Thursday, August 23, 2007

stories 'bout phones

The last time i lost my phone, a K800i, it was about 2 months ago.


i am not blogging about another phone mishap!

i was actually looking for photos to upload and then i realised most of it is in my K800i, meaning no new photos. And then Ed gave me some second hand J300i or J-something-i to be used temporarily. Both of us were too broke to get new phones.

And when i have money. I bought the S500i as soon as Ed showed me the review on the magazine because it's so pretty! It's a fashion phone, thus i got no mood to take pics cos it's only 2MP. result: no photos.

S500i Phone Review:

THis phone is a real beauty i can say. It's green and black. very shiny and sleek. it's so slim i can't feel it in my pockets; which kinda freak me out btw cos i thought i lost another phone. The illuminating lights on boths sides of the phone (between the slides) are very very pretty. The lights can be customised according to our preference, in pink, purple, turqoise, red, blue, green. SUper loud speakers; which makes it a good alarm (trust me on this). you know... kecil kecil cili padi. didn't expect such a slim phone to be so friggin loud.

Did i mention it slides smoothly? ANd oh oh....the best of all is actually the theme! it changes according to time (day/night), date and festive season. eg... if it's christmas it'll snow. if its january 1st, it'll have fireworks, then there's autumn, spring, winter, summer with different flowers. sometimes there's dandelions flying round, sometimes butterfly... i never get bored looking at the screen!

The downside and also the reason i stopped using after 2 weeks: the keypad is soo bloody thin it cracked. lucily, it just cracked and stayed there... never drop off. in 2 weeks time, i managed to crack 6 out of 12 keys. Also not suitable for people with chubby fingers because it's quite small.

NO 3G and 3.2MP camera, or else i'll stick with this phone.

THEN, I now use a K810i.

K810i Phone Review:

With 3G and 3.2 MP camera. but not pretty. no attractive themes and not slide-able. which means practical, but not nice to see! which i really don't mind since there's the 3.2mp camera. Compared with my ex, the K800i, it's a little bit thinner but same functions.

However, the small round buttons are quite hard to use if you're not used to it. simple as that. speaker not very loud too.

Ok, i'm complaining too much although this phone is good enough. maybe it's because it's similar to K800i and i don't buy back the same phones that were stolen. Edmund will kill me if i say i wanna change my phone/lost my phone again. He didn't even let me keep the S500i as spare phone. *sob*


Oh...then again, soon i'll have more pictures to post in my blog after i start messing around with the phone. i think i only used it to call and message these days, which is such a waste.

I hope the next time i use another phone, it's not because i lost the K810i..but because i sold it. God bless me! And yes, those who wants new phone can keep following me when i'm out because i tend to lose it some day soon, and you can be the lucky person who pick it up.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

HK Jewellery grand prize scam!

I was browsing everyone's blog when i come across yapct's...
And usually i'm not in the mood to see any youtubes,
until i come across...

Kenny Sia's conversation with conmen from China/HK.

What interest me was because of the fact that i had the same experience...
mine was not a lottery scam of course, but some lucky draw....

and my goodness...mamamia...
i won their grand prize of over RM100,000!! I strike it rich!!
haha yeah right... if winning grand prize without buying anything is so easy, i'll be driving BMW 6series, staying in a 3 storey bungalow with huge garden full of bunnies, a swimming pool and a bathroom as big as my house, wearing diamond ring as big as my shit and diamond necklace so shining it blinds anyone who lay their eyes upon it.

Ok..i'm exaggerating.

my scam was perfectly arranged and sounded almost real compared to kenny sia's.

i got a call early one morning, saying that i was invited to this jewellery exhibition by a HK jewellery chain that's going to be opening their first branch in malaysia. so they got my number from some data system, and i got an invitation > in Genting. they even ask for my full name.

I was so sleepy that i really thought it was true, so i gave them my name and got some code which i didn't bother to write down, and then went back to sleep.

A few days later, (supposedly the exhibition day) i got a call. They asked me if i'm in Genting for the event. i said i was too busy to go. (As if i would drive all the way there to see some jewellery that i can't afford). Oh, and the background sounded really like some exhibition going on!

So, she ended the call and then call me a few hours later and asked me if i could drive up to Genting right away. (I was taking my afternoon nap) SO i said...

No! It's damn far. Why do i have to go there?
*sounded ecstatic* But you just won our grand prize through the lucky draw.
*more ecstatic* You won't believe it if tell you. It's over RM100,000!! Your code no. is*$%#@ right? Let me double check.
YEA i think so.

darn....i almost believe it. And then i said i can't make it, really really sorry. Give it to the next person or something.

They called me the next day...

