:
  • Fish (with several types of sauce, fishball and lady finger)
  • Stuffed-meat Crab (they cook the crabmeat with some other stuff and egg before stuffing it back into the shell)
  • Otak otak (which is very original and really has fish pieces in it)
  • Sotong (looks grilled, with tinge of lemon)

It's just too bad I don't have a camera with me that time. Or else i'll snap all the delicious food.

To go there, you've to go to PD Town area. When you see Agro Bank on your right, turn left then go further down before turning right. I can't remember which junction but it's quite near after the Agro Bank. It's situated in a housing area. But be warned, it took an hour to get our food.

Will post some pics from my friend's camera once I got them!

I was at the beach but I stayed away from the sea water. It's still damn dirty and murky, I don't know how the people can swim face down in it. Uggghh..

And guess what? I'm going back to the same hotel on Wednesday because my bf and friends decided to BBQ there. Maybe this time I'll take some food pics. Haha..

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bee stung my pup!

I super extremely seriously think I over-manja my pup.

Shall not do that so often because he bullies me and not Edmund. So unfair, when I'm the one bathing him and cleaning up his shit!

Oh wait... forgot to tell you guys, my pup Bailey got stung by a bee on Sunday because he was playing with the bee!

I dunno wtf the bee was doing roaming on the floor, Bailey saw it and thought it was cute, so he chased and pat the bee with his paw... and that's when it stung him. So sad I didn't see what happened, my bro told me (and yes, he let him played with it)..

I only saw him hiding under the bed and licking his paws. When i called out for him, he sit up with one paw up. Imagine the very very sad eyes and one hand folded up shaking. *sobs* So i checked and saw a very terrifying looking sting stuck to his paw.

I've never been stung by a bee in my entire life and my pup won the rare prize. I bet he'll be terrified of bees the next time. HAH~

Monday, September 08, 2008

Yam Cha Frenzy

Last weekend was actually nice...though I'm supposed to be all emo about it.

I think my friends healed the emo-ness. Hahha nevertheless, divert my attention away from all the rotten issues. Thank you Jamie & Hor Yan!

On Fri night, we were to go out and dwell on my issues. So we did.. 30% of the time. The rest of the 70% we talked about everything and anything. I couldn't remember what we talked bout..hmmph

So, we thought of going club or something since HY's supposed to go after yam cha. We ended up buying 2 bottles of beer and playing 1cent-mahjong game in my place.

The next day, we thought everyone's busy with their own things. Mana tahu, I came online and saw HY. We both asked each another to yamcha at the same time! Guess where we went after that?

Old Town White Coffee, Sunway Mentari.

Our mission is to go to every Old Town in Klang Valley, we almost succeeded, really...

Jamie joined us a bit later since she was in Pyramid. We sat there from 10pm to 2am.... FOUR friggin hours. Our topics range from hairstyles, clothes, friends, diet, ex-bfs, primary school, secondary school, and yada yada....

We're so engrossed with our topics that we didn't realise time passed by so fast. We didn't even care when we saw Reshmonu and Jaclyn Victor came to yam cha in Old Town. One of their guy friend is very da cute though :)

So, yesterday we went out again. Supposed had plans but it was a failure so we ended up accompanying Jamie to look for houses (work purposes). We drove around and around Serdang like nut heads and we stopped by to ask for directions to more than 10 people.
It's nuts... but Fun.

OOOh...and we had our nice dessert dinner at night :)

It's not stopping till today cos I'll be seeing them again tonight. *grins*

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

USM's hassle-full Convocation

I attended my graduation last 2 weeks, 17th August. I know… this post is in fact quite outdated. I had no time to blog anymore!

So… graduation wasn’t that fun. Memorable yes, but no fun at all. I’m in debt because of the hotel stays, petrol, toll and food I’ve to spent on during the trip. I had almost cleared all my debts and now I have more haunting me.

USM wasn’t helping. In fact, I think they purposely created hassle and problems for us who stay in KL so that we’ll remember them (and the graduation) forever. Why couldn’t they let us take our robes 2 days before convocation, together with the rehearsal? I’ve to purposely book a flight there and return on the same day just to get the purple robe.

