Thursday, August 13, 2009

wrong timing

I was chatting with a friend about our history on relationships.

Then I replied, "I'm always on wrong timing" for some question he asked.
I then realised, it's either wrong timing or I'm so stubborn, I like doing things the opposite way.
I just like rebelling.
Or Chinese called it 'fan jin'.

When there's someone who likes me, I don't.
In some cases, I like them after they stopped liking me.

OR, I will like someone and he doesn't like me.
Just when I got over him, he'll give hints that he likes me now.

But it's all fruitless ordeals because of the wrong timing.
So am I 'fan jin' or I'm just cursed with stepping on the stone at the wrong time?

I'm confused now.
So, I guess if it wasn't because of the wrong timing, I wouldn't have ended up with the wrong guys?
Bad assumption.

Still confused.

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