Tuesday, January 20, 2009

TNB, take that!

I can't describe in words how I hate most of the government offices in Malaysia.

But what I hate more are the privatised ones, and to name 2 of my favourite hatees:

TELEKOM Malaysia & Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB)

Both of them share several similarities, which I personally experienced:
  • Rude staff (especially over the phone).
  • Yakking away with colleagues while doing their work (in the branches).
  • Efficient in chasing you for money but totally disappear when you have problems with their products/services.
  • Their technicians are busier than any International companies' CEO and you have to wait for them like an idiot.
  • Takes a zillion years for someone to answer the hotline or the branch's phone.
  • The staff finish work 5 minutes before their official closing time.

And then today, I saw this article about TNB's financial condition.

TNB posts Q1 loss, braces for bad 2009 (link)

How did I respond?

I laughed my jaw off.

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