Then 2 days before convo, I’m supposed to be there again to attend the stupid rehearsal. That made me stay in the hotel for 3 nights..which means more money involved. And I can’t leave on that Sunday since we’re supposed to go USM again on Monday to get our cert and return the robes. One occasion but soooo many procedures and hassle.

Oh wait… I forgot to upload the convo pics from my camera. Pics coming soon…

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Contented with Bills

Well...since the last entry, nothing has changed except for ONE.

My financial situation. Definitely getting worse.

Because of the flat tyre, I had to change the whole set of rims to make it more ‘affordable to burst tyre’ next time. So I’m now driving with 15” rims instead of 16”. Sad eh, cannot 'pek' corner that ganas anymore?

Then I sent my car for service last weekend and guess how much it costs? RM450 plus plus. I don’t even wanna recall the exact amount.

On Saturday, I was doing fine in One U until I saw La Senza having sales. I bought myself 3 bras and a set of lingerie/ nightgown. All that only costs RM180. CHEAP kan?

And then I had to stop right there with my extravagant spendings because I max-ed out my credit card.

Pls tell me there’s no other better ways to end my weekend.

Anyhow… I am not so worried because I realized I have dedicated most of my pay every month to credit card bills, car installment and other many many bills.

Read this: I am sooooo dedicated in paying them that I pay more than they ask for on monthly basis.

Give me a big pat on the back. I deserve it!

Got a secret to share with you... pssst..
Amazingly, even with all these bills and work, my life still feels so contented...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's a MONTHLY thing


Exactly a month ago, I changed my tyre cos I ran over a stone on NPE at 80km/h.

FINE. I was driving fast and could not avoid the stone, so the tyre burst. NEVERMIND.

2 days ago, I was driving on a small housing area road at 30km/h...

And the new tyre i changed last month BURST. Of all the 4 tyres, the brand new one decides to go first.

If can 'tampal' then i won't be so angry but burst at the side of the tyre ok? Beyond repair, have to replace new one!

Proton sucks cos it's a Malaysian made car which decides to use Continental tyre brand.

Continental sucks cos it's Malaysian made also!

Malaysian roads suck cos they are Buatan Malaysia also!

What else can I say man?

On another note, one of the states in Msia doesn't wanna use Proton Perdana as their Official Car anymore and use Mercedez instead. Or is it BMW?

The Datuk something somethin is even smarter, he nicely explained to reporters that Perdana is more expensive to maintain compared to Merz/BMW in the long run. And they wanna be cost efficient! Muahahah... Excuse me for saying this, but they definitely thinks citizens are born without brains.

Msian government officials claim Msian made cars are more expensive to maintain on mass media?!

THAT.... is the joke of the year.

*round of applause for him*

So, i'm done with my work now since I took half day leave... and I'm going to change my whole set of rims!~

Monday, June 30, 2008

Dear Adam,

I nearly got myself in trouble!


I was supposed to send this email to the client and being very formal, it's supposed to start with 'Dear Adam'.

I typed until the end and attached the necessary files and was about to click send...

Until I re-read and saw this...

Dead Adam,

Haha... I nearly pissed off the client. GReat?!

I L.O.V.E work

It’s the last day of the month. Must blog. M.U.S.T.

Reason: I find myself blogging too little for the month of June. Therefore, it’s a necessity to add one more post. Haha…

Today also happen to be the last day of my work in June.

About my work, I find it nice. I like working, and I still don’t understand why people always say you’ll want to work when you’re studying, but when you’re working you’ll wanna go back to studying.

I confidently told them that I will love working more back then. They laughed at me and say I will not say the same in future. The truth? I proved myself right because I really do enjoy work.

The environment and the people are just beautiful. Of course, every place has a few devils. I was able to tolerate the devils here very very well. Amazingly. I can have my smile throughout the day even with the devils yelling at me. Oh yes…

I shall not mention where I met the worst devil, but I can only say the one here are like angels compared to the one.

Darn, I just love working so much.

