Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A bank-ing advice

I thought it's always me that come across all kinds of shitty incidents.

I seriously thought EON bank hates me so bad, the ATM machine dispense less money and the cash deposit machine rejects my hire purchase payment.

And then I found out everyone had bad experience with that particular bank.

One advice from accumulative experiences of more than 3 person, try to avoid getting any service from that bank.

OR, you'll come across situations where you have money to pay car loan but ended up paying late anyway because the machine rejects your money 3 days in a row.

When the bank officer calls you to chase for payment, and you explain to (screw) them that the cash deposit is always not functioning... they tell you reasons like:

"Aiya sekarang awal bulan ma, semua orang pun pergi bayar kat cash deposit machine. Lain kali you pergi sebelum awal bulan."

HELOOOO? If I have the money and time to go way before my due date also pointless right? Later you come and tell me a lot of people pay at the end of the month also. * rolls eye* Thought they're supposed to service and maintain their machine every day?

Bad bad bad service...

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