Sunday, November 18, 2007

Banana Bribe

i'm going to go out soon so i came online to blog bout something funny yet depressing before i forget...

yesterday, there was this malay girl who went to edmund's handphone shop... she told us a funny story.

she works at the morning market selling vegetables. yesterday night, she drove her van (that carries goods) without wearing a seat belt. and a police car spotted her so she got stopped aside.

she was about to face the rm200 summon.. but then she escaped.

HOW did that happened?

read this: She 'gave' a comb of BANANAS to the policemen and GOT AWAY...

maybe next time u guys should keep some bananas, watermelon, oranges or whatever fruits in the car. i think policemen these days desperately need to eat some to help their digestion. AND it's probably the cheapest bribe around.

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