Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fresh start!

It's a fresh start now. Or I hope it will be.

Somehow, I love blogging too much to give up this blog. It has been with me for 4 years and it will continue for the next 4 years. Until I feel old and has no spare energy to blog.

Some people has given me the support to continue to blog and just do not repeat the mistake. Honestly, even if no one tells me that, I'll never dare to describe people by race. I would stick to adjectives like fat, thin, ugly, pretty, short, tall, smelly and etc.

Although I still felt bad because thousands of people out there still hate me for what I've done, I'm glad that some actually understands and did not put a stick through my heart without asking.

I'll stick to the advice: Have a break and light 2 cigarettes before clicking 'Publish'!


John Gandhi said...

Well done on your decision! Everyone of us is fallible, even experts can be. Whatever has happened will continue make you stronger and wiser. So keep on blogging!

simcatfish said...

welcome aboard,keep on blogging for the fun of it,life is full of fantasies,let the feeling flow wit your style of blogging talent.

CheRyL said...

babes..welcome back! I missed this blog actually. It's soo you. Have fun blogging! Remember..there are eyes watching you from every corner..* a scary movie je*

BH LEE said...

Good to have you back. Although you might still feel uneasy, let us take it as a lesson to enhance ourself.

Actually I'm happy that you start to blog. But for sure from now on there will be a lot of outsiders wants to be your friend.

Happy blogging

raveendran nair said...

Welcome back. People make a mistakes, human nature and they become more matured when they realised their mistakes, apologise and move forward. Past is past and move forward.

Sphwong said...

I agree. People make mistakes and Im sure you will never repeat what you have done ever again!

What Im a little peeved is that you removed every trace for your mistake plus your apology letter.
At least leave that up! (Its good reading!)

Isnt it a little like sweeping the whole matter under the carpet? (i kinda was supporting you even though your words made me angry as the whole thing blew right out of proportion)

Well I hoped you learned your lesson. Even though its your blog with your thoughts and it shouldnt be anyone others buisnes.The fact that you have a blog that can be read by anyone in the whole world should remind you to put the teeny weenist senitiment because unlike thoughts, blogs can be read.

Well its not my place to chastise, scold or criticisize you.In fact post anything you want. Just please next time practice a little humility. Remember the blogging world is really really small!!!
And what you write will come back to bite you!

Blog on girl!