Thursday, January 08, 2009

I'm changing for 2009

I've been wanting to blog most of the time.

I logged in to and then... I stared at my dashboard and wondered what am I going to write.

Then I'll leave the page open till the end of the day and close it when I shut off my computer.

How sad.

Ever since the whole drama and crisis on my blog's sudden 'popularity', I felt obligated to do some censorship before writing anything. Especially now that I know this blog is being checked by strangers from time to time.

No personal stuff.

No public random stuff.

No complaining/ blabbering.

But whenever I think of censoring on the things I want to write, my brain stopped ticking. Can't write a single word. Not even title.

It's year 2009 now.

Fark it, it's a new start. I'll write freely as long as it's not related to race.

So you all watch me from now on. I'll blab about anything I want.

THIS is the original intention of having a blog. Take it or leave it.

Screw yourself if you're miserable cos I can't be too bothered now anyway.


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