Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Scarry moment

I suddenly realised I have so many scars on me at the moment.

Probably have been collecting them for a while, because they go back to months ago when I was tracing back when I got each of it.

I have this surgery scar on my stomach and it's turning redder now. I still remember wishing it would be skin-coloured scar so that it's not so obvious. I think it's the alcohol making it red.

Then there's this scar on my knee when I fell on the way down from hiking Broga. It's now dark brown in colour, the size of 20cents. My tendency to scratch the scab previously has probably left me a very visible scar.

Related to the scar on my knee, is my sprained left ankle. If I move it at this certain angle or fling my leg around, then it will hurt. I'm quite sure this injury will come back to haunt me at old age.

The scab on mt left index finger has just came off yesterday. I accidentally stapled it almost 2 weeks ago.

On my left arm, there's this scar, also scab came off last few days. I scratched myself when I was bathing just because I was rubbing 'daki' out. (Don't laugh!)

Then my face has red-brown pimple scars all over. Few weeks ago, they started emerging as much as I had prayed for more money. I feel like a teen again, when the puberty hits.

And then I fell in the toilet almost 2 weeks ago when my dog was chasing me around. I landed on my butt with a thud! Couldn't remember much though, most probably because I'm a bit high on alcohol. Now it's dark purple and the bruise is bigger than a 50cents.

I am scarred!!!

If I'm ever suspected dead but unidentifiable, do look for all the scars above. I don't think any other girls will have as much scars as me. Thanks.

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CarmenLing said...

i think i can give u a new name now. I'll call u "KlutzySammy" from now on =P
Take good care of yourself, Ms Klutz!!