I remember the days where I dread going to class in college and rather skip it. During this whole month, I wake up like sunshine

La la la la…

And time flies when i'm happily working...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

It is NOT me this time

I found this quote from iGoogle today:

"You know when you listen to music playing from another room? And you're singing along because it's a tune that you really love? When a door closes or a train passes by so you can't hear the music anymore, but you sing along anyway...then, no matter how much time passes, when you hear the music again, you're still in the exact same time with it. That's what love is like." Anonymous

I used to feel that way. Not very long ago as a matter in fact.

Recently, i don't think that's true anymore. I don't feel like I'm in the exact same time anymore and I don't get memories by the particular song any longer.

It's sad I know... I didn't want to feel this way. I've tried millions of ways to change things but if the other party is not willing to, it'll never work. ALL sorts of ways, i.e. advice, surprises, heart to heart talk, whatever... to the other party, it's just normal blabbering that does not worth a minute of thought.

So here I am. Blabbering bout my life to a computer and probably many strangers online.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Stupidity handles the money

As everyone know, petrol price has been increased to RM2.70 per litre and diesel RM2.58 per litre. Every aunty, uncle, woman, man, children also talking about this. I bet it's gonna be the talk of the morning market as well where the aunties complaining vegetable price gone up.

Expected lar hor? The whole scenario where the roads that have petrol stations along the way are jammed. This time it's worse cos the price was much higher... I stayed on in the office and waited and did some of my things until 8.30pm, I can't take it anymore and join the crowd to jam home.

No. I did NOT pump petrol. It's crazy...

You know what? I don't care if the stupid government detect my website and decide to send me to ISA or whatsoever. I bet there's a lot of people blogging about this already. The first thing I do when i come to the office is to check the online news.

It's all about the petrol price, hike in electricity price, food price...etc etc. And the government kept on giving stupid reasons to defend their stupidity.

Firstly, we have our supply of petrol right in our country. But they wanna earn more money, claims that the petrol our country produced are of higher quality. Yada Yada, then import petrol for the citizens and say that they lose billions each year for petrol subsidation. What the?

*bangs head*

Next, they say that even after the price's increased, it's still lower than in Thailand and Singapore. That is a farking stupid thing to say. They converted the rate of Sing dollar and it's RM5.20 per litre in Singapore. But they forgot the people there get paid in SD also, like at least 2k for most jobs. So it's RM5k here... DO we fresh grads get 5k here? By rich FAMAs got la.
(FAMA means sponsored by Father Mother)

Isn't it the same thing? You count according the money you earn in the same curreny. Not comparing with other currencies also. DUMB ARSES.

Kay...Fine. I complained enough already. Well, we know where the money goes to la at the end of the day.

Enough said.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

THE 3rd day

I have nothing to do now because I'm waiting for someone to send me the attachments.

Therefore, i blog! What else.... ?

Oh... I haven't update about my new job.

Working here was nice and all, i can actually see career opportunities. The people are friendly and I actually see familiar people here. So it's not too bad to adjust to this new environment.

And then I already get to attend big brainstorming meetings with the upper level guys and also attend a meeting with the client today.

Know what other thing i like? They have a nice smoking area, warm but nice. Oh oh... they pay for my season parking. Haha saved me another RM100 a mth! The working place is so near my house, I also save on petrol and get to sleep later!

The downside? I have to work late most of the time. Yesterday was only my 2nd day and i already stayed in the office until 10.30 pm. That's one whole cycle of the clock I see.

And I'm starting to get heaps of work..

Well, i asked for it actually. I was asking around if there was anything for me to do on the 1st day cos I was too bored of sitting around.

*tap fingers*

Monday, June 02, 2008

KM's back!

Since Kah Mun landed in Malaysia a few days ago, we have been going out everyday/night.

First we played mahjong with her.

The next day, we go to Gardens and walk around since she has not seen the new shopping complex before.

That night itself, we went to meet the rest: Suet Li, Lauren, Sophia, Calvin, Jason, Jamie, and Soon Jin to have dinner in Chef & Brew in Hartamas and drink at Somo, Mont Kiara.

The day after that we yam cha in Steven's Corner.

