Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cartilage piercing = Ear deformity

To everyone who intends to do cartilage piercing on their ears, you have to take note of this and think twice! Wait...maybe thrice! Here's how cartilage piercing looks like.

Someone I know got a helix piercing, it's on the cartilage of the ear. Few days after that, the ear was swollen and pus were coming out, forming crust around the ear. It's an infection obviously.

She went and see doctor and the doctor told her this:

" Usually people are advised to do piercing on the ear lobes because it's all flesh. Cartilage is different since the blood supply in that area is very minimal. Any infection might spread to the whole cartilage and it's more difficult to administer medicine due to the scarce blood supply to it."

"At a little worse case scenario, the ear might feel a bit harder or softer than usual, showing that the texture of the cartilage changed."

"At worst scenario, the ear might be deformed due to the infection on the cartilage!"

That's when you hear my friend gasps and shocked...

Imagine your ear curling or curved or looks like a dry leaf. Eherm!

And it's not something your usual piercer will tell you. It might not happen to all, but there's a possibility to it. The ear deformity thing I mean...

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