Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's a MONTHLY thing


Exactly a month ago, I changed my tyre cos I ran over a stone on NPE at 80km/h.

FINE. I was driving fast and could not avoid the stone, so the tyre burst. NEVERMIND.

2 days ago, I was driving on a small housing area road at 30km/h...

And the new tyre i changed last month BURST. Of all the 4 tyres, the brand new one decides to go first.

If can 'tampal' then i won't be so angry but burst at the side of the tyre ok? Beyond repair, have to replace new one!

Proton sucks cos it's a Malaysian made car which decides to use Continental tyre brand.

Continental sucks cos it's Malaysian made also!

Malaysian roads suck cos they are Buatan Malaysia also!

What else can I say man?

On another note, one of the states in Msia doesn't wanna use Proton Perdana as their Official Car anymore and use Mercedez instead. Or is it BMW?

The Datuk something somethin is even smarter, he nicely explained to reporters that Perdana is more expensive to maintain compared to Merz/BMW in the long run. And they wanna be cost efficient! Muahahah... Excuse me for saying this, but they definitely thinks citizens are born without brains.

Msian government officials claim Msian made cars are more expensive to maintain on mass media?!

THAT.... is the joke of the year.

*round of applause for him*

So, i'm done with my work now since I took half day leave... and I'm going to change my whole set of rims!~

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