Today, me, Kah Mun and Hor Yan ate our first meal at 5pm in Old Town and then meet up with Jamie in my house for mahjong.

At night, we had dinner in the coffee shop nearby and ordered lobak, fried lala, grilled fish, chicken wings, and 3 bowls of noodle. Yeap, just 4 of us girls eating all that.

I'm telling you, these few days were so happening. But it's all gonna end. *sobs*

I'm starting work tomorrow. No. It's today. I haven't sleep cos i'm so used to sleeping at 5am everyday for 2 months, i really have no idea how to sleep at 1am.

So nervous....first day of work. sigh. I hope there's no weird colleagues or even worse pyscho mean ones. I hope.

*crosses fingers*

Saturday, May 31, 2008

My second BF's a dog

Let me introduce to you my beloved puppy, Bailey.
Someone asked if it's named after the coffee liquor: Baileys.
No it's not.
I don't know how but i just named him that way.
He was my birthday cum 2-yrs anniversary present from Ed and the gang.
Thank you Stephanie, Christine, Simon, Jackson and Pow.
And to Ed, Muax!

Bailey's only 2 months and 7 days old here.
Only had him for 3 days that time. Was so tiny.

Celebrated me and Mr.Pow's birthday in PD.
With our cakes and my b'day pressie!
And also mahjong :)

Acting like a boss. Like one isn't it?

In his favourite position when playing with his toys.

My fav pic of Bailey. Isn't he cute?
Closing his eyes and sticking his tongue out.

One morning i woke up, to find him sleeping on the mess he made.
One whole roll of tissue was wasted.
Tissue is one of his favourite 'toy'.

He now has cacat-ed ears. One standing nick straight and the other droopy.
He's 4 month's old today!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The L.A.M.E one

I am as lame as anyone can get. Or maybe lamer.

That's why Jamie tell me cos i'm the only one who will layan her rubbish. And she has to tell me that i am lame everytime i see her.

It must be because of boredom. Side effects...

I was yc-ing with her today and she said something really l.a.m.e.

I promised her i will blog about it.

She was saying that i'm lamer than her... then she said there's 5 stages of lameness.

" Lame, Lamer, Lamerer, Lamererer, Lamerest" Quoted by Jamie Chan S.Q.

I laughed non stop. The forth stage was tongue twisting. It spells 'la-mer-re-rer'

I know... this post is lame.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Splurging on food..on poor days!

I accompanied Jamie to Pyramid yesterday, she needed to get some stuff.

And i spent RM 50 yesterday. *sobs*

We had our so called 'lunch' at 4pm in Fig & Olive. The food is good, and sandwich was better. The claim by Jamie is proven true. I spent RM 28.

Then as we were walking around, we passed by BodyShop which was having sale. Being a true girl, I can't resist it when there's a bunch of people cramped inside and it said 'SALE' on it's glass window. SO i got myself a potpourri (it's really pretty) which originally costs RM 25. They have 50% off and another additional 10% off if you flash you Maybank ATM card. SO it's only RM 11 at the end.

Don't you just love those lil' balls with the potpourri?
This is only half the box.. so cheap eh?! *grins*

We continued walking around and around, and Jamie being indecisive made us walk around more. I told her i was thirsty for talking non-stop (and laming non-stop), so we stopped by at Toast Box for tea at 6pm. Thats bout RM 8.

We then meet up with Suet Li and headed to the Langat Hill to yamcha. It's a cooling place, something similar to Genting, just not as cold. Yam cha at Gasoline and then used another RM 9.

It was fun getting lost on the way there... as usual lar. We always ended up lost if we're together. I don't understand why. Haha.. it must be Jamie-factor.

i counted again and realised i spent more than RM 50. No wonder i'm broke.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's almost the end

I don't know whether to say it's a happy thing or something i should grieve over. I guess it's both.

My slacker holidays are almost at the end. *sobs*

No more yam chaing anytime of the day i like.
No more mahjong-ing when i feel like it.
No more calling friends out in the afternoon and waste off the day.
No more shopping at the hours where it's easy to find carpark.
No more going/planning on last minute trips.
No more lying on the bed and act like a sick person.
No more wasting my time playing with my beloved puppy.
No more surfing online and browsing other people's blog till i fell asleep.

