Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pringles says 'Click Me'

This is a really cool website banner by Pringles.

Keeps people hooked on to it.

And won Gold Lion in Cannes.

Enough said.

Warning: Make sure you really have ample of time, and is bored shitless if you want to click on it. Because you'll can't stop clicking.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Hey twilight fans!

I love the Twilight movie more than alot of people. So much, that I bought and read all the 3 sequels in two weeks time.

Edward Cullen is cute... very hypnotising to be exact. And is probably the sweetest, most loving vampire around (if vampires do exist).

But I'm not that hardcore of a fan yet. Not till I'll tattoo words/phrases/images of Twilight onto any parts of my body. Not even on my fingernails, no thanks.

You guys who imprinted Twilight onto your skin permanently really showed me the extend of a 'hardcore fan'. I surrender, and bow in respect.

My favourite phrases:

"If I could dream at all, it would be about you."

"There are no rules that can bind you when you find your other half."


To those who chose a nice design, good for you.

To those who chose a not-so-nice design by an inexperienced artist, chillex. Be grateful that laser tattoo removal now exists.

End note: Thanks to Lainey who posted up about this on Facebook.

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Roller coaster to hell

A dear friend once told me:
"Life is like a roller coaster. It will go down and come up again."

I remember being so pessimistic, replying:
"You forgot the gravititional force, it comes down faster and lower than it will go up."

Which is true, if you put physics in the theory.

The roller coaster I'm on seems to be on its way down to hell, because I don't see the bend that curves up. I'm emotionally and physically harrased.

First there's the surgery to go through.

Then more injuries along the way. Got smacked by basketball, sprained an ankle, scabs and scratches all over, paper cuts...

Then emotionally, you tend to dedicate your heart to the wrong person and another person dedicate feelings that I do not intend to want.

I am drained from work and have thought about going back to studies more often nowadays. Things used to be more busy previously but recently, I just can't take it anymore. To make things worse, I'm agitated at every single thing in work.

I wanted to quit smoking but failed. It's probably a psychological thing, it gives me the comfort and takes my mind off things.

At least I lost my fondness on alcohol !

Monday, July 13, 2009

the RARE exception

People are always making assumptions by generalising things.
Do they ever realised that most things will not happen 101% as how it usually happens?
Or, do they NOT realise that some rare people have very different characters that do not comply with the norm?
That they could be the rare exception?

It's like how most people will say 'I'm sure she's with him because of his money' if they saw this really young pretty lady with an old balding man.

And how people will think, 'He must be driving his dad's car' if they saw a boy driving a Ferrari.

I'm not gonna be pretentious by saying that I don't do that.
In fact, I do it very often.

However, when it comes to feelings, I never practice it.
Feelings are so subjective and the way that each human respond to it varies.
The marginal error is probably 90%.
That's a big continuum for possibility of error.
You think?

Even if 9 out of 10 friends tell me the same thing, regarding feelings...
I never believed them.
Until I get sucked into it.
I then made my point and proved all 9 were wrong.
But do I wish they're right.

Sadly, the reality does not bend over its back for your own liking.
Nor does it treat you any better than what we call 'cruelty'.

End note: I'm very sure someone will come and comment that I'm a drama. :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Important story to tell.

Random recents in short sarcastic sentences:

Worked till for 7.30am this morning for 21 effing hours straight.
Got back, looked in the mirror to find a haggard disastrous looking person staring back.
Went to the fridge, grabbed a chilled mask, plaster it on the face, shut all curtain and windows, on the aircon and slept.
Woke up 2 hours later to find the mask had dried off all its moisturising essence and realised it's time to go office again.
Menggila in the office for another 5 hours.
Headed straight to Starbucks to chill 'cos no one is free to dine with me.
Typed this gila-fying pointless entry.

Let me tell you a story about the sun.
I went back home from work this morning with the sun rising.
On the same day, I went back home from work for the second time with the sun setting.

Now, let me tell you what I saw while I'm typing this:
- Two half naked fat boy just walked past me, their bellies jiggling like Jell-O.
- This guy next to my table was staring at this other girl from another table, exchanged glances and the girl giggled.
- oH, the two jell-O bellies boys walked past again.
- This dude stepped on my laptop charger while walking past me. *stare cock at him*

To end this post, I just want to let you people know that what kinds of rubbish things I say/type/do when I'm high on caffeine and not having enough sleep.

Point proven, no?

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

layan-ing bored people.

You know how to layan bored people on MSN?

Like that:

-sammy- says:
-sammy- says:
HorYan says:
HorYan says:
HorYan says:
HorYan says:
-sammy- says:
-sammy- says:
-sammy- says:
-sammy- says:
-sammy- says:
HorYan says:
HorYan says:
HorYan says:
HorYan says:
HorYan says:
HorYan says:
-sammy- says:
-sammy- says:
-sammy- says:
-sammy- says:
-sammy- says:
-sammy- says:
-sammy- says:
-sammy- says:
-sammy- says:
-sammy- says:
-sammy- says:
-sammy- says:
-sammy- says:
-sammy- says:
HorYan says:
HorYan says:
HorYan says:
HorYan says:
HorYan says:
HorYan says:
HorYan says:
-sammy- says:
-sammy- says:
-sammy- says:
-sammy- says:
HorYan says:
HorYan says:
HorYan says:

And we typed in this format the entire time.

I love layaning bored people.
It's equivalent to fun.

Monday, July 06, 2009


Is back to working life but could never let go of the life she had during that one month of stoning.

So what happened when you tried to combine two lifestyle into one?
A slacker life.
A workaholic life.

It becomes an inhumane way of living.

I sleep at the slacker time and wakes up with workaholic time.

I go out and about having outdoor activities that I've not done for a long time.
But also spends a frigging long time in the office walking about like going marathon.

I eat yogurt in the morning and drinks coffee at night.

I treated everynight like a Friday night.

I played basketball 3 times a week and goes hiking without having to nap.

I injured myself and still go limping around, resisting to rest at home.

I think I'm turning inhumane, having endless supply of energy.

I prefer to have the power to teleport, thank you.

that was it.

and it was really just 'that'.

At first it feels like a complicated thing.
To risk it or not to risk it.
Anyone having too much fun wouldn't risk it.
I think I just did.
I always do.

*smack self*

Why can't I for once be an idiot that leech on false hopes and take the dead end road that was laid with beautiful sceneries along the way?

Because an idiot always get the happiness all the way, and end up an idiot only at the end.

The smart ass always tries to be smart in finding out the truth.

And yes, the world is always filled with cruel truth.

Only ignorance brings you away from it.


Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Is sooo in love.

I liked saying 'I'm in love' because I find people love gossips too much to ignore it.

The first assumption: Does she have a boyfriend?

The second assumption: She has a crush on someone?

First reaction: Who Who?

Second reaction: Finally, someone!


I love this little drama too much to ignore it.
I love seeing people getting all so excited.
When the fact is....

I'm not in love with someone. Although I wish I could.

I'm in love with a song, crooning to it.

It's 21 Guns by Green Day.

You got your answer now.
So, stop congratulating me :)