Hey are you Miss Chan?
Yes i am...
i'm calling from the ***** jewellery in HK and i would like to let you know you have won our grand prize in Malaysia. It's xxxx amount.
I know, but i can't collect it.
Nevermind, it's ok. We can keep it for you first. Can you come over to HK in a few days time?

(Are you fucking crazy? i don't even have money to go holiday there. you want me to go there and get the prize? you think i'm stupid) Of course i didn't say this. i'm polite :p

Nope, don't think so. I'm busy and it's even further from going Genting. Why can't i collect it frm Malaysia? I thought you all have a branch here now?
Oh no....because it's a large amount of money. We have to do it from the HQ here in HK. Ok i know what... i'll tell you another way. Can we bank in to you?
Yeah why not?
Oh my gosh, aren't you happy? you won so much of money. i'm so happy for you! you're so lucky (this was farking fake) anyway, what bank you're using?
Your IC number?
bla bla bla (i really told her my IC. stupid not?)
Your account no.?
('s getting fishy already) I forgot lar.... can i go look for it first?
(roll around the bed, make some noise by kicking the chair)
I can't find my account book. can you call back later?
Har? you cannot remember? Ok then, i call back later. Anyway, congratulations again. you're really very lucky (duh, if it's real)

I called Genting, checked on their Convention Hall for that date. No exhibition at all. Nothing for the whole week. Har! GOTCHA!

And then i never answer her call. She called like 4 times.

The funny thing is, they haven't got to the part where im supposed to bank in some deposit to them in order to get my money.

mUahahaha... Ok, but i was stupid enough to give them my IC!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Live with him before you marry him

Is it true that guys change after being with them for a certain period of time?

i would strongly say yes... it's true and nothing can be more solid than this fact.
Or maybe it only happens to me. Usually i get to see their horrible intolerable side after 3 to 6 months. This time it's after a year. Or maybe because we start living together? Then again, maybe that's why magazines like to publish "live with him before you marry him" articles.

I'm born stupid and blur and will always be, I guess. BEcause i never know what i screwed up that made him so grumpy towards me. Sometimes i was thinking, maybe i didn't do anything wrong because he never wants to tell me what i did to upset him.

THe favourite reply was always "think about it yourself, if you can't remember nevermind". and HONESTLY.... i do not know and do not remember.

But then i'll try to think back, what i did earlier on that day -nothing.
And then i try to think about yesterday -nothing i can think of either.
and then i rewind my memory like a dusty old cassette until i can't remember anymore.
NOTHING (that i can think of).

Then i'll try the other way... did i repeat anything that was a big issue to us before this?
Finding: Nothing.

So i kept on asking what and why... the more i ask the more agitated he got. His face was as grumpy as an ogre. MORE grumpy than an ogre.

I don't know why but i had the urge to blog this. I felt like dying yesterday.

You know how stupid i got? I cried over dinner. Dinner that i'm supposed to enjoy because it's Tony Romas. The very innocent-cute looking waitress looked kinda shocked and i was pretending that i have flu; flu with watery eyes. I only felt stupid today. I was devastated yesterday.

After dinner, he was a different person. He bought me a jacket on the spot because we're supposed to go for movie and i didn't bring mine. I couldn't be angry after that because i know he cares about me.

I'll go crazy if it's going to be like this forever. Good-bad-good-bad-good-bad....

5-weeks discoveries

interesting discovery: I realised i have not done something which i adored so much for more than a month!

I have NOT blogged for 5 weeks. *grin*

OTHER discoveries in the 5 weeks:

i have started class and have been going to classes more often than last semester ( i think ).

i learnt how to 'disconnect' myself from the world of chatting, onlining and downloading movies.

i'm actually quite fine doing nothing at home, sleeping when i want to and cleaning the room when i start worrying about being carried away by ants in my sleep.

did i mention i'm actually quite a good cleaner and a better cooker than i thought?
**Potential housewife in the making!**

i love living without my parents more than i wanted to. who said living away from home makes you home sick? not applied to me at least.

it's true that living with someone you love makes you love them lesser. (if they have bad habits or when you get to see their ugly side)

at the same time, you get to spend more time with the person you love. Because he's always right next to you at night looking like a mummified pig.

it's also easier to wake up to go classes because i have 2 handphone alarms (sometimes 3), an electronic alarm clock and one 5ft 5" alarm that tells you to rush up.

it's nice to have someone's door to knock onto when you're bored out of your wits..

(most) guys never show appreciation by washing the plates after you cook for them.

my housemate is so quiet, she barely makes noise. she walks around the house almost eerily silent. me and iris bangs the door louder than her. sleeps really early too. answer our multiple-words-sentence with less than 3 words.

i guess that's about it.