Ok... in short, no more alot of slacker stuff!

On the other hand, i should be hapy since i will not need to worry about being jobless.
No need to worry about ending up in the kind of jobes i dislike just because i had to work.
No need to hear my parents continuously asking me "Have u found a job?"

I am officially an Executive Brand Management in Naga DDB starting June.
The lady said i was hired because she and her colleague think i'm different from the rest and they have confidence in me.
And i had the feeling of 'bangga' (proud) for a few days cos they said they don't usually hire fresh grads, and they prefer experienced ppl since they are an international company.

But i was an exception.

Now that the proudness wore off, i feel reluctant to work. *sigh*

One has to make a living once it's time isn't it?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Jungle walk + Hot pool

The morning market in KK. They sell alot of salted fish and dried stuff there...But trust me, they're alot cleaner than the morning market in KL.
We then headed to Mount Kinabalu and stayed on one of the resorts there... Our activity for that day was going to Poring where it has hot spring and treetop canopy walkway. The guys assure us that the hot spring water makes the skin smoother. (yea right)

On the way to the treetop canopy walkway, we passed by the public pool that is filled with men in swimming trunk!

Mr. Pow loves pictures taken naturally, so he tooked this. I looked semangat isn't it? Actually that time i'm almost out of breath and my lungs are burning so i choose to run up the last bit to shorten the pain.

Pose a bit first before we cross the treetop canopy walkway which is rather long...

In the fish pond... oops, i mean hot pool. It does look like a fish pond eh? THis is the private pool, water claimed to be channeled from hot spring. Only RM15 an hour, can fit 4 pax. Alternatively, use the public pool, FOC, but with viewers passing by.

FInally done with everything, we're on the way back to hotel. Me, steph, Christine and Yi Bei (clockwise).

To Manukan Island, Sabah

I can finally upload pictures with blogspot. It has been behaving well today so I shall not miss the chance and upload as many pictures as i can!

In Jesselton Point, Kota Kinabalu.

Isn't this view pretty? It's the cafe on the beach, it has a little balinese feel and very comfy! We were on the Manukan island.

Mr. Pow decided to use the starfish as a decor and the sea cucumber as a cigar. We returned them back into the sea at the end of the day, of course.

we were in Jesselton Point, taking a ferry to the Manukan island. Since 5 of us were the only ones occupying the boat, this KK friend of ours went and bargained with the TIME. Yes, the time, not the price. The lady say pick us up at 4pm, he insists 5 pm!

we found a big blue starfish and a small abnormal one with 6 legs!
Notice that as we're posing with the starfish, a sea cucumber is flying toward us. Luckily it didn't land on my head, or else....

Note: Because of ****ing blogspot who does not allow me to move the pics around after i upload them, these pictures are not in sequence. Anyone know the solution, do help me :)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The 10K Chant

I visited my own blog and saw this advertisement that says Win RM10,000 just by chanting some phrases in a creative way!

I was already thinking how funny I'll sound like if I decided to give this one a try....

"Two All-Beef Patties,Special Sauce, Lettuce,Cheese, Pickles, Onions On A Sesame Seed Bun!”

They said creative, so imagine if I sing that while making a fake Big Mac and holding the ingredients up, dresssed as a Chef in a plain background.

Maybe add an idiot who would dance around me while i do all that.

Oh, also shake my head left and right ala clown style while i sing that. Shake the ingredients that i'm holding too!

OK, i'm blabbering since I'm very bery free and I just had McD delivery today so I have no choice but to talk bout McD!

If you're reading my blog, you're probably bored too.

Well, no harm imagining a little of my creative idea. You might just develop a better idea and win this OR you have nothing to lose but laugh off your underwear.

Or maybe you'll think i'm nuts.


I just remember i haven't had dinner!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Fabulous Sabah (in short)

I am back from Sabah!!

The trip was fabulous. I see many differences between East and West Malaysia.

Even the dogs and cats there look different! I'm serious,they have longer and sharp-thin face. Did i mentioned they look fit?

The food there are expensive. One bowl of noodles minimum RM 5, and most of them cost between RM6-Rm9.

The people there speak Malay with a different slang.

Almost half the cars there are 4-wheel drive or trucks.

I see more than 10 turtles around Sipadan island and they're everywhere! On the ocean of course... It was weird cos there's only 4 of us snorkelling, the rest are Mat Sallehs who go diving.

In Semporna, 4 of us we're like weirdos cos everyone in our hotel are whites. I guess we're the 'guai loh' there, not them.

The sea and islands there are beautiful as heaven, clear water, various fishies, lotsa sharks and turtles and abundance of undisturbed corals!

Mount Kinabalu was friggin cold, even colder than Genting. duh. And the air are so fresh, my nasal problem almost didn't exists for a few days there.

ok enough said, i'm gonna upload the pics right after i get them from my friend!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tioman = X

I JUST realised that i have only one post in year 2008 and it's already end of April. No wonder i can declare this blog dead. I did mention temporarily though.

I can't wait to go Sabah on the coming Wednesday! I am rotting at home everyday since the exam's over. I think it's the rotting and boredness that made me sick with flu and fever. Was so worried for the last few days cos if i'm sick, i won't be able to go Sabah and snorkelling in Sipadan!

Anyway, all is well now except that the doctor gave me so many drugs that i'm all sleepy now. The bright side? I get the time to blog!

You know what? Year 2008 might be a good year for me after all. It could be a holiday-ing year for all I care. This year's Chinese New year, i went Tioman for a 2 days one night trip. It was not too bad but i still won't recommend anyone. And i sworn to myself never to go there again. the beach is dirty and i got pricked by sea urchin while snorkelling. It was friggin filled with those nasty things And they called that place a marine park! Paid RM 5 to get pricked by an urchin. Great.


i've got so much of nice photos there but the stupid blogspot just WON'T LET ME UPLOAD THEM!! darnnnn!

it's time to change blog again... and good suggestions? i want speedy, friendly and multi-functional blogs! well...not that multi-functional, simple BUT speedy will do.

will re-edit this post with pics nxt time!


Saturday, March 22, 2008

4 surprises from BarCelona

Everybody was talking about Bar Celona in Sunway Pyramid, some think it's happening, some said it's a boom. I can't say otherwise although I do not agree.

I went there last Wednesday night after the turtle campaign is officially over.

First thing i observed: It's super duper packed and very happening indeed.

It took us an hour to finally get in and find a seat. Imagine miniature humans in a sardine can.

And it was difficult to get from one end to the other since the dance floor stood in the middle of the path.

Second thing i observed: The ppl there are mainly youngsters and very little uncles. Also happen to meet a lot of ppl i know there. It's amazing how everyone are situated there.

Oh wait, we're suposed to be talking about the surprised i've got!

  • As i was holding my drink and standing there like the statue of liberty with torch-drink, some idiot banged into me and poured half the cup into my top. Yes... read this: 'INTO'. Then i had to wipe it by stuffing tissues into my cleavage.

  • A FIGHT happened right in front of me, less than a metre away. We were being pushed around and squashed like hot dogs. The next sentence will be interesting: The moron who started the fight splashed the whole bottle of whisky onto my face. Dun ask why me, but it seems that only my face was interested in drinking.

  • (Some guy saved me though, he was the one who pulled me away from the fighting crowd while my eyes are getting blinded by alcohol. OOh.. and he wiped the liquor away from my eyes. SOOOO SWEEETT. He's a lil cute, but short, and nope, i didn't get his name. And yeap i forgot the "thank you for saving my life" kiss.

  • Some drunk ass stepped on my foot and almost knowcked me down when he was on his way out. Before that, i hurt my finger and was bleeding.

  • A black girl, and a LESBIAN come on to me when we're at the dancefloor. She was grinding her punani against my hips. Excuse me for my language. I really wouldn't mind if she's hot but that one so can't make it. therefore, i squirmed away as fast as i can.

I guess that trip to Bar Celona should last a while.

My friends were asking me "what's wrong with you?" since i'm like the most preferred victim of the day.

My answer would be "I'm the lucky ONE!"